30 Strikingly Vibrant Web Designs for Inspiration

30 Strikingly Vibrant Web Designs for Inspiration

Working with bright, high-impact colors in your designs can prove to be a powerful tool in your creative arsenal. Bright colors are able to grab attention and they make a design appear fun, youthful, cheery and modern. Because using loud, bold colors in a design can go from these positive themes to as though a child went a little bit wild with crayons, check out this collection of beautifully vibrant web designs for inspiration.


Ryan Keiser

Tim Biskup

Sunday Best

Girl Effect

Bit This!



Netlife Research


Jacob Lee

Daniel Martín


Bzzy App



Alfred App

Rice Bowls

Love of My Life



Tori’s Eye





Trent Walton


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Jacob Gube is the Founder and Chief Editor of Six Revisions. He’s also a web developer/designer who specializes in front-end development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) and also a book author. If you’d like to connect with him, head on over to the contact page and follow him on Twitter: @sixrevisions.

This was published on Sep 9, 2011


CSS Sites Sep 09 2011

Really these are the Vibrant Web Designs. thanx for sharing this.

M. McKee Sep 09 2011

I really like the Bit This and Republic2 pages. Simple and clean.

Great mixup :) I am a big fan of vibrant colors, especially on Business websites

Kristin Sep 09 2011

Great post! Love the colors!!!!

G Garcia Sep 09 2011

Are you pinoy?

It is an interesting collection of modern and innovative websites.
It opens our eyes and minds to see and experience new approaches
for reaching targeted audience/customers.

I like 89Bytes webdesign.
It is simple, cheery and eye-catching.
Thanks for sharing it.

Daquan Wright Sep 09 2011

Very nice Jacob, I love these roundups, especially since I’m always looking for inspiration regarding future UIs I design.

Colors are very powerful and I’d say far more powerful than pretty graphics, especially since you can couple it with raw type for beautiful effects. I definitely need to do more experimentation with colors in my future web projects.

That website I didn’t particularly like, the changing colors make me fixate on the background more so than the content… xD

Otto Jack Sep 10 2011

Unique unusual collection of Web designgs, Great Job!

Evgenia Grinblo Sep 10 2011

I absolutely LOVE these, Jacob! Thanks for sharing them. Such brilliant, exciting colors and lively visual decisions. Really energized me to do something new!

Sergiu Sep 10 2011

I like how some projects combined different colors to make their design work. really loving this collection.

John Deen Sep 11 2011

I like the one about the kick in the ass lol

RobFenech Sep 12 2011

I love a lot of these designs – I think that ‘vibrant’ designs can sometimes be overwhelming, but most of these do it so well, that it just works. Extremely vibrant colours need to be very well though out, I think that Denny’s do a great job with it.

Good post :)

Tech84 Sep 13 2011

I have a n00b question, those themes does look pretty great but does those themes with pretty much little to no content on the homepage seo-friendly?

fabrik Sep 14 2011

Great compilation, but i agree with @Tech84 about SEO-concerns.

Btw, can anybody tell me some words about this one?

Thanks in advance.

David Sep 19 2011

That tori’s eye site is pretty cool.

Robin Jennings Sep 25 2011

There’s some awesome sites there.

I really like Sunday Best, well best, the use of a cute character with a nice fun background and a really nice title using two fonts works so well.

Someone’s spent some serious time getting that right.

Peter / Stockfresh Oct 30 2011

Great collection!
Trent Walton, Analogue and POPA are the best IMHO :)

sadesigns Nov 26 2011

wow amazing list!

Kered Dec 20 2013

This is a great collection of web site designs. I had a look through all the sites to see, which one I thought looked the best and even though four sites are no longer live I have to say I liked Toriseye (

The design is clean and the colors go well with the layout. I love the clouds that scroll across the page.

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