Elsewhere on the Web: On Breadcrumbs

As some of you may know, I regularly write for the wonderful folks at Smashing Magazine.

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Today, I thought I’d share my most recent Smashing Magazine article about breadcrumb trail best practices and uses; it’s an article that took me a good chunk of time to write, so I thought that you, Six Revisions readers, would be interested in reading it.

The article is called: Breadcrumbs In Web Design: Examples And Best Practices.

In case you missed it and want to get caught up on my work over at Smashing Magazine, here are the other articles I’ve written for them:

I hope you enjoy these and I would like to thank you for your continual support of Six Revisions.

This was published on Mar 17, 2009


I love breadcrumbs, and for big sites, they’re indispensable. iTunes, while not exactly a web site, is a great example of how breadcrumbs can be helpful.

mandy Mar 18 2009

Smashing Magazine –so powerful blog!

izzat aziz Mar 18 2009

before this i thought breadcrumbs only useful for forum. but now i know where to use it, even it is not a forum. nice work writing for them.

Kayla Mar 18 2009

One of my favorite blogs as well. I had no idea you wrote some of my favorite posts!

Jacob Gube Mar 20 2009

@Kayla: Wow, thanks, glad that you find the stuff I write useful.

Jacob Gube Mar 20 2009

@izzat aziz: Breadcrumbs, when implemented properly, is a great addition to a large site.

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