Usability Testing Tips and Tools (Elsewhere on the Web)

Website Usability Testing Tips and Tools (Elsewhere on the Web)

I wrote an article for Mashable that discusses critical factors you should test when conducting website usability evaluations. The factors discussed are: user task analysis, readability, site navigability, accessibility, website speed and user experience. Each factor includes tips and strategies for testing, as well as some suggestions of affordable tools you can use to conduct usability analysis.

Here’s a short except from the post:

Testing usability is an art and a science. There are many times when usability testers rely on qualitative measurements, intuition, opinions and feedback from users and experience. However, there are also factors you can test quantitatively to ensure that a site is usable. In this post, we’ll discuss six crucial factors that affect usability. For each, you’ll be provided with some tips, tools and ideas on how you can measure these usability factors.

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I sincerely hope the post helps you in your usability testing process, whether you’re just starting out in user testing or if you already have an existing methodology that was improved by reading the article.

Below is the link to my article on Mashable:

22 Essential Tools for Testing Your Website’s Usability

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This was published on Oct 1, 2011


Saeed Neamati Oct 02 2011

Well. I read your article and I almost got something near 10 links new to me to use in my future works. I specially liked the links to UsabilityHub site, which is indeed full of useful features. Great article. Thanks.

Preety Kumar Oct 03 2011

Jacob – try out FireEyes, a free tool for Web Accessibility validation that can be downloaded at

Swamykant Oct 11 2011

Nice Post Jacob. I will surely read it :)

Robin Jennings Oct 12 2011

If you haven’t headed over to Mashable yet to read the full article please do.

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