Dark Aurora: A Free & Beautiful Flash Template

Dark Aurora: A Free & Beautiful Flash Template

We present to you Dark Aurora, a free and ready to use Flash website template brought to you by the AuroraFlash development team.

Dark Aurora Preview

Here is a preview of Dark Aurora. Click on the image to see the live demo.

Dark Aurora Preview

Dark Aurora Download

Download the Flash template and components as a ZIP archive below.


Dark Aurora is released as Freeware, which allows you to use it for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.

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About the Author

Martin Jorgensen is a member of the AuroraFlash team, the makers of AuroraFlash Free Site Builder, which lets you easily create stunning and professional flash websites in a matter of minutes. Follow him on Twitter (@auroraflash).

This was published on Oct 30, 2009



Great post, very informative. Have learned a lot from your site.

It’s a terrible template, in my opinion.

Heading and links are severely lacking proper contrast, making it a horrendous experience for anyone with impaired vision.

It’s clear that the author of this template hastily threw it together. Either that, or he’s just a really bad web developer.

Justin Givens Nov 01 2009

The only item i like in this is the background image. The colors are hard to read. Search engines would be able to index it. Not SEO friendly.

Justin Givens Nov 01 2009

I meant wouldn’t, not would.

Vernon Nov 01 2009

Not to mention that using Flash for your whole website is just a huge SEO blunder. Flash is great, but us it sparingly since search engines can’t index it.

Simon Wells Nov 01 2009

I agree with Andy, that is a terrible template.

The preloader is a horrible colour and does not match the rest of the site and looks like it works backwards.
The menus drop down looks weird, I don’t recall seeing buttons appear on a roll over before, might be a new idea, but does not look nice.
The page headers blend in to the header background.

I appreciate that all this could be configured by the user, but what completely astounds me is that I thought this theme had been made by some noob for fun and to learn new skills, but no, even worse!!
This is brought to you by the AuroraFlash development team!!

A company trying to promote their Flash Site Builder software, all be it free, decides to release this to promote what their product can do.
What astounds me more is that they stand by their product so much, that they even don’t use it on their own site but instead uses WordPress.

Based on the quality of that themed, produced by the AuroraFlash development team, I certainly would not consider using it all.

Simon Wells Nov 01 2009

Just to follow on, I am quite shocked that SR have even published this article, it is a far cry from the usual high quality I have come to expect from the site.

Tutorial Lounge Nov 01 2009

really professional design you sharing for create own idea. thanks

2tone Nov 01 2009

I´m sorry but i think the same as Andy. I don´t like it at all. :S

Metin Ucar Nov 01 2009

Agree with Andy. Yet, appreciate the work.

Martin Nov 01 2009

Thanks for the comment. The main goal of the template is to demonstrate the features of flash site builder. And I am not a designer at all :-)
You just don’t have to be a flash guru any more if you are planning to build flash web site. Thats the main conclusion you were supposed to make. Just insert nice logo, play with the colors, fonts, background and the result will be much better from the designers’ point of view. Standard wordpress skin is pretty dull as well, but you can change it right?

thanks for the free template!

although, its not that great :P

Jacob Gube Nov 01 2009

The AuroraFlash team has a few more freebies to release here that I think you guys will like. Any feedback, good or bad, will be appreciated so that we know what to work towards.

Bad feedback is better than no feedback, and though I haven’t been responding in the comments much lately (that’ll change soon), I read and take note of everyone’s comments.

jamie Nov 02 2009

Google can index flash, as long as the text isn’t an image

flashscope Nov 02 2009

auroraflash do SEO friendly. all content is indexable and it’s a shame that some of the readers force on developers and what they do. Try to find better solution for flash. 99% are commercial and others are way more ugly then aurora.
good job and keep on going. IMHO.

Yeah, the design could be MUCH better :-) I am really impressed by your software, looks like portable wix. Btw, any chances to get the source of the “theme” file?

and aree with jamie, it’s already well know fact that google indexes flash..

Craig Wann Nov 02 2009

This is really bad. I have to say, I am extremely against any kind of “Free Website Builder”.

Lets leave designing websites up to the professionals. Anything else just devalues our unique skill set.

Jacob, I love what you do man, but support the web designers, your reader-base. Don’t start pushing easy website builders or anything of the like. They just populate the internet with terrible websites like this one and take money away from hard-working designers.

Thanks for sharing. Martin, I think you did good job, and do not pay attention to the comments regarding the theme design :) I can do one if you wish, just downloaded your software, i guess it will take a few days to do that, but it would be great if you would post designed by ……. :) I will send you a note to you via your contact form. Thanks.

Jarno W Nov 02 2009

Jamie, Google doesn’t index dynamic flash content as part of a site. This really is a big problem for SEO.

And what comes to this template, I have to agree with most of the comments: it’s quite not the quality I’ve used to get from SR.

Wow this is horrible. Unfortunately I still remember the flash websites I use to make in the 90’s and they looked this horrible. Wow what a throwback

keehun Nov 05 2009

Apart from colors and design, I think all of us could learn a thing or two about the code with this template. Especially good SWFAddress integration.

Johnson Koh Nov 09 2009

Although certain graphics may not look fantastic but I think the structure is pretty good. And we can always replace the pictures to our own preference. Much appreciated for the share!

Joe Flem Nov 15 2009

Come on man, i know its a free template but this is CRAP. Any newbie could do this.

rorrim Jan 24 2010

Web designers are never at loss.. I would suggest such flash builders to everyone, coz i believe in the quote “let the child burn its hand” n then they would realize that its best to leave it for professionals.
Only then the true value of the skills n expertise of a web designer is appreciated.

btw- im nt a web designer :)

sumit Jan 26 2010

nice and fresh template. thanks for sharing

website builder May 31 2010

Sometime the Template is really useful if well Done!

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