Free Set of Social Media Icons – Rivet Social

Free Set of Social Media Icons - Rivet Social

I collect social media icon sets like an addict. I love them. So, I figured that it was about time I gave back to the community and created a unique set on my own, to release to you Six Revisions readers and the design community.

The result is a set of 14 riveted brushed steel icons that not only include the basics but DesignBump, DesignMoo, and DesignFloat as well! You’ll find 14 different 64px x 64px icons in this set in .jpg format.


Here are some of the icons in the Rivet Social icon set.



License details

These icons are licensed under the Creative Commons license and can be used for personal and/or commercial purposes. No attribution is needed by those using them, but it is always appreciated!

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About the Designer

John Campbell is a 26 year old U.S.-based web developer from Maryland. He is also the creator and maintainer of You can follow him on Twitter @designbumped or subscribe to his blog’s RSS feed here.

This was published on Jul 31, 2009


Keith Dsouza Jul 31 2009

Looks pretty nice, it looks like they are sewed up in the end

Soner Gönül Jul 31 2009

Thank man!

Hirvesh Jul 31 2009

Awesome icons! Thanks!

Is it just me, or is he kind of cute?

No Name Jul 31 2009

I was wondering what i’d do with Drupal ‘social’ icon.

Great icons set, thanks!

prettyscripts Aug 01 2009

very nice set.

Kaplang Aug 01 2009

cool icons, I am downloading them now, thanks a lot :)

cheth Aug 01 2009

Drup icon? hmmn why not others? nice set..

Jacob Gube Aug 02 2009

@cheth: Because John and I love Drupal! :) On a serious note, Drupal has a special significance to him because DesignBump is built on Drupal.

Designmoo Aug 03 2009

John, thanks for including Designmoo in your set… Thanks so much! Mooooo!

Angie Bowen Aug 03 2009

Great icon set John, one of my favorite social media sets I’ve seen lately. Thanks!

Jillian Aug 04 2009

Awesome – I work for a metal forming company so these may come in handy on one of our sites. Thanks!

Awesome set John! Loving the metal look :-)

Martin Leblanc Aug 23 2009

Great icon set. I’ll add them to Iconfinder.

BEBEN Feb 27 2010

cutez icons ^_^

Beauchamp Jun 11 2010

Great set if icons

Awesome, but no Facebook?

Rick Upshaw Dec 05 2010

Very original designs. These are so cool!

I, too, would be interested in seeing a Facebook icon added to this collection. Do you intend to do one?

If you are looking for additional design work, please let me know. I always have projects for good designers!

Rishi Dec 20 2010

Thanks man! these are the best for techno Gizmo themes.

Great icons! Is the source file available?

Hi where can I get the PSDS for these? I’d be willing pay for them.

You guyz have skills on this website. I like it

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