Five Free Vector Icons: Plastic Iconset

Dec 4 2009 by Iconshock | 20 Comments

Five Free Vector Icons: Plastic Iconset

The Plastic Iconset is a group of five free beautiful and high quality icons released to you, Six Revisions readers, by Iconshock. They’re released royalty-free, so you may use them for any commercial or personal purpose.

The icons have a plastic-like theme, and being in vector (.ai) and raster (.png) format, you can easily resize and/or modify them in any way that you wish. the .png files are sized at 256  x 256px.


Five Free Vector Icons: Plastic Iconset


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About the Designers

Iconshock designs and provides professional stock icons for web and software applications. You can find other high quality free stock icons on their site. If you’d like to keep in touch with Iconshock, you can follow them on Twitter: @Iconshock.



December 4th, 2009

Very nice icon set. Thanks share!


December 4th, 2009

wonderful icons… but cannot download as I’m getting an Access Denied message after clicking for download

Tomasz Kowalczyk

December 4th, 2009

I don’t know, but clicking download link shows only XML error document with:


anyone help?


December 4th, 2009

the link says “access denied” :/

Jacob Gube

December 4th, 2009

I am very sorry for the oversight folks. I forgot to set the permissions correctly on that download. It should work now. Please let me know if there’s still issue downloading it.


December 4th, 2009

I really like the shopping cart, it’ll be a great addition for my eCommerce sites.


December 4th, 2009

I love how the envelope looks like a folder and the folder looks like an envelope. Very avant garde.


December 4th, 2009

I would swap the labels of the icons in the above picture. The envelope is not a folder and the folder is not an envelope…

Thanks for the icons!


December 4th, 2009

Thanks for the free set. You mixed up ‘envelope’ and ‘folder’ in the preview image, btw.

Jacob Gube

December 4th, 2009

@smac: Very progressive design indeed, but what’s weird is that the shopping cart doesn’t look like a trashcan… :)

@Sebastian and @Kenneth: Good eye, editorial missed it, image has been corrected.


December 4th, 2009

Very ingenious icons. Love the look and feel. Thanks Jacob for the freebie. one of your best.


December 5th, 2009

Very detailed. An excellent set of icons. :)


December 5th, 2009

I must say that I do like the shopping cart too!

Jacob Gube

December 5th, 2009

@Iconlover: Thanks for the compliments. This was a long time in the making, you can ask Iconshock about it. We started talking about this freebie 4-5 months ago but it was worth the wait, and we’re talking about doing a more regular freebie and working more closely together. They are a VERY talented group of individuals; they’re definitely my go-to now for icon designs in my projects.

Benjamin Rama

December 6th, 2009

cheers nice detailes ill look out for any fresh ones you and iconshock release thanks


December 8th, 2009

thanks, very good, l like it


December 9th, 2009

Thanks for sharing. cheers…

Future Webs

December 14th, 2009

These are great, thanks for adding!

MiRi Kim

December 18th, 2009

Wow! love it! thanks~ :^)

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