Free Social Media Icons: Old Bottle Crowns Icon Set

Free Social Media Icons: Old Bottle Crowns Icon Set

We present to you a free icon set consisting of 20 social media icons such as Digg, Stumble Upon, Delicious, and Twitter called Old Bottle Crowns Icon Set created by Dawghouse Design Studio for you Six Revisions readers.

The theme is worn-and-torn, so it’ll look great on grunge, vintage, classic-themed web designs. This set contains 20 200px x 200px PNG files that you can easily resize and edit for your website design.


Here is a full preview of each icon contained in the set.



Grab the Old Bottle Crowns Icon Set as a ZIP archive below.


The above works featured here are licensed under the Creative Commons license and can be used for personal and/or commercial purposes.

The Creative Commons license requires you to "attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor". Our attribution specification: you don’t need to attribute the work to us (though you’re more then welcome to, and we will definitely appreciate it).

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About the Designer

Jan Cavan is a Designer, Front End Developer and Illustrator, whose work has been featured in various online publications, books and magazines worldwide. She runs Dawghouse Design Studio, which is also a design blog providing tutorials, freebies and inspiration for the design community. Connect with her on TwitterFacebook, and Dribbble.

This was published on Oct 26, 2009


Martin Leblanc Oct 26 2009

Great icons!

Carsten Knobloch Oct 26 2009

Thx for this!

John Campbell Oct 26 2009

These are awesome Jan! Very unique and very well done. Thanks for including DesignBump!

Scott Oct 26 2009

Wow. Those are really nicely done.

Marshall Oct 26 2009

Very cool. Haven’t seen a good set in a long time. Thanks for these!

Tejaswini Oct 26 2009

Hey…awesome. These icons are really suitable for some grunge type of design and it feels that each icon suits its theme. Thanks for sharing them.

Altaf Sayani Oct 26 2009

Beautiful icons, surely gonna use them in future projects :)

These are AWESOME! I’m definitely adding these to my design arsenal! Thanks for the great icons, Jan!

vectorss Oct 26 2009

very nice icon set. Thanks Jan.

Roberto Oct 26 2009

Very retro, very nice. Thanks!

Thomas Oct 26 2009

Great Icons, i love the spirit of god old new Thinks :-) Thanks for this work.

Soner Gönül Oct 26 2009

They are great..!

Kawsar Ali Oct 26 2009

I gotta say Jan brings the good stuff all the time. Thanks for sharing.

Mark Carter Oct 27 2009

Very beautiful style to these …. many thanks for sharing them.

Stacy Oct 27 2009

Fantastic icons, Jan. These are some of the most original social media icons I have seen yet! Makes me wish they still had those old Coke machines around with the glass bottles.


Jan Cavan Oct 28 2009

Thanks for the great feedback everyone! I’m very happy you like the icons! :)

Daryl Cacafranca Oct 28 2009

nice jan! idol!

NICE! Great twist (get it – opening a bottle?!) on showing social media links, love the vibes! Can I use these on my websites? Or have they got a copyright on?

Jan Cavan Nov 01 2009

@rory: Great to hear you love the icons and yep, you can use these for personal and commercial projects :)

Aziz Light Nov 01 2009

Very nice! Great job!

bzizit Nov 02 2009

merci :)

Casey Nov 03 2009

Awesome! These are great icons. Thanks Jan.

Webmisstress Anne Nov 04 2009

Wonderful, wonderful. Thanks for this and for your generosity in allowing us to use this set.

manoj Nov 06 2009

Awesome! tat’s d gr8 icons….

Ariel Nov 06 2009

Great stuff, thanks for sharing.

Andre Nov 19 2009

Very nice done!

Victor Dec 07 2009

Nice icons. Thanks for sharing.

A refreshingly different style of icon – and actually inspiring. I’ll be keen to create a design that suits them.

Darillian Dec 19 2009

Absolutely gorgeous, these are so Fallout-ish, great!

Denise Dec 22 2009

These rock the planet!!!

Thank U! These are awesome.

Simone Dec 29 2009

Wow, wonderful!!!!!
Thank you!!!

subske Jan 04 2010

Great set of icons! very original.. Thanks..

SmashDesign Jan 08 2010

very beautiful

Thanks a lot

Becky Jan 12 2010

Thanks for these. Very well done! I’ve been looking for something to use in my redesign :D

Nice but do you have a msn icon? its the missing link!

Elijah Jan 20 2010

WOW ! Thanks, and Great

迈尕 Feb 08 2010

thank u very much it’s so useful!

Fabietto's Art Feb 10 2010

Grazie mille Jan!
Complimenti ;)

brigitte Feb 12 2010


Amber Sjomeling Feb 17 2010

wow these are fantastic!! i’ll be using these on my project gallery site for school. great work!!

Bab Marrakech Feb 20 2010

This is a very good work. Very nice icons.

These are really nice icons, not seen them before.
Thanks for posting! :)

Maverick Mar 28 2010

Thanks for these cute and artful icons. Like them very much.

This Belle Rocks May 10 2010

They’re beautiful, Jan! Can’t wait to use them :)

HerrK Jun 10 2010

Looks fantastic oldschool! Specially for all beer fans! ;)

I’ve been all over looking for something unique. Thank you so much. I love them, I’m old school :)

LOVE THESE!!!! Thanks so much!! :)

Blink Jul 20 2010

thanks for the chair I like the grunge look kid of like fallout 3 nukekola caps

Trish L Aug 03 2010

Love these – very cool and unique. Thanks a lot! :)

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

Love Love Love the icons – I will use them with pride – please keep up the beautiful work!!

logomatik Sep 10 2010

Great icons! thanks.

Laura Poss Oct 15 2010

Thank you! These are awesome. I’m redesigning my website and will be using the bottle cap icons! :)

Gracias!! Muy buenos… me sirven de mucho!! Pura vida!!

Gluten Free Beer Nov 10 2010

Thank you so much for an awesome set!! These are absolutely perfect!! :D

Love these! Thanks.

Great set of icons! very original.. Thanks..

Thanks a lot! Really beautiful!

Günter Hogrefe Jan 23 2011

Sehr interessante Seite für mich.

aexupery Jan 28 2011

Muy originales. Muchas gracias.

Aarthi Feb 16 2011


You got skillz. I think im going to use this one

pranav Jul 04 2011

Very nice designs, looks like retro and futuristic design mix.

Jason Jul 16 2011

Great Icons!! Thanks.. They may find good use in a school project.

Stephi Jul 19 2011

I get a ton of compliments on this set! I only wish it included one for Pinterest! ;-)

Jan, Very well done on the bottlecap icons. Thank You

Really the kinda thing I was looking for – Thanks!

I love these bottle caps. I am using them on my website. Thanks for sharing Jan

Daniel Sep 03 2011

This is a really neat idea. Bottle cap icons for social networking sites and RSS. I love it. Thanks for the work you put into this. Much apreciated.

Antoni Sep 29 2011

Love them!!!!

The paragon of udenrstnadnig these issues is right here!

Oxbow Lake Oct 14 2011

Awesome Icons :)
Love the wood texture. Maybe I will use them in one of my next projects.
Thank you

now i’m using these.
big love!

Great icons…using them for a social media presentation. They are perfect because I say that LinkedIn is a cocktail hour, Twitter is the water cooler, and Facebook is the bar.

Robin Jennings Nov 29 2011

Great Collection. Its not often that you find icons that are completely different.

Buffoon Aug 31 2012

Great work

Stan Williams Dec 06 2013

Thase are really cool looking, and unusual icons!
Thanks so much for sharing them!
I may use them for a website design somewhere soon.

Geneveve Mar 26 2014

Hello Jan! Your works are just inspiring! Thanks for sharing these.. I’m just so proud of you.. ;)

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