Free Social Media Icons: Tricons

Free social Media Icons: Tricons

In the pack, you will find 12 triangular wooden icons of popular social media sites released exclusively on Six Revisions. I wanted to create my first set of icons that were unusual from the rest of the other social media icons, yet still followed a particular popular design element: wood.

Each icon comes in 3 sizes (32px, 48px and 75px) in PNG format.


Free social Media Icons: Tricons

This icon pack is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 and so they are free for personal and commercial use. You are not required to attribute the work, although it is very much appreciated.


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About the Author

Damian Herrington is a passionate freelance Web Designer from Hull, UK. He specialises in front-end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to create innovative, clean and compliant websites as well as WordPress and X-Cart integration. If you’d like to connect with him, you can follow him on Twitter (@iDamianH), Flickr or at his Personal Website.

This was published on Mar 19, 2010


Ariel Mar 20 2010

Excelent! thanks!

great pack…

Kawsar Ali Mar 20 2010

These are interesting. Nice Share.

Creative Nuts Mar 20 2010

nice designed icons :)

BEBEN Mar 20 2010

wow…permition for download

Antiphrasis Mar 20 2010

Great idea about the triangular shape! One question though, how will you link them since the square shapes of the images themselves overlap? I guess the only way would be with an image map where you can have arbitrary shapes for the links. =)

Rory Dixon Mar 21 2010

Great icon set – my only query would be how to implement them.

Natalie Mar 21 2010

Nice set of icons. Thanks!

Damian Herrington Mar 22 2010

Hi all, thank you for the positive feedback that really is fantastic! There has been a couple of queried comments in how to implement these.

Ok, so you want to contain these icons within an un-ordered list, obviously within a particular order where the icons appear similar to the screenshot above. Then you make the un-ordered list to display inline, then give a negative margin-left to each of the li you feel is a suitable gap between each icon. Also remember when adding a href link around each image, don’t forgot to add text-decoration: none to remove hyperlink underscore. If comments permit adding code, below is an example. Hope this helps with the queries. Thanks

<li><a href="" rel="nofollow"><img src="32x32/facebook.png" /></a></li>


ul li {display: inline;}
ul li {margin-left: -10px;}
ul li a {text-decoration: none;}

Jordan Walker Mar 22 2010

Those are a very nice pack of icons for wooden themed websites.

Tom Hirst Mar 23 2010

Great set of icons Damian, well done :)

Damian Herrington Mar 24 2010

Thank you :) if anybody is going to or already has used them in their design please message me on twitter or from my website, your website address I would love to see them in action!

orange Mar 25 2010

thanks for it

Thanks. Way to think outside the box Damian! Pun intended.

JohnSmith Mar 28 2010

nice stuff :)

Arshad Cini Aug 20 2010

I’m gonna use this set for a project and i will link it here.

Thanks for the icons Damian:)

Kevin Oct 14 2010

Thanks a lot, great help!!

Great share ! Just what i was looking for, Thanks..

Ameya Nov 08 2010

These are funtastic set of icons. I scrolled all the down the page and stopped at these icons. I am gonna use this.


Ari Herzog Feb 10 2011

I have no recollection seeing triangular social icons anywhere. Is anyone using them? Nice!

wow very unique. Thank you for sharing!
I hope you add Google Plus

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