Free Vector Icons: Panda Social Network Icons

Free Vector Icons: Panda Social Network Icons

The Panda Social Network Icons is a free package containing 12 sweet panda animals, 128×128 pixels each, that have social network marks on their stomach. The set is created by Webby freebies and released exclusively for the readers here on Six Revisions. You’ll get 12 .png files and 1 vector (.ai) file in case you need to rescale them (in Adobe Illustrator format).

You can use them for any purpose, commercial or personal projects, but you can’t redistribute the package without getting permission from Six Revisions.

I am a huge fan of social media icons and animals, so I thought combining them was a great way to create a really nice icon package. Some of the most used social networks are included, like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble upon and Delicious.


Free Vector Icons: Panda Social Network Icons Preview


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Kung Karl is the founder and promoter of Webby freebies and is currently writing new content to publish on the blog. He is still studying at a Swedish university, while he also freelances as a web designer.

This was published on Dec 24, 2009


Konstantin Dec 24 2009

Wow! These are hilarious! Haha, nice work!! I always loved pandas and the WWF ^_^

Kimcool Dec 24 2009

Wow..Cute panda icon.

Design Informer Dec 24 2009

Really cool, too bad it can’t be used in a lot of my projects. Great icons thought. Thanks for the release Kung.

Deepu Balan Dec 24 2009

Nice work Kung… Thanks for sharing…


Rajesh Kanuri Dec 24 2009

They are really cool.. Very nice..

Kung-Fu panda meets super imposed icons?

Jessica Dooley Dec 24 2009

These are really great, thank you so much for sharing!!!

vectorss Dec 24 2009

very nice great icons. Thanks

Arcnerva Dec 25 2009

This is ok, i guess.

Kimcool Dec 25 2009

Merry Christmas

Michelle Dec 25 2009

awww these are so cute, I have added them to my blog :) thanks

Andy Feliciotti Dec 25 2009

Just the icons on the chests would be nice also

Brad Davis Dec 26 2009

haha nice work! Hope to see some other characters soon. =)

Tambo Dec 26 2009

awww so cute! any other characters from kung-fu panda movie on the way?

Jacob Gube Dec 27 2009

@Andy Feliciotti: Since these are vectors, you can use Illustrator or Corel Draw to isolate just the icons on the panda’s chest (or just the panda without the icons). The file for that ends with .ai.

nitin Jan 01 2010

great stuff thanks for sharing.

This such vector items can simply attract more peoples,its really a verity thought.

lol love it!

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