Isometrica (Volume 1): A Free Social Media Icon Set

Isometrica (Volume 1): A Free Social Media Icon Set

Ahoy there! It’s another social icon set to soak up your precious bandwidth, royally entitled, Isometrica.

Your friendly pirates over at Arcnerva have given exclusive rights to Six Revisions to parlay our hard work to its lovely readership.

Isometrica (Volume 1): A Free Social Media Icon Set

So what is this Isometrica, you ask?

An isometric, margarine butter slab-shaped conglomeration of social network iconograffitia, of course!

Put these icons on your website, your blog, print them out on extra heavy cardstock and throw them at your co-workers. It’s doesn’t really matter because they are royalty free for any use. Just CSS them into whatever arrangements you like.

There are 18 "normal" sized icons at an overweight 105x67px (.PNG) and being the sporting chaps that we are, we have even included a set half the size as well as a .PSD file you can mess about with.

If everything goes well with this release and you want more of our shenanigans, we just might include the vector source files in our next set of icons!


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About the Author

Erik Consorsha is a resident jack-of-all-trades at Arcnerva, a Web/Graphic Design and Internet Marketing Firm in Florida. Primarily an Artist and Graphic Designer, he has had work featured in many places including Advanced Photoshop Magazine and Abduzeedo. Catch up with him on the Arcnerva Blog or follow them on Twitter.

This was published on Apr 14, 2010


natasha Apr 14 2010

Love these! Nice work.

Richie Apr 14 2010

This is pretty cool. and thanks for being sportive, the psd file will help me a lot in creating the icons i want :D

Nicholas Francis Apr 14 2010

Wow, cool social Icons, thanks for the share

HD Guy Apr 14 2010

Another great icon set!

Jordan Walker Apr 14 2010

That is an awesome icon set, thanks for sharing.

Franco Apr 14 2010

Thanks Erik, excellent Icons, and thanks for including the .psd file!

The Vision Apr 14 2010

Brilliant! Thanks a lot, these icons look fantastic.

Benjamin @ EV Apr 14 2010

These are brilliant, can’t wait to see them integrated into some WordPress plugins!

Martin Leblanc Apr 14 2010

Great icons :-)

Blogging Tips Apr 14 2010

Great icons. Good to know that they are royalty free.

Matthew Heidenreich Apr 14 2010

these are great, thanks for sharing them with us!

Great set guys…I really like the look of these. THX. Posted them up on my site

AO Brien Apr 14 2010

Technically speaking, these aren’t isometric…

Thanks for all the positive feedback, my pleasure.

gindart Apr 15 2010

That what I need badlly! Thanks a lot!

Nombres Apr 15 2010

Amazing set. Thanks. It will be usefull in some projects of mine.

Fikri Rakala Apr 15 2010

Great icons, I will use in my blog.

Jane Cook Apr 15 2010

beautiful icons….

Babar Asif Apr 15 2010

amazing set of icons…definitely gonna use it on my blog

Amazing set. Thanks. It will be usefull in some projects of mine.

awesome set…thanks for sharing…..

marina Apr 20 2010

:) Thanks

Love this set but I don’t see MySpace or WordPress.

Vaibhav Aug 19 2010


Rajasekar Aug 21 2010

Nice Work..

jessmon Sep 08 2010

gracias por la oportunidad de usar estos iconos escribiré comentario posteriormente
saludos de:

Ahsan Oct 03 2010

Great work and thanks for making them royalty free

thanks, nice work.

Very nice icons, thank you

Ben Reynolds Sep 12 2011

So cool! This makes me think of making an isometric game where all the tiles are social media icons! :D

Thank article

rolocine Oct 24 2011

Excelente trabajo, gracias por compartirlos!

Mathisworks Illustration Nov 01 2011

I know I’m late to the party but had to comment. Nice work here — there are so few social icon sets that are captivating or even rise above the “tacky” mark. This one rises above : ] Nicely done.

Jenni Nov 15 2011

Beautiful icons, any suggestions how to use them to maximum advantage? I think probably stacking them in some way would look good…will have to experiment.

Thank you for sharing, nice to find something for free online. All your work is very much appreciated!!!

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