SlickRSS: A Free RSS Icon Pack

SlickRSS: A Free RSS Icon Pack - Leading Image.

What you have before you is a free set of beautiful RSS icons designed by the awesome folks at Creative Nerds, exclusively for you Six Revisions readers, released under Creative Commons (see below for the licensing details).

There are eight RSS icons in the pack, and it includes the Photoshop file (PSD) in case you’d like to tweak the design.


SlickRSS Preview.

Licensing details

The creative work featured here – entitled " SlickRSS " – is licensed under the Creative Commons license and can be used for personal and/or commercial purposes.

The Creative Commons license requires you to "attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor". Our attribution specification: you don’t need to attribute the work to us (though you’re more then welcome to, and we will definitely appreciate it).


The following file contains PNG files and a PSD file.

About Creative Nerds

Creative Nerds ( is an excellent online publication that discusses topics in design. Subscribe to the Creative Nerds RSS feed to get their newest posts in your feed reader. Follow them on Twitter (@creativenerds).

This was published on May 8, 2009


Umut Muhaddisoglu May 08 2009

Thanks for the freebie and have a great weekend.

Artem May 08 2009

Come on…these are amateurishly made – alignment is off, radius of the elements.

James Robertsib May 08 2009

Very nice – plus a PSD!

Crazy Web Designer Dude May 08 2009

Seriously! I didnt expect you would go this low.

Andy Feliciotti May 08 2009

I dislike this

Creative Nerds May 09 2009

Thanks for the opportunity to let us create some cool icons for six revision.

taylan May 09 2009

simple and beautiful icons. thanks a lot.

DDamir May 09 2009

Thank You.

Ouuuuch 6 revisions – seriously dislike, amateurishly made … 15 minutes of work and can get on 6 Revisions

Jacob Gube May 10 2009

@Josh: Sorry you didn’t like this set and I’ll make sure to release better-quality freebies next time. Thanks for the valuable feedback.

Graphire May 10 2009

Simple but bold icons. Nothing fancy and very straight forward. It’s not perfect but at least they can do some adjustments in the PSD file.

Dicky May 12 2009

Simple and nice RSS icon. I just compiled a list of sexy free rss icon.

burak May 14 2009

Thank you for the pack (also for the PSD)

Farid Hadi May 25 2009

Yes, this was probably done in 15 minutes and they are pretty amateurish but I kind of like the design/idea. Creative Nerds should have spent 5 minutes more on this to make this better.

Jacob, maybe you could ask them to do that (spend another 5 minutes to improve the icons) and then update this post?

Also, the PSD file that they have included is totally useless. We can’t tweak the icons at all :)

Oh well, I’m still happy cause I like the design/idea.
Can I recreate it myself if I want to use it somewhere? :)

Avery Jul 16 2009

Thanks for the freebie and have a great weekend.

thanks , its free.. so no complaints lol :D

Murkowsky Jul 24 2010

TNX! I used a red one! :-P

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