10 High-Quality Free Brown Paper Textures

High-Quality Free Brown Paper Textures

In this set, you’ll find 10 free and high-resolution brown paper textures which can be used in a wide range of ways. They have a very liberal Creative Commons license so you can use them in any manner you choose, whether it’s personal or commercial.


You can find various sizes of each image in by clicking on its title or preview image; doing so will bring you to their own Flickr pages where you can download the texture files that interest you. Alternatively, you can browse the entire Six Revisions Brown Paper Textures set on Flickr.

Brown Paper 01

Brown Paper 01

Brown Paper 02

Brown Paper 02

Brown Paper 03

Brown Paper 03

Brown Paper 04

Brown Paper 04

Brown Paper 05

Brown Paper 05

Brown Paper 06

Brown Paper 06

Brown Paper 07

Brown Paper 07

Brown Paper 08

Brown Paper 08

Brown Paper 09

Brown Paper 09

Brown Paper 10

Brown Paper 10

Licensing details

The above works that featured here and in the Flickr Brown Paper Textures set are licensed under the Creative Commons license and can be used for personal and/or commercial purposes.

The Creative Commons license requires you to "attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor". Our attribution specification: you don’t need to attribute the work to us (though you’re more then welcome to, and we will definitely appreciate it).

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About the Author

JC Parmley is a U.S.-based web designer and developer from Indiana. When he’s not designing interfaces and creating .NET apps, you can find him in the Frozen Waste fighting for the Horde (World of Warcraft) or kicking butt in the kitchen.

This was published on Jun 19, 2009


Callum Chapman Jun 20 2009

Lovely textures!

Them’s is sum grrrrreeeat textures. Thank ya… Thank ya very much (Elvis-esque accent)

wowcss Jun 20 2009

wow great collections, can i use these for my personal website?

Jacob Gube Jun 20 2009

@wowcss: Yes. Let us know if you do decide to use it here, so that we can see the textures in action – it’s what motivates us to furnish these awesome freebies.

Jimmy Jones Jun 20 2009

Wow, most impressive indeed!

Chris Collins Jun 20 2009

Aw man, I could have used these last month!

Chris McCorkle Jun 20 2009

Thanks for the freebies!

kixvix Jun 20 2009

Yay! Thanks for these! :)

Denise Jun 20 2009

thank you so much for these quality textures!!! AWESOME stuff!!!

Mike Smith Jun 20 2009

thanks for these. downloading them all now.

Val Clark Jun 20 2009

Subtle. Beautiful.

Oh…I may take some of these!! Thanks!

Patternhead Jun 20 2009

Nice set, thanks for sharing :D

Tom Duong Jun 20 2009

Great list of paper textures! Keep them coming!

Robin Jun 20 2009

I’m currently trying to design my own “Save The Date” cards for my wedding. I’m wondering how a “Crumpled brown theme” will go down with my other half :)

bettleb Jun 20 2009

Nice scans for sure, but who can’t scan a piece of paper?

Really? Am I that old school? DYI and get what you want?

Maybe I’m just not lazy…

Wow, that was rude sounding, but I really do mean it seriously.

Scan a bag, take a picture of the sidewalk – you’ve got your own textures forever.

Jacob Gube Jun 21 2009

@bettleb: You’re entitled to your opinions, don’t worry about being “rude sounding” – I encourage honest opinions here and would rather get negative feedback as opposed to no feedback (as long as it’s said in a tasteful manner).

As a counter-argument: the preparation, creation and processing of this freebie (it’s free, by the way) took around 8 hours — and many designers may not have the time, or the hardware (in this case, a DSLR camera), to create their own textures especially when deadlines are looming.

In the end, as long as someone finds value in these, I’ll keep pushing them out, and it’s clear from the comments that more than a handful do like what we’re doing here.

evan tictoc Jun 21 2009

wow, great list of brown paper! them is texture i looking before. thanks for great job

sickmanport80 Jun 21 2009

great paper textures, i can used for create old photo effect in potoshop :D

WebExpress Jun 22 2009


xxgoblin Jun 22 2009

I love paper textures!

BJMRamage Jun 22 2009

Well, the thumbnail looked great but our work blocks Flickr. so Awesome white papers….any chance of a linked ZIp containing tehm all?

thanks anyway, will try and catch them at home. Jun 22 2009

very nice textures… good that it is high res too…

Farid Hadi Jun 23 2009

These are nice. Thanks for sharing.

Real good resource, thanks a lot.

Wow great Paper Textures – I download them all and ill use them as backgroud for my pdf ebook temp.

thanks a lot :)

Angela Jun 26 2009

Thanks Jacob as always high quality and I can use them. And I agree lots of people don’t have the time or resources to scan this way. I tried it but my little scanner not so good, lol. And those other papers turned out really nice as styles.

Hey Jacob,
great textures. exactly what I need if I use your textures for posters in a relatively high circulation.
can you tell me there further help?
danke Sarah Lee

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