Giveaway: Custom Business Cards from is giving away a 10 sets of custom business cards (there are 1,000 business cards in each set).

For a chance to win, simply comment on this post about your desire to have business cards.

This giveaway ends on January 26, 2009 after which the comments section on this post will be closed. We’ll use your email address to contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on a separate post. Please note that comments that don’t follow the instructions on how to participate (described above) may not be published.

This was published on Jan 19, 2009


KHill Jan 19 2009

Have been needing to get business cards for a while now and keep putting it on the backburner. Would love to win this set!

More than anything in the world, I desire to have business cards. I have a business, but I lack the cards to really seal the deal. I’ll pray to baby Jesus every night from now until January 26th that I’m chosen to receive free business cards … and a pony.

Sure, why not, business cards are good.

Vincent Le Pes Jan 19 2009

I would love to get some business cards :) Thanks for the great contest!

Scott Jan 19 2009

I would love to business cards! Cheers!

Ryan Merrill Jan 19 2009

I’m looking to start a Web design freelance business and I am in desperate need of business cards. That’d be awesome. Thanks.

Andy Sowards Jan 19 2009

CARD ME UP! I cannot have enough cards, My City must be littered with them before the end of 2009 :-D

xxdesmus Jan 19 2009

I just graduated from college and I’m searching for full time jobs in this brutal economy. Professional business cards would be a nice touch that could help me during my job interviews. Thanks so much!

Terje Jan 19 2009

I actually don’t have a business card so i really need it ;)

Chris Jan 19 2009

Since 2009 has rolled around, I’ve been needing to update my business cards and order some new ones. Would love to win! PIck me! Me! Me! Me! haha :D

I just started a new business and funds are tight so any small thing helps. Bootstrapping it!

Braden Douglass Jan 19 2009

Business cards are completely underrated, especially here in the states. However, in many other companies, business cards are the life and blood of getting your name out to potential client sources. I have always found business cards to be completely worth it and have always been trapped making my own which look like udder rubbish. So I was thinking of getting my designs printed, with a new Design Shop and a cross your fingers prosperous business this would be an amazing opportunity for a young entrepreneur like myself. Thanks guys for an amazing blog and ‘worth it every time’ content, peace.

Steve Robillard Jan 19 2009

I could really use these for the new blog that I am launching next week (

Chauncey Jan 19 2009

Have been needing to get some business cards printed out for my official launching of my freelancing career. This would be an interesting jump for me to get a few thousand free cards ready.

Pablo Jan 19 2009

I am working on getting my freelance work off the ground and what better way to spread the work is by having a well designed business card. Thanks Six Revisions and AllBusinessCards!

I’ll take some cards!

David Millar Jan 19 2009

I would love the cards as I love designing for small spaces and would love another method of promoting my services.

KRAPPS Jan 19 2009

We at KRAPPS would greatly appreciate business cards!

Rohan Jan 19 2009

Would appreciate free cards

JamesD Jan 19 2009

I need some business cards!! I am one of few graphic designers who don’t have any, but then again I haven’t started freelancing and actively seeking work yet. But the sooner I get some the better. Thank you, Gracias, Merci, Danke, Grazie…OK that’s all I got.

I, too, have been putting off getting some business cards.

I could definitely use some free ones. Yeehaw.

Raygan Jan 19 2009

I’ve got a new website now and need new cards to reflect it.

Timothy Jan 19 2009

Although I am sure there are others commenting who need the cards more than myself, I would truly love to be picked for this giveaway.

I have been planning to form my own LLC for about two years. I have been talking about it to friends and family. Even though this may not be the best time to start up a company, with the economy down and all, I am planning to file for the LLC this or next week.

My LLC will be in the field of web design. I am currently doing some freelance work and I know I have what it takes, and some sharp business cards could do nothing but help my appearance to prospective clients.

I’m sure whoever receives them will appreciate it.

kashyap Jan 19 2009

This will help me with some self-promotion :)

JohnH Jan 19 2009

Cool, this is one of those things that never makes it to the top of my to-do list. Winning some of these would finally get it done. Thanks a lot!

Stephen Walcher Jan 19 2009

I would love some free business cards. Thanks.

Craig Jan 19 2009

My cheapo 7 year old HP printer can’t handle printing any more business cards… it printed out a page today that said in Comic Sans, “Go to Six Revisions and signup for the business card getaway!”. After going Office Space on my printer from the Comic Sans, I came here.

Seriously, though, thank you for the opportunity for some business cards!!

bryant Jan 19 2009

needed some freelance business cards for a while now…the career cards arnt cutting it anymore…

Jessica Jones Jan 19 2009

I have been making my business cards by hand since I graduated from college… I’m a graphic designer so I can get away with funky looking cards… but I am sick of hosing them down with spray-adhesive and using all my printer ink and I really could use some glossy action.

Filip Wroblewski Jan 19 2009

We’ve started a new company with my friend… New set of Business Cards would be an awesome gift for the beginning of our work.

Jonathan Jan 19 2009

I’ve been running a freelance web design gig while still in college, and now that I’m about to graduate, I’d like to step it up a few notches. New business cards would be great marketing!

Joao Oliveira Jan 19 2009

Hi there! I’m needing those cards for my company, so we can make some publicity on our new service. =)

Count me in! Nice offer btw.

I just started a freelance Graphics business and I really need some business cards. 10,000 Free business cards would make my day, and hopefully my business.

Jordan Jan 19 2009

I’ve been needing to get business cards for awhile but just can’t find the time.

Kanwal Jan 19 2009

I would love to win this!

I’ve been meaning to get some biz cards made, but my cheapness and the fact the I currently have enough work have been too much resistance. I know its something I should do; I just haven’t. Winning a free set would probably start the ball rolling and I’m guessing I would continue to keep buying.

Marcus Neto Jan 19 2009

I would love some cards too!

Everett Jan 19 2009

I could definitely use some business cards.

Eugene Jan 19 2009

I would love some a chance for some…

Bill Biwer Jan 19 2009

In the process of launching a portfolio redesign, redesigned business cards would be great.

AstroMan Jan 19 2009

Hi! Nice giveaway ! I started a new website about private BitTorrent open signups a few weeks ago and i hadn’t any business card for the moment ; i really would appreciate :)

Dennis Jan 19 2009

I don’t need them at the moment, but my wife does:) Any way I can support her and her new career is a win for me. Could make a great valentines day gift, eh?

Free business cards sound like good deals to me :)

My site is being redesigned so it’ll be nice to have some to match! W00t!

Randy Jan 19 2009

I just redesigned my logo, from something that I considered to be very amateurish to something that is much more professional IMO. I also just got my latest set of business cars printed not too long ago before that which means I’m stuck with an outdated set of cards. I can’t really justify buying a new set because of my unsteady freelance income.

matthew ladner Jan 19 2009

I want some.

Vin Thomas Jan 19 2009

I am in the midst of a website redesign and would love some new biz cards to complete the rebranding.


chris hodgson Jan 19 2009

i’d love some of those free cards too :)

MojoMark Jan 19 2009

My employer is too cheap to give me some and I’m missing out on all those “free” lunch fishbowl drawings.

New business cards would be great for the new year.

Akshay Patel Jan 19 2009

I could use a colorful business card. The ones I have now are plain and boring

Stuart Thursby Jan 19 2009

I’m almost complete a personal branding for job applications and freelancing opportunities – I have the website, portfolio and resume, however, I lack the business cards! I have a design all ready, have just yet to press the button. This giveaway would be the perfect thing to complete the process! Thanks.

Ben T. Jan 19 2009

As a student kicking off my career, I could really use business cards to help get my name out! Thank you so much!

Matt_fig21b Jan 19 2009

Yes, business cards are just what I need at the moment, I’m in the process of a business start up so any money I can save is obviously a huge bonus.

Amaiko Jan 19 2009

My business cards are ugly. I need new business cards So I’m in

Nouman Saleem Jan 19 2009

My dad just got his business up, and I know this would help :)

Nando Rossi Jan 19 2009

I just went freelance and am in dire need of some business cards. Please, please?

Carlos Urreta Jan 19 2009

I would love business cards because:

1. I am taking part in a campaign bike ride to persuade geeks to bike to work. (

2. We are not funded, and still planning sponsorship, hence business cards would be wonderful for when we arrive at SXSWi.


MarcoD Jan 19 2009

Do I really need business cards? I need them to know it!

Vangelis Jan 19 2009

I would also appreciate free business cards…

Michael Sinclair Jan 19 2009

I could really use a fresh set of business cards. :)

We have a new designer who needs them :-)

matthijs Jan 19 2009

Great initiative. I’m an amateur photographer, and it would be great if i could give out a card with a link to my flickr site to people who are interested :)

Matt Brown Jan 19 2009

I just started my own business. I am a college student running my own business and going to school at the same time. Every time I go out to eat, I see this fishbowls and other types of containers saying “Drop Your Business Card Here for a Free Lunch for your Office.” I start to well up a few tears everytime because I have no time nor any skill nor money to design my own business cards. So I really would like to win this contest so that I look forward to going out to eat instead of dreading it. In these tough economic times, no one is always certain that they will be able to eat day in and day out, so if I had some business cards to drop in those fishbowls, who knows; maybe the one time I’ll be a little short on cash I’ll win a free meal thanks to They’ll be helping a young entrepreneur feed himself as well as start his business. It’s like killing two birds with one stone!

Thomas Jan 19 2009

Nice idea. I would really appreciate a business card set :]

One of the first things my boss cut in these hard times was biz cards. I would love to have some!

When uploading an image to their business cards it makes it tiny and pixel-ated. Not sure why it is compression the image but if that gets worked out I would love to order some cards.

Please count me in! I need some business cards, but I’m too broke to buy any decent ones. Thanks!

I have yet to get my new design printed. This would make it happen! Thanks!

Abi Noda Jan 19 2009

18-year-old freelancer who’d love some business cards to help get his name out :)

give me some business cards.

Bram Van der Sype Jan 19 2009

Cards are always welcome! Nice idea, this give away!

cool! I want some too!

Chris Horton Jan 19 2009

I would love some business cards, I am just starting up freelancing.

Jenn McGroary Jan 19 2009

One can never have too many business cards! Different ones for different needs. Count me in, :-D

~ Jenn

Pedro Jan 19 2009

Needing some free cards here in Portugal. Greetings.

suzhi Jan 19 2009

I am just starting my business as an entrepreneur and I am lacking of business cards. Would be really glad to save this money. If I win one of the card packages I will definitely write about your Blog (which I already reading constantly per rss)

Scottgm Jan 19 2009

I am currently a Multimedia Web Development Student and have recently designed my own business card, this would be a great opportunity to get them printed and get myself out there and start doing some freelance work.


I’ve been working the 9 to 5 in design for fairly large companies for over 10 years and have been seriously considering moving entirely to freelance. A decent amount of business cards would be the perfect cost saver a recession begs for to make the move.

Benjamin M. Strozykowski Jan 19 2009

Awesome, I was just thinking about getting some business cards. Have to get cracking doing some graphic design work whether or not I do win the contest.

Michael Tobias Jan 19 2009

I would love to have business cards!!!

Bone with Silian Braille. : D

Gaele Jan 19 2009

have been needing to renew my business cards.

Rob Jensen Jan 19 2009

I attend a monthly blogger meet up and always get asked by at least 2 or 3 new bloggers for a business card. I always just tell them to google my name but they still have to remember my name… f give me some business cards. I could really use them!

Langdon James Jan 19 2009

I am just finishing my new website, and just designed my business cards. Instead of having to wait for my next client to be able to print business cards, this would come in oh-so-handy. It isn’t too impressive when I have to hand write my info on a post-it note, then ask for it back at the end of a meeting.

Gilad Flint Jan 19 2009

I would love to get business cards!

Metin Jan 19 2009

would love free cards!

1000 cards are enough for me.. Suurrreeee… \o/

can they be multiple designs,or one design for the awarded number of cards?
my dick is smaller than barack obama’s…

Mark Jones Jan 19 2009

I am planning on redesigning my existing site, hoping to step up my game for the new year. Having some fresh new business cards would be a wonderful companion.


Rajesh Pancholi Jan 19 2009

It’ll be nice to have something to leave behind rather than watching my behind leave… : )

Even though I don’t currently have a use for them, it’d be great to have these for the future. Thanks!

Joann Sondy Jan 19 2009

After two meetings today; I discover that I’m frightfully low on business cards. This is a great opportunity to tweak the design. Please…. 500 would be more than adequate.

I really want this CARDS!! Please…

Boris Strahija Jan 19 2009

I would like some :)

Dan Bowling Jan 19 2009

I’ve been putting it off for too long as well.

Mohammed Ali Jan 19 2009

For a long time before I dream of this beautiful business card but here in Morocco we can not have such good quality. That is why I deserve to win this competition because it is a dream that will achieve.

I could really use som business cars for my new career as a freelance writer – and winning them would be great ’cause I haven’t made any money yet.

Brandon Martinez Jan 19 2009

Would love some BCs; been needing some for a while

Woah, I want those 10001 busniness cards :o ( i also want yours ;) ).

redwall_hp Jan 19 2009

Business cards are / miniaturized adverts. / Essential blog tool.

Cappellmeister Jan 19 2009

I actually don’t have a business card so i really need some! :P

SwissWebMiss Jan 19 2009

Awesome! I just ran out – hope I win!

Perry Jan 19 2009

Would love some new business cards

extremely sweet

colin Jan 19 2009

business cards would be awesome. they’re actually an integral first step to a project i’m working on– in this case, the cards make the business!

Gidseo Jan 19 2009

For over a hundred years business cards have been powering business.
Anybody who cares about their business doesn’t leave the house without at least 3 – whether they feel lucky or not.
I’ve had green ones, white ones, ones with holes cut out.
I remember the first ones I had before email; before mobile phones – that’s how old I am!
But now I’d like some new ones with my new email address on – the email that goes to my iPhone… so new business cards – 19th century business technology would help fill my 21st century phone with hot leads….

Kumail.H.T Jan 19 2009

I have been wanting to print my own cards for quite some time now. This would really help :)

Jesper H.G. Jan 19 2009

I would love to win the 1000 free buisness cards. I have on the 16th of January 2009 finished my training as a nurse and therefore have to renew my buisness cards. So it would be wonderful to get it for free – and would be fun to win a competition so far away from home.

Best regards,
Jesper H.G. – Denmark

Anabel Jan 19 2009

I live at the Dominican Republic and have just started a business of my own, so I’m actually needing business cards to spread the word. On the other hand, my husband is also looking forward to start a web development freelance business. We think it’ll be very interesting to share the same business cards for both businesses, so please pick US!!!

Thanks in advanced!!!

Wladia Viviani Jan 19 2009

Please, include me into the contest as well.

Marie Poulin Jan 19 2009

Ah, what perfect timing, I JUST finished designing my cards, and was hoping to find a place to get them printed!
I would very much appreciate free cards!

I could use some business cards.

Bret D Jan 19 2009

I’m preparing to plunge into the world of freelance and these cards would be an amazing time/money saver!

Jim MacLeod Jan 19 2009

I would like new business cards. I currently have business cards from my day job, but I would like something more creative that would give prospective freelance clients a better feel of my design capabilities. My “corporate” cards just don’t work.

Sweet Pete!
What a great giveaway!
Yes, I’d like to win business cards.

What a great giveaway! I would love some new business cards.

Ryan Kennedy Jan 19 2009

Physical business cards! What a concept. I’m in! :)

Bobby Jan 19 2009

I am in desperate need of business cards! I am a freelancer and don’t really have anything to hand to people when I meet them.

Marko Jan 19 2009

It would be a veritable dream for me to win something and especially something useful. I am about to relaunch my site and am always needing business cards because people always want my service.


Axel Valdez Jan 19 2009

I’m starting a business and it will be nice to get those thousand cards :) I’m also tempted by the idea of Ellen Lupton of consolidating personal and work information in the same card.

Cindy Sue Causey Jan 19 2009

Neat.. Saw it a little bit ago on your Twitter that I *just* started following via the feed.. I’m in, too, if I may.. (They do Butterflies, right..? :wink: )

Gray cells what they are of late, I keep forgetting to stop in and price them at a local printing office..

Peace and best wishes from North Georgia.. :)

Célia leocádio Jan 19 2009

I would love to grab some business cards :)

SImon Jan 19 2009

Just about to run out of my last lot of cards so a new bunch would be great and even better for free. Thanks.

I’d love some new cards for free

Ian Young Jan 19 2009

Words cannot convey the gravity of my need for these business cards.

P.S. I’m slightly disappointed no one has quoted American Psycho yet…

Ryan Grant Jan 19 2009

I am twenty years old and have been doing computer repair jobs and web-development jobs as my main career right now. I went to school and took networking and decided it wasn’t for me after the first year (passed with great marks just didn’t enjoy it.) My true love has always been web-design, but I am very slow with learning new things and quite frankly, trying to find tutorials by professionals has always been a tough thing for me, until I found this site about a month ago! I really appreciate the tutorials and articles provided by this site and I just wanted to let you know that it has inspired me to keep going with my web-design career (even though I’m nooby) one thing I would like to see more of is dynamic web-design stuff like php/mysql integration for my personal projects require a lot of dynamic coding!

I would appreciate the thousand business cards because I would be able to finally get some neat cards out there to my local community and be able to take on a few more projects! Thanks again, Ryan Grant.

Don’t get me started on business cards and my unrelenting desire thereof. Getting 1k free cards would really help me get an illustration career off the ground!

Caitlin Jan 19 2009

I’m an RSS reader and have been meaning to get some for a while. Business cards are a must in Japan and coming up on a job transition, they’re really useful.

Sean Neill Jan 19 2009

Woa, business cards would be extremely useful to get my name out there and advertise my design services.

Jimbo Jan 19 2009

Hope to get lucky! :)

Webmack Jan 19 2009

I’m in for the cards

I could use some business cards.

Joshua Riley Simmons Jan 19 2009

Last time I ordered business cards I had them printed on the wrong paper stock! Hopefully next time around I won’t make the same mistake.

J. Valente Jan 19 2009

Comes right in time! I’d appreciate that!


nathan Jan 19 2009

Would love some business cards to get this off the ground!

i’ve been needing some business cards!

I’d love business cards! I keep going to things and people say, can I have your card, and I say, no. Because I don’t have any!

Alastair Dewar Jan 19 2009

I would love the chance to win some business cards. Im working my way through a degree at University and could do with some business cards. I want to do some small work, making websites (with SixRevisions help) or repairing computers. It would give me a chance to make some money, when i’m in desperate need of it, and it would give me the opportunity to make a name for myself.

Good luck to everyone else entering.


Would love to get some business cards.

Chris W. Jan 19 2009

@Vincent Le Pes I haven’t seen you in a long time dood. We need to get together and play some foosball man. Oh yeah, and give me free business cards kthxbai.

Having just taken a huge leap of faith to leave work and start freelancing, I could really use some business cards in these uncertain times.

Hoping to be lucky enough.

Thanks, Dan

Adrian Jan 19 2009

I would love to have them. I’ve been out of freelancing for a bit and will be getting back on track soon. Some business cards would add to the incentive to get out there and advertise. Thanks;

*drops name into hat.

montana flynn Jan 19 2009

Yup, i need a web host! Oh wait I need that AND business cards :)

I would love free business cards. :)
Just think of all the possibilities!

Chris W Jan 19 2009

If it’s free, it’s for me! I really need to stop printing my own cards with perforated edges.

Rhoula Jan 19 2009

I use Business cards all the time and I believe they are a perfect tool to get new business and/or keep customers old customers coming.
I have a board at my business that my own customers use to hang their business cards. I take their business cards and stamp them with my restaurant stamp.
When my customer try to use the business cards they see my stamp on them, When they call the business card owner that tell him/her that they got the business card from my restaurant and that right there makes everybody happy.

It can be a great start for a soon-freshly-graduated web producer!

Benjamin Jones Jan 19 2009

I’d love some, need to put on that professional touch, :)

Business cards. Cool. When I buy something and they ask me for all of my personal information, it would be real easy to just hand them my card instead of spelling my name, giving them my address, etc.

Bill Kracke Jan 19 2009

I’d certainly put some new business cards to good use.

Martin M Jan 19 2009

Free … can’t get any better! I would happily take them :).

Sharif Jan 19 2009

I just moved and was going to order some this week anyway… hook me up!

Tobias Jan 19 2009

I am trying to get two businesses running so these would be great!

lucas Jan 19 2009

I own a small shoe store and business card would be great to promote my business.

John (Human3rror) Jan 19 2009

sweet, i’m in!

Being a creative type; it’d be great to start the new year off with a fresh batch.

luís carmona Jan 19 2009

and that’s how much i need those business cards… :)

Oh, as I’m just starting out in this ‘real world’, business cards would be fantastic!

JaredF Jan 19 2009

Started up a small website that is still under heavy development, would love to get some business cards themed as the site is.

Marie Jan 19 2009

I would REALLY need business cards. I am a young women that juste graduated from college and I am trying to open my own business. Slowly but surely I hope it will work. Having business cards is a must when you are trying to get known. I want to be soon a professional photographer, and for this a NEED my own business cards!

PLEASE choose me! I will be the most gratfull person on earth!

Muchas Gracias, Danke Schõn, Merci Beaucoup, Thank you very Very Much!!!!

Could sure use some as well…

I am in need of some new business cards. All my information is old on the other ones.

Mediumjones Jan 19 2009

Well isn’t this just perfect timing just as I finish up my new identity. Thanks SR! Even if I don’t win, what a nice discount!

Blake Imeson Jan 19 2009

Sounds good! New freelancer here, I’d love some good quality cards! :)

Daniel Jan 19 2009

I would love to get some cards.

Marty Zalega Jan 19 2009

I need some business cards. Makes it easier to give girls my number, no hassle grabbing your phones or shouting at each other. Just simple and easy here you go, and if “nothing” happens there’s the slight possibility they might just want to hire me to make them a website. It’s win win!

Rick Harrison Jan 19 2009

I am working on a startup right now and I would love to get some business cards to help promote myself in the local startup community and outwards.

Sure! I’d like some free cards!

Mark Pickering Jan 19 2009

I would love some business cards. I am in the process of starting up a small design business – SexyAwesome, and 1000 cards would really help me to get the name out there!

It’s a nice plug, but be sure you know what type of paper weight you are getting. It should be no more than 12pt gloss, 16 is best.

*less, no less than 12pt

Catalin Jan 19 2009

Thank you in advance :D

Kevin Jan 19 2009

Must… have… cards. Just re-branded and was about to order up a new set. This is timely. Thx.

John David Sturgill Jan 19 2009

I would love free business cards!

I’m definitely up for some business cards. Thanks!

Chris Jan 19 2009


Victor Barrera Jan 19 2009

I’m planning to go through an extensive self branding process, and I’m most surely going to integrate business cards into the way I present myself: professional, and with a passionate attitude about helping people do legitimate business. This seems like a perfect opportunity to re-define myself in the way I want to be seen in the world this year.

Craig Jan 19 2009

My business cards can definitely use a refresh.

This is great. I was thinking of a way to better promote myself. Super!

James Jan 19 2009

Business cards are the wave of the future. I’d love to have some for my start up.

Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool! Free business cards are cool!

D. Nettleton Jan 19 2009

Just made some cards, but only got 100. I’d like a few more….

Art of the Firebird Jan 19 2009

I have shows coming up — some new business cards would be fabulous.

James Saturnio Jan 19 2009

A friend and I have decided to make this the best year ever. part of our plan is to start up our business together, this would really help us on our way!

Steve Jan 19 2009

Mmmmm cards

CoryMathews Jan 19 2009

I recently started a new startup and am going to need to get some business cards in the near future. Getting 1,000 as a gift would be an excellent way to go.

Jessica Jan 20 2009

I could really use some new business cards!

I could always use some bidness cards, and 10,000 would last a long time.

Brian Jan 20 2009

Always needed business cards for the publication I shoot photos for. Would be a nice thing to have.

Tyler Jefford Jan 20 2009

As a designer in college, I havent the time nor the sufficient funds to buy business cards. I have been really thinking about it as of late, Seen this post in my feedreader, and thought I’d leave a comment. I could use these business cards to promote my design work and hopefully jump start my career after college.

Eric Norton Jan 20 2009

Law school summer internships are coming up. Gonna need some business cards to hand out. And all the better if they’re free.

I wish to use this business cards for my graphic design startup.


Christoph Wagner Jan 20 2009

I’d love to get my hands on some shiny business cards:)

I need some business cards for my new project!

If my clients like your work, they will ask for more ;)

Davide Jan 20 2009

I’d like to win one thousand business cards

Silverthan Jan 20 2009

I’d love some new cards, thx!

jesudas Jan 20 2009

Reflecting nature of professional in the world of inspiration.

Rus Mihai Jan 20 2009

I would like some business cards.

Tina Cook Jan 20 2009

Wow! This is a fabulous offer, thank you! Thank you too for including those on other continents! I’m in South Africa and will happily pay for shipping and recommend to my clients here. Will give your offer some viral juice on Twitter too. Am setting up another service – Wellness Marketing Coaching – so this will be gratefully received, if lucky to win.
Sunny greetings, Tina

Lee Theobald Jan 20 2009

Well I’d like the business cards for my girlfriend actually. She’s considering taking the plunge as a freelance copywriter and some nice business cards would certainly help the cause!

munky Jan 20 2009

mmmm… nice :)

Serena Chen Jan 20 2009

Hi! I’m Serena, a 16 year old high school student trying to start up a small freelance business to earn some money for university. Business cards are on my long list of things to do, and since I’m basically working on no budget, I really have no idea how I’m going to pay to print some business cards. Some free ones would be a godsend!

Just running out of my first batch of business cards, so a refill would be great!

Luis De Bastos Jan 20 2009

We’ve just started a new VOA home business ( and a new Blog ( and haven’t got business cards yet (even though people have asked for them). We’ve been giving the news by word or any other methods, but we definitely need business cards and this contest would be the greatest option for a new startup!

Joelji Jan 20 2009

Well!! Am jumpin into Freelance web designing. Would be really gr8 if i get these business cards. That too from such a gr8 people like

Business cards should help me too!

Christopher Hennis Jan 20 2009

Not a bad idea to get website user participation, heh. Anyway, this would be my participation.

Sarah Lewis Jan 20 2009

I’d love to get my hands on some of these cards. :)

great! i just finished off with a design, now all i need is to win!

Ángel Jan 20 2009

I like it!

Gustavo Jan 20 2009

Can i has ur cardzz!?


Andrew Wilkinson Jan 20 2009

After my daughter made a courageous recovery from a car accident in Oct 2007 and emerging from a coma in April 2008, we set up a charity called Sophies Gift that has worldwide recognition and held a ball and raised over £80,000 for a mobile CT scanner.

We then set up Wake Up which we are looking for help with launching and website. This is a database of generic video welcome messages from all celebrities so that these messages can be accessed far quicker too the patient rather than waiting for the celebrities too respond. They are also doing specific commands (over 40) to assess the patients ability to respond.

We have had support from Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Premiership football players in the UK, and regular TV names.

A 1000 business cards designed by yourselves would a welcome present.

Chris Jan 20 2009

I would love to receive these business cards, I have a plan to start a new business in the next month and this would be a great way to start the marketing!

George Serradinho Jan 20 2009

Wow, 10000 Business Cards.

I would surely like to win some of those, I have been thinking of getting business cards for a long time now.

Hope I win :)

Cristian Jan 20 2009

Yes, Thank you!

Joshua McNeal Jan 20 2009

Business Cards would be great! Count me in.

Tom Hackett Jan 20 2009

The cards I ran off on the office printer and cut by hand aren’t fooling anyone. I need the real deal.

Frucomerci Jan 20 2009

Show me these cards! :)

himynameiskevin Jan 20 2009

I’m currently starting my own web company with a friend and business cards is a must! Have them for free winning a contest would be awesome, and a really good help to launch us in this beautiful world ;) Merci beaucoup!

doitJEFFSTYLE Jan 20 2009

Hook me up with some free cards! :)

Zach Iniguez Jan 20 2009

I want those cards!!!!!!!!!!

Bevan Calo Jan 20 2009

Gimme some cards. Yipee!!

Bill Lowden Jan 20 2009

Business cards for free? Sign me up!

Joel Acevedo Jan 20 2009

I’m trying to start this 2009 fresh. I’m working pretty hard in getting all my sites, projects, time, schedule, etc on time and in their respective place. These cards is exactly what I need to keep fulfilling my goals. Thanks for the time!

Charlie Jan 20 2009

Just started a new cigar blog and business cards would be great to have.

gil!! Jan 20 2009

I want some business cards :)

Kool… eager to have a look at at new business .. :-)

Shortshire Jan 20 2009

I need my own business cards so girls believe I have my own business.

wiktor w. brodlo Jan 20 2009

No business card scenario:

– And what is your phone number?
– Moment, let me just find it… Do you have a pen?
– Sorry, no. *walk away*.

Have businees card scenario:

– And what is your phone number?
– Here’s my business card.
– Thank you! *becomes a customer*


Craig Teel Jan 20 2009

We’ve been planning on rolling out new business cards for our company, and free is always a good way to go.

Geoffrey Jan 20 2009

I would love to have some business cards! I am starting my own company, and having free business cards would be perfect!

I would love to get 1,000 business cards, hopefully to give to 1,000 potential clients!

Taz Carper Jan 20 2009

I really need new business cards and would be a repeat customer.

Adam Kirkwood Jan 20 2009

Free business cards would be amazing! I have a Portfolio course this quarter and need to print business cards for my Final Project. This would be an amazing help!

Thanks for putting on this contest!

Brock Jan 20 2009

I’ll take some BsnsCrds. Please?

I’m getting ready to expand my business and I need some new business cards.

Daisy Morgan Jan 20 2009

Would luuuuuuuuurve some top quality business cards from (and even if I’m not lucky I’ll still go back and play with the excellent card designer!)

Lucas Fenix Jan 20 2009

I could really use some cards to promote my upcoming graphic design website, hopefully my portfolio will impress a few people and get me a job in the field.

Good luck to everyone by the way.

Navdeep Singh Jan 20 2009

I don’t do business card. Go on, make me break the pattern. and it’s not for me, it for the little ones. :-)

Shawn Jan 20 2009

would love me some new biz cards!

I have recently opened doors to a new business since the beginning of the new year and we desperately need business cards… but with all the other start-up costs, it’s difficult. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us out with the cards!!

Brad w/
Media Temple Productions

Stephen Riley Jan 20 2009

I’d love biz cards, simply because my agency won’t let me put my twitter account on my work ones! (its @stephenriley, btw)

carlos Jan 20 2009

Would really love to have new business cards..:)

Nikolay Jan 20 2009

I was planning to print out my business cards… and if I could do that for free :)

Adam Gell Jan 20 2009

New startup business, strapped for cash. Would be great for 1,000 free!

Mike Payne Jan 20 2009

BUSINESS CARDS would be great to help me get freelance work being a student! Please?

PetPixel Jan 20 2009

Sure, I’d love some business cards.

Pariah Burke Jan 20 2009

I’d love some business cards. Please enter me in the drawing.

Chris Jan 20 2009

Please give me some business cards! Otherwise I will have to purchase them from Vista print…. you dont want to torture me like that do you?

Tyler Jan 20 2009

I did some web work a while back and me getting 1,000 business cards was part of the original deal, needless to say, the deal fell through and I’ve been left without business cards for my freelance work. This would be great.

marte Jan 20 2009

1,000 businesss cards, Why not? :)

business cards!

Alexandra Jauhiainen Jan 20 2009

Free business cards? Just what I need!

Sharon Rosen Jan 20 2009

I’m revamping my consulting business and “order new business cards” is a few items down on my To Do list. I would love some cards from AllBusinessCards! What a great contest!

Cayo Medeiros aka. yogodoshi Jan 20 2009

Woa, thanks for the opportunity =D
I would love to win it ^^

Joel k Jan 20 2009

No words can explain my feelings for you
time spent with you is so fresh and so new
I want to move forward with you in my life
If I was for marriage, I’d want you as my wife
I cherish the passion we share for each other
Never would I leave you into the arms of another
Feeling you next to me is immaculate conception
Let’s just be done with all the lies and deception
I’m sorry I lied before; I don’t want to lose you
Keep me in your heart and I’ll always be True
Put your trust in me and I will prove myself worthy
Dear business card, please don’t make my heart turn swarthy.

Ivy Clark Jan 20 2009

Scenario with 1000 new cards:
– Give card to new contact.
– Contact says, ‘nice card!’
– I say, ‘yup, I got it from’
– Contact says, ‘good quality! I’ll get some from them too.’

Lol, gimme a break… I’ve just moved countries and starting to freelance again. 1000 new cards will be a great start. :)

Shawn K Jan 20 2009

I’m just starting the process of opening my own business, and 1k business cards would be truly wonderfuly!

Jimmy Jan 20 2009

Just started a new business, need business cards but don’t have the dough.

TwoSignDesign Jan 20 2009

Smart idea selecting the winners randomly…it would be a task and a half reading through all of these comments.

Count me in!

hotshotdebut Jan 20 2009

I need that too.

imrose Jan 20 2009

Hmmmm,,, as everyone i also wnt to get the cards. I do have some business cards but i am not satisfied with its quality they did it. Best of luck to all in this wonderful contest.

insic Jan 20 2009

i want to have it!

Andrew Champ Jan 20 2009

I sure am in dire need for some business cards. Here’s to keeping my fingers-crossed!

I’ll definetly be adding a link to your site if I win (as gratitude). Cheers.


Gaurav Jan 21 2009

Same here Jimmy, I’m 20 and starting my first venture, need business cards to make an impression during the networking events I go to, but as a full time student, I don’t have enough cash.

Paul Cormier Jan 21 2009

I’m so busy making my clients look good that my own stuff looks like crap. Time for a makeover, which includes new business cards!

Sean Farrell Jan 21 2009

my entire life depends on this…

Charles Jan 21 2009

Give me business cards or give me death!

Travis Jan 21 2009

If I were Donkey, from Shrek, I’d be saying “Oh pick me! Oh I know! I know! Me! Me!” :)

Antanas Jan 21 2009

Oh man I really want those cards!

My boss won’t let me have my own cards. As a sysadmin he says I don’t need them. So when he takes me to Expos to talk to people I can’t give them a card to remember who I am :'(

Dools Jan 21 2009

i have never ad business cards. maybe now’s the time to start?

Brooke Jan 21 2009

I’m wrapping up the rebranding for my freelance business and will be designing and ordering business cards very soon. Would love to win these!

Jordi Jan 21 2009

Some cards could sure come in handy, I’ve a website to launch soon and giving them away would help for sure.

Gustavo Jan 21 2009

Of course i want to win like everbody else here, but it’s not about desire… it’s about that i really need… This cards will give alot of impact on my company! Too many fingers will be thankful for touch in this cards!

Dries Jan 21 2009

Just finishing up our new corporate identity, would love to have our businesscards printed. Just don’t know where ;)

Rohit Arondekar Jan 21 2009

Why not ? Everybody needs business cards :D

Please I really need those cards for my new opened business. pretty please :)

With 1K business cards, I would have to get serious starting my own business!

Dave Neal Jan 21 2009

Business cards=good. Nice offer!

I have been procrastinating about getting cards done for the longest time. This will force my lazy ass to create them so I can get some new business and not lose my house or my wife.

Chris G Jan 21 2009

My cousin and I recently launched a cigar blog. Things are going well, and it seems that our traffic is slowly increasing. We’ve discussed getting business cards so we can pass them out to cigar smokers we meet and possible leave a few stacks at local cigar shops. We feel it will be a great way to increase our viewership.

clark Jan 21 2009

free = good stuff

mehedi Jan 21 2009

I will use it for my company.

Kjelle V Jan 21 2009

I could reaaaallly use some business tickets for my freelance work. They just cost so damn much.

OmerBeg Jan 21 2009

The website is gone live, now we need the cars. Just try it :).

Dan S Jan 21 2009

Please and thank you :-)
I just moved cross country, need new cards.

Michael J. Ellis Jan 21 2009

I am working on building my own graphic design business and have been meaning to get some business cards for it. I would definitely take and use 1000 free cards. Thanks!

Brynmor Jan 21 2009

Fantastic stuff! I would love a business card for my new business.

Robin Kunde Jan 21 2009

Business cards would be awesome to go with my business.

Sheila Huertas Jan 21 2009

Free business cards? Sure!

Awesome! I’ll take some :)

Ollie Wells Jan 21 2009

I have 999 business opportunties, and will give each one a card. I`ll keep one for myself. :)

Gerald Jan 21 2009

Lets try to win some business cards…

Mr. Brian Jan 21 2009

I would love nothing greater than to receive free business cards.

Chris Jan 21 2009

I desire to have business cards!

Randy Jan 21 2009

Bring on the business card loving extravaganza! It’s time to plaster the WORLD with my business cards!

I would love to have business cards, so many time I have gone looking for a pen and a piece of paper to write down my contact info. And by the time I found them the person was gone or scooped up by another.

Adam Scheinberg Jan 21 2009

Some new business cards sound great. Go ahead and sign me up!

Mikey R Jan 21 2009

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get some business cards for my new start-up. Help us get one step closer!

Gil G Jan 21 2009

With the recent economic troubles I’ve been starting up a business and would love to have high quality business cads to hand out in order to increase my traffic. Not really ready to invest in business cards yet but if I was given some that would be awesome. Thanks for giving 10 people the opportunity.


Whoo-hoo no more zacto knife cuts and stitches (from making my own last minute) if I win! -Count me in …man I Love this blog!!

Chris Jan 21 2009

Yessir! Sign me up. :)

MarkB Jan 21 2009

Joining the club, been putting it off and these would make it nice! count me in!

Cayo Magno Jan 21 2009

Good luck for me ^^

Joren Rapini Jan 21 2009

Free business cards would rock!

minboost Jan 21 2009

People would take me much more seriously if I had business cards. Plus, I can enter all those “free lunch” fishbowl giveaways. Sweeeeeet!

Phil Brangers Jan 21 2009

I ran out of business cards this past weekend and start on a redesign before ordering new ones. But free is always better than not free.

Daniel Corkill Jan 21 2009

Would love some business cards for my website design business.

Craig Jan 22 2009

I’ve been looking into business card options, and designs, for a while now for consulting purposes. I would love to have the honor of winning (and I generally am not caller #10).



Oooh, 4-color business cards? It makes my fingers tingle. :-)

Yay go go business cards!!

I would really like to win those business cards I hope this is the winning entry.
Thanks for the opportunity!

I Hassen Jan 22 2009

Would love to win a collection of business cards..I could definitely use it for my freelancing business or various entrepreneurial ventures…

Michael Stubblefield Jan 22 2009

Would love some business cards. Thank you for offering this contest.

Wladia Viviani Jan 22 2009

Let’s try!

Ben Morton Jan 22 2009

brilliant! i have been needing some new cards for a while now. fingers crossed!

With 1,000 cards I could meet 1,000 new friends. How cool is that?

pourio Jan 22 2009

give me business cards. or i will hate you forever. (ok no not really but seriously, give me the business cards)

Joel Kidd Jan 22 2009

I just started freelancing and some business cards would be awesome! Thanks!

If someone from 10 winners won`t contact with you about the cards I can be the 11th who can take one complete of 1000 business card. Feel free to let me know. I promise I will be waiting on any email from you.

Hector Bustillos Jan 22 2009

hi, Im tryng to get my bussines cards but here the ones that I want its so expensive, and i dont Have the money for those i want a bussines card with rounder borders in plastics or something like that, Im started like a freelancer and Im tryng to get more jobs and get more relations.. so please give the cards…

excuse my english.. Im from mexico Im tryng to do my best…

Mat C Jan 22 2009

Would love to get some business cards. Just started new company!!

Ghost Jan 22 2009

*Also crosses fingers*

I almost went to Staples to have some made today, I use them for my website. I put them everywhere I can, any attention is good.

I just made a website for my business and business cards would be really useful for advertising.

I would love to have my Business cards, Thanks

Dallas Jan 22 2009

I would love these business cards for my up and coming design company. A thousand business cards would surely make a great impact for a new designer entering the business world. I hope I win!

Todd Spitz Jan 22 2009

This would be excellent, but are they double-sided for those of us who need bilingual cards?

Me want …

|_ _. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _| _
|_)|_|_)|| )(-_)_) (_(_|| (_|_)

Patty Jan 23 2009

I am currently working on a redesign of my cards, and would love to be able to get them printed for free. Who doesn’t like free?

Asmaa Jan 23 2009

I have spent my half life creating cards for others forwarding them for printing delivering them , wonder why i dont have mine …. better get them.. :)

I would love to have business cards

Pick me. Please.

Prasanna Jan 23 2009

According to me business cards are an important branding item and must be taken good care. I value the brand face my business cards, envelopes and letter heads carry about me and my business. As of now I am starting a business on my own for the first time and am looking for it.

Loktar Jan 23 2009

I would love to get some free business cards

Tyler Jan 23 2009

Cards please!

Must win business cards purple monkey dishwasher!

Abhijeet Mukherjee Jan 23 2009

Wow…Kudos to you Jacob for making the entry to this contest so simple ! And yes, I’d love to get some business cards too :)

Brett Jan 23 2009

Would love some business cards!

Jason Jan 23 2009

Business cards??? I don’t need no stinkin’ business cards!

I would love to have business cards!

Crdz Plz!

gotta get me some cards

Almotqen Jan 24 2009

Thank you for the great contest!


Steven Jan 24 2009

Bcards would be create to help market my freelance business locally. Thanks Six Revisions !!

Chris Jan 25 2009

The last time I got business cards done from a business in my home town I got ripped off ~$300.

I would be great my hands on some professionally made cards.

CHRIS OUTLAW Jan 25 2009

Would really like the business cards would be sweet to get my business out there a bit more.

Arthur Jan 25 2009

Can always use more business cards!

Jarno Jan 25 2009

Would be very much appreciated with a startup lacking funding :)

Chris Snider Jan 25 2009

I would love some free business cards.

Yousuf Jan 25 2009

what? free fonts, would be very helpful :)

Yousuf Jan 25 2009

what? free busness cards, would be very helpful :)

Just started my startup and I need a business card.

John R Jan 25 2009

I’m starting a small start-up publicity company and free business cards would be great!

Saraspanish Jan 25 2009

we really need business cards!

Tobbe Jan 26 2009

This would be great. Starting a new business very soon.

maggie Jan 26 2009

I would love to get some free business cards! I recently moved and changed my email address and website, so my old ones aren’t too helpful anymore…

Joshua K. Jan 26 2009

I just started a new company, and business cards is one of the next things on my list. 1,000 free cards would be a fantastic omen for the future of this venture!

Juzer Ali Jan 26 2009

I want them too :)

Carlos Osegueda Jan 26 2009

I need to update the look of my business card. Hope to be one of the winners.

Gaston Jan 26 2009

I would to have these to help me advertise my business and network.

Defrag Jan 26 2009

Free business cards would be awesome, seeing as I am currently starting up my own freelance webdesign firm, and are somewhat bit low on cash (I’m a student as well). Business cards is one of the little details that makes a firm complete – and it impresses clients if done correctly.

Cool contest!

David Rojas Jan 26 2009

I would love to have those business cards :-)

Free is always good, and free business cards is even better!

Joao Carlos Jan 26 2009

Woah! Our lifes work introduction reduzed to a small buissness card, how fancy, pratical and mind bending, to be honest.

Gotta have some =)

I really need some business cards because its business time.

Free business cards would rock! We’re just starting our business and can use every advantage we can get.

Peter G Jan 26 2009

Timely: I am running out of business cards

mike Meisner Jan 26 2009

I really could use these business cards right about this tiem of year…

Business Cards are Handy! A 1000 business cards can fetch me 1000 customers!!!

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