20 High-Resolution Denim Textures

20 High Resolution Denim Textures - leading image.

Denim is a wonderful material that can be used in many designs. In this collection, you’ll find 20 free high resolution denim textures. Each one was professionally taken using a DSLR camera in RAW format, then converted to uncompressed JPG for ease of use.


Below, you’ll see a scaled-down preview of each texture included in this set. Clicking on an image will take you to their respective Flickr page where you can download them in several sizes. Alternatively, you can browse the Six Revisions Denim Textures Flickr set or download the whole set as a ZIP file.

1. Denim Texture 01

Denim Texture 01

2. Denim Texture 02

Denim Texture 02

3. Denim Texture 03

Denim Texture 03

4. Denim Texture 04

Denim Texture 04

5. Denim Texture 05

Denim Texture 05

6. Denim Texture 06

Denim Texture 06

7. Denim Texture 07

Denim Texture 07

8. Denim Texture 08

Denim Texture 08

9. Denim Texture 09

Denim Texture 09

10. Denim Texture 10

Denim Texture 10

11. Denim Texture 11

Denim Texture 11

12. Denim Texture 12

Denim Texture 12

13. Denim Texture 13

Denim Texture 13

14. Denim Texture 14

Denim Texture 14

15. Denim Texture 15

Denim Texture 15

16. Denim Texture 16

Denim Texture 16

17. Denim Texture 17

Denim Texture 17

18. Denim Texture 18

Denim Texture 18

19. Denim Texture 19

Denim Texture 19

20. Denim Texture 20

Denim Texture 20

More information

Feel free to use these textures for any way you want, including commercial purposes. If you really want the technical details, each texture included in this set is released under the GNU General Public License, a free, copyleft license that allows the public to use these works of art. The only thing we ask is that you do not distribute these textures “as-is” without getting expressed written permission to do so or without acknowledging the source.

Download the entire set

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About the Author

JC Parmley is a U.S.-based web designer and developer from Indiana. When he’s not designing interfaces and creating .NET apps, you can find him in the Frozen Waste fighting for the Horde (World of Warcraft) or kicking butt in the kitchen.

This was published on Mar 3, 2009


WebUnicorn Mar 03 2009

nice collection
like the use of every piece of the jeans

Nice pics of your jeans!

Dread Knight Mar 03 2009

Very handy! Thanks :D

ProjectCenter Mar 03 2009

I will have to add this to my collection. Thank you for this.

Lauri Johnsen Mar 03 2009

Wow, great resources. If you want to create your own denim texture in Photoshop, here’s a tutorial:

Brandon Hansen Mar 03 2009

Those are awesome! Thanks for the hard work!

Austin Mar 03 2009

Awesome resources.

It would be cool to see a few examples of the uses of these textures in modern design. :)

Kayla Mar 03 2009

Great collection, I can’t wait to use some of these.

celsius Mar 03 2009

fresh! i’ll make sure they are uber subtle… unless i’m going for the canadian tux look.

Creative Mar 03 2009

Thank you for sharing your craft!

Harya Mar 03 2009

Nice sharing. Save as for it… :)

Ewout Mar 04 2009

Very nice collection indeed. Thanks for sharing!

These are the textures to die for..really beautiful..THANK YOU

chunkydesign Mar 04 2009

Nice texture set and the quality of the photos is great. Thanks for sharing!!

alika Mar 04 2009

Awesome resources.

Black Sand Mar 04 2009

I loved “Denim Texture 05”. It’s cool.. Thanks

Very cool, but GPL isn’t really the appropriate license for these. Maybe a creative commons one or something more art/media-friendly?

GPL imposes some things on derivative works, and is more oriented to software development.

Firestorm Mar 04 2009

cool textures. thanks!

i like #9.

Jacob Gube Mar 04 2009

@Pete: You’re right, GPL is used primarily for software, but it can also be used, and I quote, for “[…] other kinds of works”.

Creative Commons would’ve been a good option except that all types of CC licenses require the user to attribute the work to the source, which we’re not requiring you to do. In cases where you want to use the textures on a background of a piece of artwork or print work, we don’t require you to state: “background texture by Six Revisions”.

Thanks for bringing this up and I’ll have to look at more appropriate options in later releases.

Steven Lewis Mar 04 2009

This awseome for the design guys over at Wrangler! :)

Denim Texture 13 is nice – looks like a prostate or bladder problem. :-)


Thanks. My concern for art is the GPL typically requires that any derivatives *also* be GPL’d. The latest rev makes that a little softer in that you can convey other permissions, but it is still typically interpreted that way.

Still love the textures and your site :)

adiaha Mar 05 2009

This is great! Thank you for sharing….

Jacob Gube Mar 05 2009

@Pete : In any event, I appreciate that you took the time to leave a comment to help out. I’ve been looking and there really isn’t a perfect copyleft license for what I’d like to release them in, so from now on, I will just plainly state the stipulations of how you can use these, which is basically: free for any personal and commercial use with the exception of redistributing the work “as-is” without attribution or written consent.

ducttape Mar 05 2009

can you do a set with duct tape or gaffers tape

chris corwin Mar 06 2009

i would think the Poetic License would be appropriate for these:


This work ‘as-is’ we provide.
No warranty, express or implied.
We’ve done our best,
to debug and test.
Liability for damages denied.

Permission is granted hereby,
to copy, share, and modify.
Use as is fit,
free or for profit.
On this notice these rights rely.

Oliver Mar 07 2009

Thanks, will keep it into my collection!

Jacob Gube Mar 08 2009

@chris corwin: I’ll take a look into that, thanks for the tip, I really appreciate it.

thanx very much for this!!! i will use this for school design and im very gratefull

Franz Mar 18 2009


Arjen Apr 18 2009

Thanks a lot for these textures. Keep it up!

Alexis Jun 20 2009


Christie Jun 30 2009

Thanks for sharing, these are wonderful!!!

ilike2photoshop Sep 08 2009

Wow, these are great jean textures.

Marlene Dec 23 2009

So generous of you to make these available, and you even include the zipper! :-D You’re awesome. These are just what I need today. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the awesome textures. I’m using them as blended backgrounds and elements in a digital scrapbook charity kit this week. They are perfect for the theme and it saves me lots of time! You rock!

Kruttie Jun 10 2010

thanks very much, these are really useful. As a designer for a non profit organisation I’m always grateful to find new and free textures!

sneha Jul 11 2010

Thanks a ton…This is just what I needed!

Deanne Aug 01 2010

thank you so much for making these fantastic denims available.. much appreciated… youre fantastic

RyanK Sep 22 2010

you re the man! Thanks!

mommaroodles Nov 01 2010

these are awesome – thank you :)

Cookie Nov 30 2010

Thanks so much….just what I was searching for….perfect for high school collage page!

Milly Hollywood Nov 06 2011

Thanks for the great textures!! They’re wonderful!

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