Cardboard Textures and Objects: High Resolution Pack

Cardboard textures and objects can be used in numerous ways to give a design a raw and realistic look. Check out bern unlimited, Blog.SpoonGraphics, Jamie’s Italian, and The Resume Girl to see various uses of cardboard textures and objects in web design.

In this article you’ll find 20 free cardboard textures and objects for designers.

Cardboard Textures and Objects - Leading Image

You’ll find a variety of very high-resolution textures and pieces that you can use in any manner you choose.

They were taken using a Nikon Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera at 2,896 x 1,944 pixel size at a low compression rate (1:4 compression ratio). Note that some photos were cropped to save on file size, but all of them retain the same scale from the unprocessed images (i.e. they weren’t resized in an image editor).

Note: Even though you can use these textures and objects for commercial work without attribution, it would be greatly appreciated if you did! However, you cannot redistribute these textures and object without attribution.

At the bottom of the page you’ll have the option to download all the files. Alternatively, you can browse the whole set in the Six Revisions Cardboard Textures and Objects Flickr set and just grab the ones you like.






















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This was published on Nov 28, 2008


Jacob Gube Nov 28 2008

If enough people find this useful, I can follow this up with a second set of cardboard textures and objects and create a brush set based on these photos. So just let me know.


Pretty useful!

It would be really cool for you to follow this up with a second release.

good work!

These are very nice. Have you done paper textures? I am thinking of papers like rice paper etc.

Jacob Gube Nov 28 2008

@John: I’ve been considering releasing paper textures, I’ll probably end up doing it eventually.

Elaine B. Nov 28 2008

Very nice! Kudos!

Rishi Luchun Nov 29 2008

These are great thanks

Lovely stuff, really useful and well thought out shots. Thanks

Joe Payton Nov 29 2008

I would definitely like to see a second release. You can never have enough stock!

Patareco Nov 29 2008

Thanks for another nice set! And if you have them please release the paper textures set!

No Reimer Reason Nov 30 2008

These are fabulous! Thank you for sharing them.

this is very useful stuff you have here jacob. especially for the web and graphic designers.

web design Dec 03 2008

These are very highres, you usually have to pay for these. Thanks!

Thanks Jacob

Great work – good karma.
Will pay it forward.

Drew Costigan Dec 11 2008

Jacob – thanks for the textures and happy holidays!

WOW thankyou so very much for these,I have been looking for this exact type of cardboard for ages,I have found alot but none of them compared to yours,YOU ROCK & I would definetly love to see more thanks again xox

thanks man
happy new year 09

Creativity to the maximum…you gave me so many great ideas…thank you!

themisfit Feb 22 2009

another great set of textures.

That’s very good ! Tks a lot

Awesome set, thanks!

These are soo cool! Very generous! Thanks so much!

another great set of textures

finn~luv Dec 28 2009

so great job!!!! Thx!!!

These are fantastic! Great texture, really high res, thanks so much!

Infographiste Feb 03 2010

Great idea, Ive got some old book and papyrus in my basement, i’ll try this in taking pictures or scanning my stuff, thanks for sharing

very useful textures, i really need them, Thank you

Thanks! These are great and hard to find textures (of such quality). Much appreciated.

this is great I was just looking for something like this. These will come in handy.

Danielle Apr 10 2010

These are wonderful!

Thank you!

this pack is just absolutely AWESOME! thank you so much!

great share… hope you do more cardboard … and some papers textures would be nice too !!

Kruttie Jun 10 2010

This pack is great! As a designer for a non profit organisation it is always nice to find free packages as our budget is very low. Really appreciate it!

DUDE YOU SAVED MY LIFE..when the site will be done i’ll show to you

Love your cardboard backgrounds!!!
Very useful. Thank you so so much for your amazing job!!!

Thank you!! this was exactly what I needed for a grunge design project.

Sü Smith Feb 04 2011

Thanks so much for the wonderful cardboard textures. Much gratitude. ♥ ☮

awesome textures collection. i hope u will love this one as well hi-res free cardboard textures: Enjoy :)

much much appreciated share ; thanks brother

Very …..very…thanks

alimunandar Jul 04 2011

That’s very good ! another great Creativity

thank u …………..

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