Free High Res Rough Textures

With grunge/textured designs being popular, I thought it would be worthwhile to provide some free textures that you can use in your designs. This set consists of 15 free, high resolution rough textures (2,500px x 1,950px dimensions). I took them from rock and stone formations on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Free High Res Rough Textures

You can preview all the textures included in this set on this page (clicking on the images takes you to their Flickr photo page). Alternatively, you can download the whole set as a ZIP file (54.4 MB). Enjoy!































Download the Rough Textures Set (50.4 MB)

This was published on Oct 29, 2008


Szymon Oct 29 2008

Thanks! :-)

Max | Design Shard Oct 29 2008

Awesome textures, nice resolution too, will be very useful, thanks for the time to collect them, feel free to add them to (

Josh McGlinn | MCG Studio Oct 29 2008

It’s always good to stock up on some textures, especially when they are free! Thanks!

Steven Snell Oct 29 2008

Thanks for the textures Jacob, they look great!

Jacob Gube Oct 29 2008

@Max: I’ll check that out and these. Thanks.

@Steven Snell: Glad you like ’em! :) I was working on a WordPress design last Sunday and I needed some gritty, rough textures. I look outside and it’s a beautiful day, so I decided to grab my camera and take some myself.

I never realized how beautiful stone is. I’m going to have to find somewhere to use these!

adelle Oct 29 2008

Jacob, these are amazing textures, thanks for sharing. I just took a bunch as well when I was at the beach/lake, maybe I should share em too. Great idea!

Jacob Gube Oct 29 2008

@adelle: Thanks for the compliments and I look forward to your beach/lake textures!

Henry Jones Oct 29 2008

These are great Jacob. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing these great textures. It’s especially nice that they’re large enough to use for print work as well as Web.

Franz Jeitz |fudgegraphics Oct 29 2008

these are awesome. thanks so much for sharing!

Farid Hadi Oct 29 2008

Great! Thanks a lot!

Shanna Korby Oct 29 2008

These are great. I have used several in an illustration today.

Michelle Oct 29 2008

What a great idea. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing!

Ray Maxwell Oct 29 2008

Great Jacob!!

thanks a million!

insic Oct 30 2008

thanks for sharing

bill smith Oct 30 2008

Wow, absolutely amazing. Thank you soooo sooo much.

Lawrence Strack Oct 30 2008

let’s call them exactly what they are. Pictures of rocks

ancients Oct 30 2008

these are awesome. wonder how old these rocks are.

I thought the same thing. Rocks. just rocks.

Gary Rominov Oct 30 2008

Wow, this is the best collection i’ve seen yet. I love how all the different textures feel on my fingers. Especially no.12 – it’s the roughest. Thanks Again!

Marc McDonald Oct 30 2008

@Lawrence Strack

…but they’re free!!!

Midnight Oct 30 2008

These are very good quality textures, thanks.

weblizzer Nov 01 2008

great, textures, i this is useful for some web design projects.

nashimaryo Nov 02 2008


cdiam Nov 04 2008

Thank you very much for the photos!Very useful for designers

miszka Nov 04 2008

Very usefull, thanks!

Awesome, thanks!!

Josh Drake Nov 07 2008

Thanks for these! I’m sure that a lot of people will find these textures coming in handy, with the whole “grunge” feel being the rage in web design lately.

Chris Morin Nov 10 2008

Very Cool!

nikesh Nov 11 2008

Nice work


Looking Good! Thanks.

great contribution to the world of design. taking pictures of rocks.

hi, i am looking for shiny metal textures…like wall cladding of a hitech building..
do you know where can i find it??

Andrea Jun 15 2009

Thanks so much for your time, talent, and generosity!

Constantine Jun 27 2009

These are really cool backgrounds. Thank you. you guys awesome.

McKenzie Jul 18 2009

These are great! And very much appreciated.

Muhammad Haykal Dec 02 2009

great!!! that dirty background can be useful for some site… thanks

thank you so much for sharing your awesome work so generously!

Render Farmer Apr 22 2010

Great stuff, I was just looking for that. Thanks a lot.

Sandy Edgar May 16 2010

Thought you should know that your textures are being hosted here, probably without your permission:

Jaddie Dodd May 19 2010

Thanks very much for offering these nice textures!

Beauchamp Jun 11 2010

These are brilliant thanks a lot

akire Aug 28 2010

GREAT! thank you, it is so useful for free instructional video that we make :)

Karina Oct 16 2010

Thank you very much for allowing us the opportunity to use these amazing textures, awesome!!!

Sabrillian/kitteh Nov 05 2010

These are neat, I’ll definitely be using these!

Patricia Gould Jan 08 2011

These are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing.

are these royalty free textures? if so thank you very much? Ill post some

Hawkinz Aug 25 2011

These are fantastic! Exactly what I was searching for, thank you so much for sharing these with the world! :)

avn rocky Oct 22 2011

oh wow! i really need this

Thank you :)

GoldenAngelDragon Nov 26 2011

Thank U abundantly for the textures!or team, etc.

GoldenAngelDragon Nov 26 2011


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