Free High Resolution Wood Textures

High Resolution Wood Textures - leading image.

In this texture pack, you will find 7 large-scale, high resolution (1448 x 972 pixels) textures that are available to you for free for any personal or commercial purpose, distributed under the GNU General Public License. The only thing you may not do is to distribute and sell them without prior permission.


Clicking on each image will direct you to their Flickr download page where you can get them in various sizes. Alternatively, please feel free to browse the Six Revisions Wood Textures set on Flickr or download the whole set (link at the bottom of this page).

Wood Texture 01 (file name: sr_wood_texture_01.jpg)

Wood Texture 01

Wood Texture 02 (file name: sr_wood_texture_02.jpg)

Wood Texture 02

Wood Texture 03 (file name: sr_wood_texture_03.jpg)

Wood Texture 03

Wood Texture 04 (file name: sr_wood_texture_04.jpg)

Wood Texture 04

Wood Texture 05 (file name: sr_wood_texture_05.jpg)

Wood Texture 05

Wood Texture 06 (file name: sr_wood_texture_06.jpg)

Wood Texture 06

Wood Texture 07 (file name: sr_wood_texture_07.jpg)

Wood Texture 07

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Download the whole set

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This was published on Feb 22, 2009


Great, thanks for posting. Love the contrast on the tree bark.

Kayla Feb 23 2009

Nice textures, very high quality indeed.

Jacob Gube Feb 25 2009

Thanks for the comments folks, I have another high resolution texture pack releasing shortly, stay tuned for that.

BenSky Feb 25 2009

Awesome, think 7 is my favourite, could be used easily for repeating BG’s. Thanks for sharing!

Abdel Feb 26 2009

nice repertoire. I really like it

iDevelopThings Feb 26 2009

Wow.. They look great

Jacob Gube Feb 26 2009

@BenSky: Glad you liked that one, if you use any of these on a design, feel free to link to your design on here so people can see the ways these can be used.

Trump Taj Feb 27 2009

Just what I needed

phong Feb 27 2009

nice. Thanks for share

Stu Collett Feb 27 2009

Thank for this guys!

alfred devanesan sam Feb 28 2009

nice work. thank you very much for your caring and sharing of these wonderful pics.

Brandon Hansen Mar 02 2009

Not to advertise (ok, a little), but I have some nice textures here-

The last texture pack is around 90mb of super-high quality textures.

Honour Chick Mar 04 2009

great collection

phong Mar 11 2009

thanks so much

Tarlan Mar 15 2009

This is amazing! Thanks so much. I’ve posted a link on my website so others can share the wealth :-)

David Apr 05 2009

How about also wood textures of ‘office desks’ – oak, pine, mahogany? Thanks

Angel Mar 10 2010

Thank u :)

Thanks for sharing. Very nice

Elizabeth Oct 17 2010

These are great

Aramey Jan 04 2011

It’s Very Good Material!

Thank you so much

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