High-Resolution Grungy Paper Textures

High-Resolution Grungy Paper Textures - leading image.

With textured and organic designs a current design trend, I thought it useful to provide some high-resolution grungy paper textures. This texture pack was inspired by comments from a previous Six Revisions texture pack.

In this texture pack, you will find 6 large-scale, high-resolution (2592 x 3872 pixels) textures that are available to you for free for any personal or commercial purpose. The only thing you may not do is to distribute and sell them without prior permission.


Clicking on an image will direct you to their Flickr download page where you can get them in various sizes.

Alternatively, you can browse the Six Revisions Grungy Paper Textures Flickr set that I’ve set up for you.

Grungy Paper 01 (grungy_paper_01.jpg)

Grungy Paper 01

Grungy Paper 02 (grungy_paper_02.jpg)

Grungy Paper 02

Grungy Paper 03 (grungy_paper_03.jpg)

Grungy Paper 03

Grungy Paper 04 (grungy_paper_04.jpg)

Grungy Paper 04

Grungy Paper 05 (grungy_paper_05.jpg)

Grungy Paper 05

Grungy Paper 06 (grungy_paper_06.jpg)

Grungy Paper 06


Download the entire texture pack as a ZIP file.


If you have suggestions with regards to freebies that you’d like to see, drop a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

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This was published on Jan 12, 2009


Timothy Jan 12 2009

Awesome! Thanks a bunch

Chris W. Jan 12 2009

Did you snap these yourself? Very nice set.

WebdesignerDepot Jan 12 2009

Great compilation Jacob!

Jacob Gube Jan 12 2009

@Chris W.: Yes, I took them myself.

@WebdesignerDepot.: Thanks Walter, glad you like them.

Dainis Graveris Jan 12 2009

You can some interesting papers there, can I ask what kind of paper is in the last picture?

insic Jan 13 2009

thanks! and its completely free.

Jacob Gube Jan 13 2009

@Dainis Graveris: I believe that was some brown wrapping paper I found lying around.

Freddy Jan 13 2009

Jacob…these are some nice shots. I’ve been looking for some good crumpled paper images. Thanks a lot for the collection.

Julie Jan 13 2009

Are these “free” for commercial use? Are there any legal restrictions on use?

Jacob Gube Jan 13 2009

@Julie: Yes, they are free for commercial use. The only thing I ask is that if you decide to distribute them or sell them yourself, ask my permission first.

Otherwise, if you want to use them for a commercial project, in any way shape or form – feel free to use them without restriction.

PureDezigner Jan 13 2009

great freebie, I’ve got you bookmarked so I’ll definitely be back here. Thanks!

Awesome! This is going straight on my website.

That’s nice resources. Thanks.

Dan London Jan 15 2009

Nice textures looking forward to trying some out as backgrounds on logos/websites.

Jacob Gube Jan 16 2009

@Dan London: Looking forward to it, when you’re finished – I’d love to see it (drop a link to your designs here if you want).

Awesome.. thanks

Lost Guy Jan 31 2009

this kinda makes me wanta go get an old book right now and smell it. ahhh how i love that smell

iDevelopThings Feb 05 2009

Great collection, thanks.

themisfit Feb 22 2009

this is a great collection, thanks for sharing.

Keith D Jun 06 2009

Great collection indeed, but more important is the idea of snapping your own textures.

You’ve set me off looking for texture…

Thanks for sharing info and ideas.

Wow… amazing!

Gopal Raju Sep 27 2009

Useful Set!

ktown Mar 16 2010

awesome textures. Thanks for the share.

Sandy Edgar May 16 2010

Hi, I found my textures on a site the yesterday which they won’t remove. I decided to go through the rest of them and I found yours on there too. We both have a ‘no redistribution’ underneath so I thought you should know. They seem to be targeting DA users’ stock.

I found yours here:

I started a thread on there to have them removed if you wanted to add to it:

Good luck.

Shifa Oct 04 2010

Beautiful, big thanks for sharing… :-)

Swaby Feb 10 2011

Many thanks, love them all!

matthew moore Feb 27 2011

i have a background that i need made larger for a website. If you are interested please write back .

test site I need that background bigger

Thank you so much

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