Transparent Glass UI: Free PSD for User Interface Design

This free user interface pack, brought to you by PixelsDaily, includes a variety of popular elements used in web application and website design. Every element has been carefully handcrafted to maintain consistency and quality. The included PSD file is well organized and ready for customization. Due to the transparency of the UI elements, they are flexible and should work well with any background.

This pack was designed and brought to you by Liam McCabe, founder of PixelsDaily, a website that takes pride in posting high quality freebies (like this one) everyday!




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About the Author

Liam McCabe is a designer/writer who has a passion for pixels and building new, exciting websites. He is currently working on PixelsDaily, a site dedicated to posting high quality web design resources every day, as well as short, snappy tutorials for people who *sigh* at the sight of 100 steps.

This was published on Jun 3, 2011


Alexander Jun 03 2011

Mi piace questo! =D

hubeRsen Jun 03 2011

Nice pack. Thanks for sharing man.

Lex Koff Jun 03 2011

Thank You! Just downloaded the PSD template.

Aubrey Jun 03 2011

This would be a cool jQueryUI theme.

affanul Jun 03 2011

Nice design, Thanks ;)

Liam McCabe Jun 04 2011

No problem everyone, glad you like it/them :)

erick Jun 04 2011

Great design !!!

BlaineSch Jun 04 2011

Shouldn’t their be a checked and unchecked check box? Compared to the two unchecked ones?

Bratu Sebastian Jun 04 2011

Wow, I can see this best used in an alien website or a SF :)

Patrick Jun 04 2011

Beautiful, can’t wait to play with this on some website designs!

That looks pretty cool. Actually..its sick!

Valeria Jun 06 2011

Oh, really nice. Great work :)

Qairy Jun 06 2011

nice :)

Roberto Ty Jun 06 2011

Well done.

Freedom Studios Jun 07 2011

Hey Liam, this is a super freebie.
Thanks so much for sharing it and all the best for Pixels Daily :)

ItsBuiltForYou Jun 07 2011

OOoooo Sexy!! I may be using this soon =)

Pablo Jun 09 2011

Beautiful pack. Perfect for one of my designs. Thanks for sharing.

beautifull design!

SampeiMihira Jul 31 2011

Many thanks for this very appreciate gift.
Nice work, Ipad-style!

Pinky Aug 08 2011

Very nice. Thanks so much for sharing.

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