Letter Frame – A Free WordPress Theme

Letter Frame - A Free WordPress Theme

What you have before you is Letter Frame: an elegant and unique WordPress theme that you can download and use for free. Letter Frame was designed and developed by Brian L. of and released here on Six Revisions. To see a live demo of Letter Frame in action, head on over the Letter Frame Demo page.

Download the theme!


Letter Frame - Preview 1

Letter Frame - Preview 2

Letter Frame - Preview 3

Letter Frame - Preview 5


Letter Frame is released under the GNU General Public License that allows you to obtain, share, and use the WordPress theme package.

About the WordPress Designer

Brian L. runs, a website dedicated to everything WordPress-related including sharing free and professionally designed WordPress themes. If you’d like to keep in touch and connect with Brian, follow him on Twitter where he goes by the username @templatelite.

This was published on Aug 20, 2009


Nice theme. Thanks!

Incredible theme for the personal blog.

SecretsPedia Aug 20 2009

fantastic Thanks for sharing

Zábavná videa Aug 20 2009

Nice theme, i like this. Thanks for sharing.

Hirvesh Aug 21 2009

Awesome WordPress theme!

Sankar Aug 21 2009

Looks little special :)

Ömer Uzun Aug 21 2009

Amazing, thanks!

great work, Thanks!

Roberto Aug 21 2009

Very nice template. Thanks!

Mykeura Aug 24 2009

Wow, excellent.


James Aug 25 2009

Thank you for sharing this wordpress template. I really love this and It will be used on my personal blog soon. Thank again! Awesome thing.

Keith D Aug 30 2009

Can’t believe that such great themes are free.
Another reason for using WordPress.
Thanks for sharing Brian L and thanks Six Revisions for spreading the word.

Bramadhani T Oct 12 2009

wooww!!! awesome…
is this template has blogger version?
I like this very much but I blogger user…

tri rahayu Oct 26 2009

it’s really impressive theme!!..can’t wait to see other works..well done!!

Thanks brother was very nice of page

Haarod Feb 23 2010

Nice theme. I like it. Thanks!

Amazing, thanks!

ThaiDrift Mar 24 2010

Thank you for This Theme.

mk-job Mar 24 2010

Thank you for This Theme.

princo Apr 15 2010

Incredible theme for the personal blog.

copy cd Apr 19 2010

Very nice template. Thanks!

duplicator Apr 23 2010

nice template,thanks.

great work, Thanks!

carteenee Nov 14 2010

Wow, now i know how to make my blog colorfully.

incomen Nov 17 2010

Excellent original theme… great work…

Balbir Jun 28 2011

lots of good themes on your website, good work keep it up

alimunandar Jul 04 2011

Nice theme. Thanks! I like it

findw3 Sep 01 2012

very nice theme. Thanks

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