UpSide: A Free WordPress Theme

UpSide: A Free WordPress Theme

The UpSide Theme is a free WordPress theme that is best suited for personal blogs. The WordPress theme comes with 5 color schemes and 2 different layouts that you can set up on the theme’s options page in the WordPress Admin panel.

UpSide Theme is provided to you under the open source GPL License—this means that you can use it for all of your projects for free and without any restrictions. This theme is flexible enough that you can use it as a starter theme for your WordPress projects.

UpSide Theme is released especially and exclusively to Six Revisions readers by the team at DynamicWP.


Here are some screenshots of UpSide.

Front Page

Front Page

Post Headline

Post Headline



Contact Page

Contact Page

Threaded Comments

Threaded Comments


You can see the functional live demo of UpSide theme on DynamicWP.


Read the documentation page for UpSide theme to learn more how to use this theme.


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About the Author

DynamicWP is a site that develops beautiful free WordPress templates, useful WordPress plugins, as well as WordPress tutorials. You can grab their RSS feed and follow them on Twitter (@dynamicwp) for exclusive updates.

This was published on Apr 2, 2010


Awesome Theme mann .. Retweeted .. Thnx ..


cheth Apr 02 2010

Nice one!.. pretty much like the look and feel of it.

Geeee Apr 02 2010

That’s really cool theme .. I like it very clean! thanks a lot :)

Jordan Walker Apr 02 2010

Thanks for the theme, that is really neat.

Beben Apr 02 2010

so dynamic template…nice

Thanks guys for this, looks like a really great theme. I am sure I will be taking a look at how it is all put together. Posted it up on my site.

adone Apr 02 2010

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Theme! Thanks SixRevisions

Awesome … :) .. \m/

Pavlicko Apr 02 2010

Really great theme –

Love how clean and easy on the eyes it is. Great job guys. Thanks much.

Dzinepress Apr 02 2010

really professional theme and presenting different interface.

agungX Apr 02 2010

tq for share,.. i wan’t to use it for my wordpress

Would any of these themes ever make it to Google Blogger? I have seen some killer templates from you and I’d really like to be able to use at least one of them at blogspot. I’m your reader too.

Jacob Gube Apr 02 2010

@Fred: Thanks for speaking up. If people are interested in Blogger themes, I’d like to hear your thoughts. It could be something we can look at releasing in the future.

Hatbocs Apr 02 2010

Great looking theme and GPL’ed, too!

Just want to let you know, that the thumbnail on the main page doesn’t direct to this post, though.

Web Risorsa Apr 03 2010

It’s classy wp theme.. I like to use it for my future blogs… :)

geraldine Apr 03 2010

Thanks a lot for this revision

Sjoerd Boerrigter Apr 03 2010

Nice theme. The header, sidebar and content part look very good, but I think the footer needs a bit more attention. It looks a bit messy with the many big coloured links.

@jacob thank you very much for publishing our theme! once again thanks………:)

Mike Judd Apr 03 2010

Thanks for the theme, it’s alsmost outstanding

Askar Sabiq Apr 03 2010

nice theme! clean and simple. great work

Really nice! Congratulations.
I took the liberty to review the issue on my blog.

Lourens Apr 04 2010

Thank you for sharing, great theme – Looks really good!

Monie Apr 04 2010

It would be better if we have more theme on blog portfolio ^_^

Jacob Gube Apr 04 2010

@Monie: Great suggestion.

Azizuan Apr 04 2010

I hope you can convert it into blogger/blogspot and I will be the first person to use

Linh Pham Apr 05 2010

Great layout, clean and simple

ithemes Apr 06 2010

nice theme. thank you

LabsMs Apr 07 2010

Themes good. At first i try green color then choose blue.
Screen is not good for 1024 width x 768 height.
But its good for use

inspirationfeed Apr 07 2010

Cool theme, nice to see something new!

Great theme and I’m using it.
But there is a small bug: on Firefox, the logo is unclickable, all the other browsers are OK.

Chicago Apr 08 2010

Nicely done. Any chance on getting a port of this for Drupal?

Hanif Apr 12 2010

simply and great funny color I can change for this theme. Thanks for Share.

Susan Apr 19 2010

I like the sidebar on this theme.

Valdeir Gomes Apr 23 2010

Congratulation, Amazing this theme, in brazil we love wp.

cheth Jun 07 2010

I just read that some of your users want the blogger template.. here it is :) added link credits to sixrevisions

E.Simers Jun 28 2010

I am using this theme for my personal site, but I don’t understand the thumbnails. I don’t know how to get them to work? Please if someone could help me….

Yea, I can’t get the thumbnails to work either. Hmmm…

very very nice, i am using it!

Eh, is it possible to add adsense in the sidebar & header? Thank you :)

Oh, one more thing, can this theme work for WP 3.0? Thank you :P

@ marry it is ok for adsense , if you find any trouble with this theme just contact us, we will respon it as soon as posible, thanks….

Martin Jul 26 2010

I have a question, how can put that image thumbnail on the left side in the post =S i search in my post panel but i didn’t find the option.

Eko Setiawan Jul 29 2010

Thanks for all, that using UpSide theme…. :)
We apologize if we are late in responding to comments. If your problem is very important, you can directly contact our email: dynamicwp[at]


anna_s Aug 03 2010

Hi, this is the official theme site, right? =)
I’m Anna, and I’m about to use this beautiful theme for my blog [still preparing :) ]. I just googled some blogs which are using this theme, then I think I need to fix something before I use it. But I’m a WP newbie, so plz help. Thank you :D
These questions might be stupid, but don’t laugh at me :P
pic1: the problem I found:
So, I want to fix something, but I don’t know how. plz tell me:

Thank u, thank u, thank u =)


Proactol Aug 07 2010

First of all thanks for this great theme. Second, can somebody please tell me how to add image instead of bullet?

Wow. This work is awesome. I must not forget to extend my thanks. I’ll try to make my own one. Each and every designs here in Six Revisions inspires me a lot. Thanks guys!

Alexandra Nov 02 2010

Hi everybody,

I’ve been trying lots of themes and I finally kept this one which is perfect for my needs.

Six Revisions is one of my very best and precious inspiring source. Congratulations and many many thanks for sharing all these awesome resources !

Alexandra from France.

Huoyuan Nov 19 2010

There is a problem when used in wordpress 3.01

Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in E:\www\wordpress\wp-content\themes\UpSide\functions.php on line 10

Michael Somerville Dec 01 2010

Awesome free theme.. i am going to try this theme with one of my autoblogs.. thanks

fangshanzi Dec 21 2010


Thanks Very Nice theme! Set it as my blog theme quite happy with it!

ColdS Feb 12 2011

Thanks very much for this fantastic theme.I was searching for ages find a nice one FREE OF COURSE….


itachi Feb 13 2011

nice, i try in my site.

This theme is cool, but H1 tag missing. Any ideas on how to add it?

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