16 Genuine, Authentic Designers on Twitter

I’ve seen a few Twitter designer lists pop up here and there and wanted to offer a fresh spin on things. This list contains 16 designers who I find extremely friendly, genuine, and have something to offer to the design community.

16 Genuine, Authentic Designers on Twitter - leading image.

In one word, the people on this list can be considered "authentic." They are real, down-to-earth people who would love to chat (though you may ask if they’re busy before striking up a conversation).

I wanted to build a list of designers who aren’t necessarily on all the previous "follow lists" and are still quite follow-worthy, so without further ado, here goes…

Rogie King - Twitter avatar.Rogie King (@rogieking)

Rogie King is web designer, illustrator, and blogger whose work you can find in his site, Komodo Media.

Samantha Warren - Twitter avatar.Samantha Warren (@samanthatoy)

Samatha Warren is a web designer and a member of the Design team at Viget Labs. Her personal site: Badass Ideas.

Henry Jones - Twitter avatar.Henry Jones (@webdesignledger)

Henry Jones is a web designer and developer based in Tennessee. He’s the man behind Web Design Ledger. Check out his portfolio.

Matt Brett - Twitter Avatar.Matt Brett (@mattbrett)

Matt Brett is a freelance web designer whose personal site, Matt Brett, has been making its rounds in web design showcase galleries.

Shannon Farrell - Twitter avatar.Shannon Farrell (@dolceshan)

Shannon Farrell is a graphic and web designer based from Virginia. Check out her personal site.

Chris Harrison - Twitter avatar.Chris Harrison (@cdharrison)

Chris Harrison is a web developer / designer. You can learn more about him on his personal site.

Nathan Smith - Twitter avatar.Nathan Smith (@nathansmith)

Nathan Smith is a designer, front end developer, and user experience developer. He runs a personal site called SonSpring.

Tim Van Damme - Twitter Avatar.Tim Van Damme (@maxvoltar)

Tim Van Damme is a Belgium-based interface designer at Made by Elephant (small creative agency). Check him out at his blog, Maxvoltar.

Lea Alcantara - Twitter avatar.Lea Alcantara (@lealea)

Lea Alcantara is a designer based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Check out her portfolio site: Lealea Design.

David Airey - Twitter avatar.David Airey (@davidairey)

David Airey is a graphic designer and design consultant, specializing in identity projects. Check out his personal site and Logo Design Love.

Sean Farrell - Twitter avatar.Sean Farrell (@penflare)

Sean Farrell is a freelance designer, specializing in branding, web, and print. You learn more about him on his site: Penflare Designs.

Luke Beard - Twitter avatar.Luke Beard (@LukesBeard)

Luke Beard is a graphic and web designer from England. His soon-to-be portfolio site: Luke’s Beard.

Chris Colhoun - Twitter avatar.Chris Colhoun (@chriscolhoun)

Chris Colhoun is a design student and future employable designer. His personal site: Chris Colhoun.

Lee Munroe - Twitter avatar.Lee Munroe (@leemunroe)

Lee Munroe is a Northern Ireland-based web designer. Check out his personal site, as well as The Big Word Project.

Jeff Andrews - Twitter avatar.Jeff Andrews (@jeffandrews)

Jeff Andrews is a designer. His personal site: Jeff Andrews Design.

Sean Baker - Twitter avatar.Sean Baker (@elysiumburns)

Sean Baker is a young designer. You can check out his work on his site, Elysium Burns.

Got more tweeple to for us to follow?

Feel free to add your own nominations in the comments. The goal is for authenticity, not necessarily the biggest names in design.

About the Author

Bio Photo.Chris Wallace is a front-end developer and Principal Creative at Walmedia, a web design company. Chris offers free WordPress themes and writes about web design and development on his blog, Designer&Developer. He also runs a design and development job board, and popular design job aggregator Twitter: @chriswallace.

This was published on Mar 20, 2009


Lee Munroe Mar 20 2009

Honoured to be mentioned amongst other great designers who I’ve a lot of admiration for. Thanks Chris!

Kathryn Limbacher Mar 20 2009

I think you should add. Parks design. He’s on twitter as @parksdesign.

Niamh Redmond Mar 20 2009

Good post. As I said on Twitter, I like that you choose to focus on a smaller number and went for authenticity, not necessarily the biggest names in design.

I would like to nominate:


I’m a web & interactive designer and am on Twitter as @nredmond. Looking to connect with like-minded people in the industry, add me and say hi! :)

Tristan Jud Mar 20 2009

Me @ablenetdesign :)

Nice post by the way, I wasn’t following some of these people.

Tim Van Damme Mar 20 2009

Authentic? Moi? I have a dozen of scriptwriters working on my next tweet!

Thanks for having me ;)

Jeff Andrews Mar 20 2009

Chris, thanks for the mention. Much appreciated!

Tony Chester Mar 20 2009

Great list Chris, definitely some different faces on this Twitter list; good to see some new faces. Especially my boy Sean @elysiumburns Gotta get your follower list up a bit ;-)

Chris Harrison @cdharrison is another great one to follow.

Tony Chester – OnWired

Thanks for putting me on this list, I’m in great company! And I can attest that the ones I recognize immediately on the list _are_ genuine, awesome people with ridiculous talent.

Henry Jones Mar 20 2009

Wow. Great idea for a post Chris. I appreciate you including me with such great talent.

Jacob Gube Mar 20 2009

@Henry Jones: You are the humblest designer I know… it doesn’t hurt to brag a little! :)

@Tony Chester: I’ll have to nominate you (@tonychester), since you’re one of the people that got me into using Twitter.

Chris, great job on this post and thank you for contributing to Six Revisions!

Great list Chris! Much respect to all these designers! Keep up the great work guys and gals.

Henry Jones Mar 20 2009

@Jacob: You know what…you’re right. I am pretty darn awesome! :)

dmitry Mar 20 2009

this list is almost worthless. Most of the people have week porfolio sites, except for Rogie King & Lee Munroe

Samantha Mar 20 2009

Fantastic list! I am honored to be included and look forward to the interesting things I will get to learn from some of the other designers you have mentioned here. Thanks!

Colorburned Mar 20 2009

Nice list! All great follows!

Sean Farrell Mar 20 2009

Hey thanks for the mention! my name is spelled Sean tho! :)

added at least 100 followers already, thanks!

Sean Farrell Mar 20 2009

also @dmitry – go figure.. your the only one without a link to your site.

Chris Wallace Mar 21 2009

@Tony Mr. Harrison is on the list.

Jacob Gube Mar 21 2009

@Sean Farrell: Sorry about that, fixed.

Shannon Farrell Mar 21 2009

Wow! Thank you so much for including me in this list! I definitely feel honored :)

Tony Chester Mar 21 2009

@chris I knew that, I think I just poorly worded my shout to Mr. Harrison. I meant to uphold your promotion of him.

Rob Morris Mar 21 2009

Nice post Chris, but I’m shattered you overlooked me.

Chris Spooner Mar 21 2009

Great list, picked up a few new faces to follow.

Luke Beard Mar 21 2009

Wow , thanks for the mention :) feel quite humble since i respect every one else on this list soooo much. Great work!

cheth Mar 21 2009

The List should have been a bit bigger.. Nice List!

Anthony Hortin Mar 21 2009

Great list, thanks. Some very talented people there!

Chris Colhoun Mar 21 2009

Thanks for the mention Chris! :)

P.S. Loving the Lukes Beard brand, Great work.

Timothy Mar 21 2009

Just added some of these. Thanks for the list!

Hit me up at @timothymarshall

Hammer Mar 21 2009

Surprised @HughBriss isn’t on the list.

Robert Banh Mar 21 2009

Very good list. I talk to half of these people daily. Thanks!

Brandon Cox Mar 21 2009

Very excellent resource! You’re right, there are lots of lists, but all of these are great – have interacted with some of them before. Nice!

Matt Brett Mar 21 2009

Ah, I wondered where the sudden influx in new followers was coming from.

I probably yammer more about video games than design these days, but thanks for including me on the list. :)

cancel bubble Mar 21 2009

Blatant self-promotion: @cancelBubble

Rogie King Mar 21 2009

Wow Chris and Jacob, thanks for the feature! I am humbled to be amongst other very real and authentic people that happen to be excellent at design. I happen to follow quite a few of these folks and would totally agree. They all seem to have a great heart towards others. Follow ’em!

Antonea Mar 21 2009

Nice list Chris! I follow a lot of those designers right now and I couldn’t agree anymore!

Sean Baker Mar 21 2009

Thank you very much for including me on this list, Chris. There’s some good company in here. You’ve been too kind. Keep up the good fight!

Tom Kenny Mar 22 2009

Great list. I’ve added a few people who I didn’t have already. Thanks!

David Airey Mar 22 2009

Hi Chris,

You brought an even bigger smile to my face than I already had this lazy Sunday evening. Just had a great meal with my family for Mother’s Day, so couldn’t have asked for anything more. Low and behold, I see my ugly mug on Six Revisions!

Thanks, Chris. I hope you, and Jacob, are both keeping well, and much respect to the other designers here.

Jacob Gube Mar 22 2009

@David Airey: Hey, thanks for stopping by David. You freaked me out though, I thought Mother’s Day was today and I forgot to call my mom. Mother’s Day, for us, is May 10 this year (whew!).

David Airey Mar 23 2009

Haha. After I posted my comment, the thought crossed my mind that your Mother’s Day is on a different date. It would’ve been pretty funny if I caused you to make that call.

Alex Mitchell Mar 23 2009

Nice list. Pretty original with a few faces not appearing that I thought would have but of the faces that are new to me, I’m now following!

Thanks for the great post.

Alex | @ZenElements

Marco Mar 23 2009

Very nice list. I was only following 4 of them so far as it turned out. It’s not easy to find the non-obvious designers so this list is highly appreciated!

Jacob Cass Mar 26 2009

Thank you for the recommendation Niamh Redmond! Some other great Twitters there!

Jacob |

Steve Apr 06 2009

I’d recommend Ryan Scherf |

Kalyn Apr 29 2009

I would like to nominate @chrismoncus

Jason May 06 2009

Here’s another great list of 85+ of the Best Twitterers Designers Should Follow.

Robin Jun 04 2009

Thanks for the list, I added those who I didn’t have :). David Airey is a must for designers to add, he’s everywhere!

Feel free to add me @rbastien

Good “little” list, a refreshing change from one of those mega lists that you just about get halfway through :-)

Awesome list guys and subsequent folks adding to this list.

So much inspiration, so little time.

A dammed fine mate of mine @chrissharp and of course myself @five15design

For frequent work updates:

g├╝venlik Apr 18 2010

Thank you for articles

AyotteDesign Jun 24 2010

What a great entry. As a newbie, I find these incredibly helpful in building a network of fellow creatives! Others I have found that tweet informative or otherwise just plain cool links:

Shameless self promotion: @ayottedesign


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