20 Exceptional Websites for Learning Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the industry-standard when it comes to scalable vector artwork. As a designer, Illustrator is the right tool for graphics that need to be scaled. A prime example are logos which often need to be adapted for small mediums such as business cards, larger mediums like billboard signs, and converted to grayscale or black and white for mediums such as newspapers.

In this collection, you’ll find 20 excellent websites and blogs that provide high-quality tutorials and information on vector illustration and Adobe Illustrator.

1. Vectips

Vectips - screen shot.

Vectips is a blog about Adobe Illustrator tips, tricks, and tutorials. It’s run by Ryan Putnam, a talented illustrator/designer, and an exclusive artist at iStockphoto. You can also find interviews of professional designers and excellent monthly roundups of Illustrator resources on Vectips.

Tutorial examples

2. Blog.SpoonGraphics

log.SpoonGraphics - screen shot.

Blog.SpoonGraphics is the personal weblog of talented Graphic/Web Designer, Chris Spooner. He writes about design-related topics, and his tutorials are renowned as useful and top-notch. Check out the Tutorial section to quickly find Illustrator-related tutorials.

Tutorial examples


VECTORTUTS - screen shot.

VECTORTUTS is a blog and tutorial website on Illustrator and vector illustration. It’s one of the more recent additions to "TUTS" network which include NETTUTS, PSDTUTS, and AUDIOTUTS. You’ll find high-quality, detailed tutorials on vector illustration as well as excellent roundups.

Tutorial examples

4. Veerle’s blog

Veerle's blog - screen shot.

Veerle’s blog, written by  Veerle Pieters, a reknowned Belgian graphic/web designer, posts top-notch tutorials on Illustrator. Check out her Tutorials category archive and Photoshop-Illustrator category archive to quickly find Adobe Illustrator-related posts.

Tutorial examples

5. GoMediaZine

GoMediaZine - screen shot.

GoMediaZine is a website by art and graphic design professionals. They have a growing section of top-notch Adobe Illustator tutorials. Besides quality Illustrator tutorials, they also have a Freebie section where you can obtain free vector artwork.

Tutorial examples

6. N.Design Studio

N.Design Studio - screen shot.

N.Design Studio is freelance illustrator/web designer’s Nick La’s design blog and portfolio. One of the most popular sections of N.Design studio is Illustrator Tutorials section that hosts high-quality, detailed Adobe Illustrator tutorials.

Tutorial examples

7. Vectordiary

Vectordiary - screen shot.

Vectordiary is Tony Soh’s blog on vector Illustration. You can find wonderful tips, tricks, and tutorials pertaining to vector illustration. Check out the Illustrator category to go directly to Illustrator-specific blog posts.

Tutorial examples

8. Layers Magazine

Layers Magazine - screen shot.

Layers Magazine is a magazine dedicated to Adobe products (such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver). The Adobe Illustrator Tutorials section has plenty of online tutorials to help you learn more about Illustrator.

Tutorial examples

9. Computer Arts – Tutorials

Computer Arts - Tutorials - screen shot.

The Computer Arts Tutorials section of the highly-popular Computer Arts magazine has plenty of first-class arts and graphic design tutorials. The section has over 500 professionally-written tutorials, many of them involving Adobe Illustrator.

Tutorial examples

10. FreeTransform

FreeTransform - screen shot.

FreeTransform (referring to Illustrator’s Free Transform tool) is a blog by Illustrator and tutorial writer Cheryl Graham that covers Adobe Illustrator Topics. Check out the Tutorials and Quick Tips section for handy lessons on Illustrator.

Tutorial Examples

11. Illustrator Design Center

Illustrator Design Center - screen shot.

Adobe’s Illustrator Design Center is the company’s section dedicated to Adobe Illustrator. You’ll find a variety of information, guides, and tutorials straight from the creators of Illustrator and from first-rate professional illustration and design artists.

Tutorial examples

12. Kevin Hulsey Illustration

Kevin Hulsey Illustration - screen shot.

Kevin Hulsey’s tutorial site is dedicated to sharing useful computer graphics tutorials and resources. The Adobe Illustrator tutorials are split into three categories: Basic, Advanced, and Tool tips and tricks.

Tutorial examples

13. IllustratorWorld

IllustratorWorld - screen shot.

IllustratorWorld is a leading website for vector art and vector illustration software. It has a large community, so if you want to talk to illustrators and designers, check out the IllustratorWorld forums.

Tutorial examples

14. BittBox

BittBox - screen shot.

BittBox is a blog by talented designer Jay Hilgert. Jay Hilgert provides tons of freebie design resources and writes quality vector illustration tutorials and helpful Illustrator workflow tips.

Tutorial examples

15. AiVault

AiVault - screen shot.

AiVault (Ai is the Adobe Illustrator file extension) is a website dedicated to sharing resources, tips, tricks, and tutorials on Adobe Illustrator and vectors. For those seeking Adobe Illustrator tutorials, check out the Ai Tutorials section.

Tutorial examples

16. IllustrationClass - screen shot.

IllustrationClass is a website about illustration. The tutorial section has over 60 brilliant tutorials that you can download (they come with the source file and the tutorial).

Tutorial examples

17. PinkZAP

PinkZAP - screen shot.

PinkZAP is dedicated to providing free Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials (as well as other design-related tutorials). Check out the Illustrator category to find articles speficially related to Adobe Illustrator.

Tutorial examples

18. CreativePro - screen shot.

CreativePro is a website for professional creatives. The CreativePro Illustration section provides many helpful tips and tutorials on Adobe Illustrator, as well as relevant news and reviews on the topic of Illustration. Check out the How-to’s section to go directly to the tutorials.

Tutorial examples

19. Illustrator Tutorials at Designer Today

Illustrator Tutorials at Designer Today - screen shot.

Designer Today is a graphic design magazine and tutorial resource for designers. The Illustrator Tutorials section has plenty of useful and top-notch tutorials.

Tutorial examples

20. AiBURN

AiBURN - screen shot.

AiBURN is a website dedicated to discussing current art and design trends. The site is run by Sean Hodge, editor of PSDTUTS. AiBurn also has excellent web roundups that contain top-notch resources from around the web.

Tutorial examples

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This was published on Oct 19, 2008


800HighTech Oct 20 2008

Bookmarked! nice collection, good job.

simon Oct 20 2008

No offense to Mr Gube, but why would you want to learn Illustrator? I love the Adobe suite, Photoshop and Dreamweaver being obvious highlights, but there are a number of other vector packages available that put Illustrator to shame. As a professional designer working constantly against deadlines I need software that is flexible and intuitive, and Illustrator fails on both counts. I realise that there are many designers who don’t know any better, but seriously it’s time that Adobe bit the bullet and looked at other approaches to vector design.

Those are great. You could have extended the list though.
I saw Computer Arts Mag website. They really have good collection of digital illustration tutorials, their archive is huge.
You can also have a look at and
Cheers !

Collin Oct 20 2008

because, simon, if you go into an interview and tell them you don’t know the software they’ve purchased for $2000-a-head, but actually know this “better” software, they’ll thank you and give the job to someone who can use illustrator.

and i get out of college next year, theres no one here i know who doesn’t use illustrator, photoshop, and some sort of 3d modeling program almost daily.

George Oct 20 2008

@simon – Which vector software applications other than Adobe Illustrator are you referring to?

Also, many graphic artists shelling out the cash for the Creative Suite would probably prefer not to have to buy yet another application when Illustrator comes with the package.

I am curious which apps you are referring to, I have tried most of the shareware vector apps for the Mac (the ones I was aware of at least) and while I found some of them interesting for basic usage, none were up to production-level standards.

ericb Oct 20 2008

This is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing. This would really help out beginners like me.

Joe Payton Oct 20 2008

I heart Freehand… the poor forgotten step-brother, quickly devoured by Illustrator.

Dainis Graveris Oct 20 2008

Huh, very useful for me and the first fives are my favorites already, but I’ll check out those new sites too..! :) Thanks :)

Jad Limcaco Oct 21 2008

Great post!

insic Oct 21 2008

thanks for the article, very useful for me. I dont know most of the site you listed here. Good thing you post them.

Thanks! Amazing article. You guys rock! :)

thanks very useful article.

Hughe Oct 24 2008

This is great, thanks!

I’m sorry, Simon, but there is nothing even remotely close to Illustrator for vector art. Freehand is dead, so it doesn’t count. Everything else out there is just a toy for consumer-level users.

Jessica Nov 01 2008

Bookmarked! Thanks for sharing this very valuable information!

Heather Nov 01 2008

This is a great resource. Thank you.

But Hmmm on reading the comments I find it interesting that Simon would have such a negative attitude about Illustrator. It is obvious when he says “why learn it?”, that he has not got even a half decent grasp of it and so he does not know what he is talking about because he does not understand the nuances or scope of the program and would rather hold on to what ever he is using because he knows it and is comfortable with it.

Highlight for us Mr. Simon – what do you consider the other options and how do they put Illustrator to shame? Then maybe show how much your program excels by showing some of the work you have done in it.

What I have learned is that the evolution of the program is so rapid and amazing that with every release Illustrator just gets more powerful and fun to use. By the way I started using Illustrator when it was called Illustrator 88 but used Canvas for a number of years as well.

Having started out in Commercial Art where everything was done by hand and laid out with waxing pmts and t-squares I love what I can do now in a fraction of the time with all the wonderful programs available today.

Idblack Nov 08 2008

Owww awesome,what a nice bookmarked website…thank you
it’s really help me enhancing my knowledge

ralph Nov 09 2008

it seems that Simon has left the building without leaving any connstructive answers… bye, bye Simon!


Thank you, great article!

russell Feb 18 2009

i dont agree with simon either Illustrator is really a good tool at hand thanks adobe

Asmaa' Apr 01 2009

Thanks a lot for mentioning my blog :) really appreciate it

Nightstalk May 13 2009

Thanks for the tutorials, they are great!

Allan De Ramos Jun 10 2009

The first nine sites are really exceptional!!! Thanks!!

Bruno Jun 13 2009

The web has become such a great place to share knowledge. And the people who share these adobe illustrator tutorials deserve the best in terms of careers.

Himanshu Mody Jul 09 2009

Very good reference for list of websites on illustrator CS4.

I have a working knowledge of Illustrator, but would love to expand on it and learn more about the drawing side of it when I get a moment. This list will come in handy :)

Thanks for this list; Very Useful.

This article is bookmarked and is my starting point for info on vector artwork and graphics. Good job.

Alessandro Mar 04 2011

Wow, I didn’t know there were so many excellent websites on Illustrator. Will visit them but I prefer to explore Illustrator more on my own and solve problems one by one. But thank you for putting together this great list!

Very useful to learn the ways of Illustrator. I love being able to copy and print the directions so I can play/learn on my own time… And go over it again and again until I know and understand it. Thanks for the list.

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