20 Useful Fireworks Tutorials for Designers

Adobe Fireworks is the neglected cousin of Illustrator and Photoshop. For those who doubt the capabilities of Fireworks in creating vector, raster, and hybrid vector/raster digital artwork, have a gander at this collection of tutorials.

In this article, you will discover some great Fireworks tutorials that showcase the capability of this often ignored graphic design software.

1. Creating Fading Light Vectors in Fireworks

Creating Fading Light Vectors in Fireworks

In this step-by-step Vectortuts+ tutorial, you will find a method for creating attractive lighting effects using linear vectors in Fireworks. The use of the Pen Tool and a few Fireworks Command options are just some of the things covered here.

2. LED Cinema Display in Fireworks

LED Cinema Display in Fireworks

Learn to craft a realistic LED monitor display that you can easily use as a graphic element in a website or print design to for showcasing your art work. Vector tools (the Pen Tool) are used to build the monitor so that it can be scaled if necessary.

3. Creating an Amazing Palm Pre Icon on Fireworks

Creating an Amazing Palm Pre Icon on Fireworks

By following along this Fireworks tutorial, you will learn the basics of making vector icons by way of a practical example: creating a Palm Pre icon. This tutorial also outlines the strength of Fireworks with regards to vector/raster hybrid illustrations.

4. Dot Matrix Effect

Dot Matrix Effect

Give your vectors a remarkable dot matrix look by having a read at this Fireworks tutorial. The dot matrix texture is implemented by way of changing the Fill Texture of your vector illustration.

5. Web Site Design Tutorial: Case

Web Site Design Tutorial: Case

Fireworks is known for its ability to let designers produce quick and functional (low-fidelity) user interface and web design prototypes, but it’s also very capable (and, in fact, created for) creating full web designs, as this detailed tutorial on Abduzeedo shows.

6. Pixelate Effect Tutorial

Pixelate Effect Tutorial

Usually, designers want to remove pixelation from images, but when done intentionally and purposefully, the result can be quite unique. Learn how to introduce a beautiful pixelation effect onto your raster graphics via this excellent Fireworks tutorial.

7. Creating Grunge Text Using Adobe Fireworks

Creating Grunge Text Using Adobe Fireworks

Find out how you can apply a grunge effect onto your text via this Fireworks tutorial that uses the Ellipse Tool to create small holes in the text and the Reshape Area Tool to customize and finalize the grunge look.

8. Fireworks – Interactive Prototypes in PDF

Fireworks - Interactive Prototypes in PDF

Adobe Fireworks is a wonderful tool for wireframing and prototyping a web design layout. If you would like to create interactive PDF’s that you can send to clients, this tutorial on Abduzeedo is a must-read.

9. Awesome Floral Type in Fireworks and Photoshop in 5 minutes

Awesome Floral Type in Fireworks and Photoshop in 5 minutes

Learn a quick and handy method for adding florishes onto your text by following along this awesome Fireworks tutorial. A stock image for the floral type treatment is used alongside the Combine Paths and Layer Styles.

10. Adobe Fireworks: Text to Path

Adobe Fireworks: Text to Path

Discover all the things you need to know about working with the Text to Path feature in Fireworks (which works similarly to it’s Adobe Illustrator counterpart).

11. Circular Shadows & Highlights

Circular Shadows & Highlights

Make your graphics stand out with these simple Fireworks techniques that leverages the Cone gradient, Shadows, and Highlights to convert a basic graphic into a 3D object.

12. Light Effects in Fireworks inspired by the James White’s O series

Light Effects in Fireworks inspired by the James White's O series

Create a stunning round object that utilizes Adobe Firework’s nifty lighting effects tools to create a James White-inspired graphic. Radial Gradients and creative use of Blend Modes are just some of the techniques you’ll learn in this tutorial.

13.  Vibrant Digital Collage Mixing Buildings and Vector Shapes on Paper

Vibrant Digital Collage Mixing Buildings and Vector Shapes on Paper

Create a mixed-media collage that uses vector shapes and raster textures that results in an impressive final product by reading through this excellent step-by-step Adobe Fireworks tutorial.

14. Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes

In this Adobe Fireworks tutorial, you will learn how to create a vector illustration of a "Post-It" Note paper. The tutorial uses the Rectangle Tool to create the base vector, and then the Pen Tool to add realistic bends and curves to it.

15. Gel Cap / Plastic Button

Gel Cap / Plastic Button

Discover a method for constructing a stunning button that has a glossy finish by checking out this excellent Fireworks tutorial. This technique can also be adapted to create a variety of other things–not just buttons–such as in icons or as a text effect.

16. Highway Sign

Highway Sign

In this Adobe Fireworks graphic design tutorial, you will learn how to craft a realistic-looking U.S. highway sign from scratch. The trusty Pen Tool, the Vector Brush Tool, and shapes tools are used in this excellent write-up.

17. Classy Personal Portfolio in Fireworks

Classy Personal Portfolio in Fireworks

Learn to create a clean and professional portfolio web layout via this thorough and detailed Adobe Fireworks tutorial.

18. Motion Blur in Fireworks Tutorial

Motion Blur in Fireworks Tutorial

In this Adobe Fireworks tutorial, you will find out a technique for creating a pretty interesting effect: adding a motion blur onto a photo subject. It’s effective in establishing a sense of speed and dynamism.

19. Adobe Fireworks: Grunge RSS Feed Icon

Adobe Fireworks: Grunge RSS Feed Icon

See how you can make a grunge-themed RSS feed icon that you can utilize on your websites to highlight your RSS feed. This tutorial uses a stock texture set called loveicon007 by alisa.

20. Adobe Fireworks: Glowing Light Trail

Adobe Fireworks: Glowing Light Trail

Make some trendy and popular digital artwork by incorporating glowing light trails onto them. In this tutorial, you will learn how, using basic techniques and Adobe Fireworks tools and options.

Did we miss your favorite Fireworks tutorial?

Please share with us your favorite Fireworks tutorials in the comments. *Edited by Jacob Gube.

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This was published on Sep 8, 2009


Roberto Sep 08 2009

Will definently try some of this tutorialas. Thanks! Sep 08 2009

I don’t use fireworks for design but the result of these designs are very similar to photoshop. Cool!

tutorialslounge Sep 09 2009

after a long time someone share the best stuff about fireworks, i really like also find more same as you posted. thanks

Marcel Sep 09 2009

I just love fireworks. I think it’s the “Flight of the Navigator” under the graphic programs. Highly underrated but really good for web-stuff…

Troy Peterson Sep 09 2009

I’m surprised that Adobe is still producing fireworks. I’m sure it has a purpose… but, I’m so trained on using Photoshop, that I’ve never had a need for it.

Great Post though! I’ll have to dust off my copy and give it a try.

Thanks for paying some Fireworks love!

Logo Bliss Sep 09 2009

Liked the sticky note tut..good list.

Cathy Sep 09 2009

I started using fireworks since January and I just LOVE IT! I still have a lot of things to learn from it, these tutorials would be a lot of help to experiment and have a little fun. Thanks!

Craig Wann Sep 09 2009

I see posts like this and it makes me want to learn Fireworks.

Vikas Ghodke Sep 09 2009

Thx you tomas for such a nice list

Keith D Sep 10 2009

At last… Fireworks tutorials.
I thought that I’d hunted them all down, but there are lots here that I’ve never seen before.

P.S. Can anybody recommend a good Fireworks book?

sonnydesign Sep 12 2009

i haven’t tried fireworks but because of this post i gonna try it. Thanks

Hasan Sarptas Sep 14 2009

A number of Firefox Tutorials, Tips & Concepts, Image Effects, Text Effects (many of them for newbies) and Free Fireworks Resources can be found on

Another interesting tutorials are listed in Smahing Magazine

Dave Sparks Sep 15 2009

I am primarily a fireworks user and love to see it getting some more coverage. It’s a great tool for quick and easy prototyping and full design.

Hmm..the results are pretty great. I think I will try some of these Fireworks tutorials. I haven’t used Fireworks for my design project.

Thanks for the tutorial!

Gerrison Oct 27 2009

And here you could find some Video Tutorials for Fireworks

saravanan Sep 01 2010

im using fireworks from past 6 Years. we can finish layout web templates quickly than photoshop software. use and friendly. Thanks Tomas for nice collection.

shaquisha Sep 29 2010

heccck. . .nawwh. this website is bomb! i love it…it showed me some new teqnuiqes to try out. . .ya dig?

emmanuel Dec 15 2010

just started learning FW some few days back and felt i was still in the stone age because of all the hype goin round on what PS can do that other graphics design apps cant but after seeing these after effects i feel like i have made the right choice. thanks for your effort. please send me a post if anything new comes ups.

I really would love to receive some step by step tutorials on different graphics creation from your distinguished media

thanks for the great tuts, nice stuff

Great tutorials. Are there any advantages in using Fireworks instead of Photoshop? I only have fireworks on my PC and still do not have PS that is why I want to know so I can decide if I will buy it or not.

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