25 High Quality Free Fonts for Professional Designs

Sometimes, the best things in life are free – fonts are a great example of this concept. There are many typography designers and type foundries that choose to share their beautiful creations to the public. In this collection, you’ll find some of the best free and high-quality sans serif fonts for clean and professional designs that you can download on the web.

1. Nevis


Download: Ten by Twenty (ZIP)

2. Aller Sans

Aller Sans

Download: Danmarks Medie (ZIP)

3. Junction


Download: The League of Moveable Type (ZIP)

4. Audimat


Download: SMeltery (ZIP, read EULA first)

5. Quicksand


Download: Typophile (ZIP)

6. Delicious


Download Page: MyFonts

7. Legendum


Download: TrueType/OpenType Tools (ZIP)

8. Comfortaa


Download: deviantART (ZIP)

9. Luxi Sans

Luxi Sans

Download: (TAR)

10. Bonveno


Download: The Crud Factory (ZIP)

11. Anivers


Download Page: MyFonts

12. Flaminia Type System

Flaminia Type System

Download: The League of Moveable Type (ZIP)

13. Museo Sans

Museo Sans

Download Page: MyFonts

14. Euphemia


Download: Tiro Typeworks (Windows/OSX TTF)

15. advent font

advent font

Download: deviantART (ZIP)

16. MEgalopolis Extra

MEgalopolis Extra

Download: SMeltery (ZIP, read EULA first)

17. Modeno Font

Modeno Font

Download: deviantART (ZIP)

18. Often tf

Often tf

Download: deviantART (ZIP)

19. Folks


Download: typOasis (ZIP)

20. CartoGothic Std

CartoGothic Std

Download: FontSite (ZIP, read License Agreement)

21. Blackout


Download: The League of Moveable Type (ZIP)

22. Mayberry

Mayberry™ Pro

Download Page: Ascender Fonts (ZIP)

23. Share Font

Share Font

Download: dafont (ZIP)

24. Fonce Sans Regular

Fonce Sans Regular

Download: deviantART (ZIP)

25. surrounding__


Download: deviantART (ZIP)

What free fonts do you recommend?

If your favorite free font isn’t featured here, please share it with all of us in the comments! Additionally, are you using one or more of the above fonts on a project? Feel free to show off your work by linking to your design’s URL!

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This was published on Jul 14, 2009


Awesome, I love good free fonts hard.

Bariski Jul 14 2009

Wow downloading man, thanks for sharing :D

thanks for sharing you always give out the best stuff.

Angela Jul 15 2009

Thanking you I see I couple even a font mad women like me doesn’t have lol :)

trice22 Jul 15 2009


thestorms Jul 15 2009

24th link sis wrong

Markus Jul 15 2009

some nice fonts indeed! ;)

Express Jul 15 2009

Awesome :) I really use fonts :P

Armig Esfahani Jul 15 2009

nice ones! thank you!

cssah Jul 15 2009

Amazing collection,the best thing is the direct link,i love Quicksand

Valisk_61 Jul 15 2009

Excellent list, thanks for sharing.

Downloading now…

Binoj Xavier Jul 15 2009

Nice Simple Humble Fonts. itweeted :)

Eddie Giese Jul 15 2009

Great list! I have most of these, but not all.

I also highly recommend Fontin and Graublau Sans Web

Maxime Perron Caissy Jul 15 2009

Good collection of fonts, I especially like Nevis, Advent and Museo.

henry Jul 15 2009

Nice.. my website use one of those. Aller Sans..i love it.

Jacob Gube Jul 15 2009

Thanks for the compliments everyone, I’ve been collecting these fonts in my bookmarks for at least two months!

Chris Lentz Jul 15 2009

Awesome list!

Sumesh Jul 15 2009

Useful roundup, I already have a bunch of these fonts – Nevis, Aller Sans, Delicious etc., but I’d have liked to see a few more serifs in there.

And maybe also mention the fact that free fonts and professional designs don’t always go well – more often than not, these free fonts are overused, rendering your designs not-so-unique if you use them in the design.

Issa Qandil Jul 15 2009

Great list, thanks for sharing.

Downloading …..

RipeType Jul 15 2009

I’d also recommend some of the fonts at – I might be a little biased though.. peace

amelie Jul 15 2009

nice, Great list, i love

Tamia Jul 15 2009

Museo is one of my favorites. Thanks for the recs!

Terry Anne Jul 15 2009

Wonderful! Thanks so much!


You say “high quality” and I looked quickly into #6 (Quicksand). It was the author’s first effort at creating a font and the spacing is bad.

Tip: When you say “high quality” and “for professional design”, people expect them to be just that.

Don’t know about the rest on your list, but after a look at only one, I’m very disappointed.

qubed Jul 15 2009

i may have mentioned this on another post (sorry, i cant keep all these recent best of typography posts straight, a little overkill, but anyway…..)

check out – it is a private typography forum putting just about every typography related site out there to shame. house industries and alejandro paul count themselves as members. i think the site is private / invite only, but if you can get in, you are golden with any font you may want.

Philipp Jul 15 2009

Nice list! Makes my day happy :)

thank you! this is great. :)

I’ve stumbled across a handful of those this year, but there are some great ones in the list that are new to me. A tremendous list. Thanks for posting it.

PVLiii Jul 15 2009

Anyone know how to install the Flaminia Type System font? It’s a bunch of VFB files. I’m pretty sure even Google doesn’t know how to do it.

Alex Korsakov Jul 15 2009

Gorgeous! Thank you so much for this post!

Great collection! Thank you.. especially for the direct link!

Robyn Quinter Jul 15 2009

A really nice collection of fonts. Thanks for sharing them. I like the trend toward clean, modern lines.

Meador Jul 16 2009

Way cool! Nice clean fonts with a modern Myriad-style flair. I’ve got more than 10,000 fonts ahd these are a great addition. Thanks!

nachokb Jul 16 2009

Just one issue: Often FT is not free by any means, its author clearly states:

> banners, books, etc)**

> if these rules aren’t followed, I’ll be forced to take
> my own measures.

— nachokb

Callum Chapman Jul 16 2009

Fantastic round-up. I’m saving this for when I get my new iMac at the beginning of next month! ;) Thanks!

Danny Hinde Jul 16 2009

Great set of fonts, really nice selection downloaded almost all of them! I love “Nevis”, can’t wait to do some design work with them!

Nice article.

Philbo Jul 16 2009

Nice, modern, clean fonts … can’t wait to use them, thanks!

fatheadsuk Jul 16 2009

Some lovely fonts added here, many thanks. I particularly love the Legendum font and especially that Q, great example

downloading almost all of it. lol.

Ricardo Jul 23 2009

Hi! a like those fonts! thanks…

i have another… Brie Light is cool font..

Johnny C Jul 23 2009

where the serifs at?
great list thanks!

Gary Stephen Callaghan Aug 13 2009

Thanks for this great collection of free fonts, This is greatly appreciated.

Mario Lat Aug 15 2009

Would you be kind enough to tell me what the name of this BONUS font is? Thanks a lot!

Jasmin Halkic Sep 12 2009

Awesome. Thanks!

quick sand and aller sans are awesome yet simple fonts.

dotndot Sep 20 2009

Great collection of fonts…Thank you.

Xtence Sep 21 2009

Awesome fonts, thanks for sharing !

Elaine B. Sep 29 2009

Love comfortaa!! Nice list! Thanks!

Hugoagogo Sep 30 2009

why is it that this came up on stumble upon when i couldn’t find something like this with Google, awesome post

Best compilation of all!!

markt Jan 15 2010

Great! Good fonts are hard to find these days.

Quicksand is really nice font. Thank you for sharing.

belg4mit Nov 29 2010

Re:nachokb’s comment on Often TF.

That text file appears to be out of date, since the deviant art page for the font has it has CC3.

mannysaxman Jan 26 2011

Wow! Nice Collection!

Marcelo Vanwagoner Mar 02 2011

Bon truc. Merci.


Thank….Nice collection sneh… I helped alot for me… Thank again


Angga Sep 06 2011

Very thanks..

BilgiSpot Nov 06 2011

it’s cool fonts.

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