45 Beautiful Free Fonts for Modern Design Trends

The proper selection of typography in a design can set the appropriate theme and mood that the designer is going for. There are a lot of free fonts on the web – created by talented designers and type foundries.

In this collection, you’ll find 45 first-class, downloadable fonts for your use.

Clean, Modern, Web 2.0


Eurofurence - preview.


Cicle - preview.


Share - preview.

Reznor Broken

Reznor Broken - preview.

Alte Haas Grotesk

Alte Haas Grotesk - preview.


Abrosia - preview.

Babel Sans

BabelSans - preview.


AUdimat - preview.

Folks TT

Folks TT - preview.


Bedizen - preview.


tondo - preview.


Birth of a Hero

Birth of a Hero - preview.

Everyday Ghost

Everyday Ghost - preview.

Times New Yorker

Times New Yorker - preview.


Grymmoire - preview.


District - preview.


Ginga - preview.


Sidewalk - preview.


Trashco - preview.

Dirty and Classic

Dirty and Classic - preview.

Laundromat 1967

Laundromat 1967 - preview.

84 Rock

84 Rock - preview.

Vintage / Retro

Americana Dreams

Americana Dreams - preview.


Vintage - preview.

02.10 fenotype

02.10 fenotype - preview.


Automania - preview.


Chick - preview.

Deftone Stylus

Deftone Stylus - preview.

Groove Machine

Groove Machine - preview.


METRO-RETRO - preview.


Registry - preview.


Mexcellent - preview.

Swingtime MF

Swingtime MF - preview.

Hand Drawn / Painted

Joe Hand 2

Joe Hand 2 - preview.


advent - preview.

Sunday Morning Garage Sale

Sunday Morning Garage Sale - preview.

Rough Draft

Rough Draft - preview.

Burst My Bubble

Burst My Bubble - preview.

Loved by the King

Loved by the King - preview.


Angelina - preview.

Sebastián Font

Sebastián Font - preview.


Karabine - preview.

Loveable Scruff

Loveable Scruff - preview.

AE Scrawl

AE Scrawl - preview.


Edo - preview.


You should read the license of each font before using them in your designs. In some cases, you have to attribute the font designer or need to meet specific requirements for you to use the font for commercial purposes.

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This was published on Dec 16, 2008


Lawrence Anderson Dec 16 2008

Very nice & lengthy collection of quality free fonts. Thanks!

Daisy Dec 16 2008

I have most of these but the first few sans serif’s are fantastic, especially Beziden. It’s exactly what I’m looking for at the minute.

I’ll be a hero when I show this at work in the morning!

Jim Gaudet Dec 16 2008

Honestly, I can never have enough fonts.. The funny thing is, its like TV, all the stations and I can still never find what I want..

Some great fonts in here. Excellent post.

Jacob Gube Dec 17 2008

@Daisy: How funny is that? I was just talking about Beziden (as a potential replacement for the current Six Revisions logo). Glad this collection helped!

Robyn Dec 17 2008

Really? Scanning your handwriting or bastardizing and sodomizing Garamond is beautiful? This is why type designers are not taken seriously.

insic Dec 17 2008

wow cool fonts. thanks for sharing

Simon Vallee Dec 17 2008

Great roundup. Now delicioused. :)

“Times New Yorker” – clever.

Timothy Long Dec 17 2008

GOOD GRIEF that’s a nice roundup.

emmanuel Dec 17 2008

Are you kidding ? These fonts are awful and the ones that work with it should try Comic Sans. Free fonts are not the designer’s friend. Un seul mot : amateurisme.

Phil Cook Dec 17 2008

Nice, free fonts are always welcome. Shame I am blocked for most of these sites at work :(

I will get them at home later.

Many thanks

Simon Dec 17 2008

Reznor Broken and Ambrosia are really nice sans-serif fonts
I love typography – it makes a website

Dietmar Dec 17 2008

Wow, awesome list, very nice fonts! Thanks for this list!

Youandigraphics Dec 17 2008

Great fonts!’Share’ and ‘Karabine’ are my favourites

Kevin Brown Dec 17 2008

I can never get my hands on enough fonts! I have most of these, but nevertheless, great list!

Really I don’t like your choice of free fonts (apart from one or two of them). A better choice of free professional fonts was published at Smashing Magazine

Thank you, anyhow.

spyder Dec 17 2008

Thank you so much. Always love more fonts.

And I don’t know why you hate on free fonts. If it works and the client likes it…why not?

How about post a link to some great fonts that you have to buy. I would like to see the difference.

Patareco Dec 17 2008

Nice Fonts! Already knew some!

Angelina is great, and metro retro is a classic

love the collection ! busy downloading !

Navdeep Dec 17 2008

Thanks for the collection

Chris W. Dec 17 2008

Jacob. Brotha. Some of these are weak. American Dreams? Groove Machine? Metro Retro? I would replace those with Museo, Museo Sans and Knife Fight, fo’ show.

p@r@noid Dec 17 2008

great list!

jyoseph Dec 18 2008

lol Chris, yeah great list indeed but I draw the line at Groove Machine. :P

aniec2 Dec 19 2008

Loveable Scruff link doesn’t work!

Nathan Longbrook Dec 19 2008

This is a great list! I have a few of them, but just added some of the others to my collection. Thanks for posting these!

Mohd. Aleem Dec 20 2008

Thanks for the help of my beautiful font selection.
i like these fonts, very much.

Thanks again.

Mike Seidle Dec 20 2008

I absolutely love the fonts. Great free type isn’t so easy to find.

Ack, some of these are terrible. Some are great, sure, but… urgh. I’m no designer’s designer, but if I caught a peer using a few of these fonts, I’d have to shut ’em down.

Vasili Dec 20 2008

Great fonts. Cicle and Angelina have to be my favorites, but I found a couple new ones I love. Thanks! :)

Miaowei Dec 21 2008

very good

Jacob Gube Dec 21 2008

@aniec2: Fixed it, sorry about that. It was only the image that wasn’t working.

Tom Kenny Dec 22 2008

Some excellent fonts there especially considering they’re free. Thanks.

Allison Dec 22 2008

Over 50% of these are hideous.

Tyasske Dec 26 2008

A point: Advent Pro is beautiful, but it’s not hand drawn. The preview image is only a sketch from the font’s designer.

abdusfauzi Jan 01 2009

nice list here. i love most of the fonts here. [^^]

Stron Goodghost Jan 03 2009

Those are so amazing. Thank you for publishing. Love it man.

Ramazan Dönmez Jan 03 2009

Great fonts and Great list. thanks…

mansooreh Jan 10 2009

dirty and classic

Check another free fonts collection at –

Amit Shah Jan 29 2009

Awesome list, very nice fonts! Thanks for all!

Font chu Feb 20 2009

Great list, thank for sharing!!!

Aaron zhang Feb 28 2009

thanks so much !

Pandaribai Mar 29 2009

Thanks! but is absolutely painful to download them individually. It would be awesome if one could download the whole set in one shot…

download09 Mar 29 2009

Very good thanks…

z.Yleo77 Apr 09 2009

most of this list look like beatuiful…

Volition Apr 14 2009

thanks for the fonts. ignore the ingrates. effn’ douches are everywhere.

here’s a tip for the bitches: only download the ones you like, morons. this ain’t a damn exhibit, and no one cares about your bs opinion.

Syed Balkhi May 06 2009

Once again a great article at sixrevisions. Thanks for the fonts they are surely worth to be collected. I am using a few of them already. I try to keep my fonts installed to the minimum as it speeds things up.

French Blast May 11 2009

very nice selection of font and very useful if I lose inspiration!

Martijn May 19 2009

What a nice selection, i really watched every single one of them closely

kim sherrell May 21 2009

this is by far the best free collection in a long time. thanks!

Bogdan May 21 2009

Very nice collection. Thank you.

WillK Jun 10 2009

Great collection, I appreciate it.

Rajiv Menon Jun 12 2009

great list. i didn’t know most of them before.

Pamela Aug 15 2009

These are great. Thanks for pulling them together. I think I have a few, but will definitely be grabbing a few more!

Senith Sep 02 2009

Just what I’ve been looking for! Thanks for this great list of fonts. I’m always looking for new sites to find free fonts and I will have to bookmark this because I will come back to visit each site.

James Ballard Sep 04 2009

nice resource

Jupiter Sep 04 2009

Great font list.

It is very useful to us.

Prashanth Sep 08 2009

Nice fonts.

DJ BEAR Sep 08 2009

These fonts are shite

Honey Singh Sep 08 2009

I used many of the above fonts in my designs !
The list is really needful for designers !
Thanks for the share, looking forward for more resources.

Thank you for providing this collection of cool fonts. Very unique and interesting selection!

Rockergirl3131 Sep 23 2009

LOVE this page! We especially love “Rough Draft” and just used it in a print ad for an arts fair. Brilliant stuff. Can’t thank you enough for sharing!

mrak911 Nov 15 2009

Great fonts.Thanks

Naveen Dec 17 2009

wow! i like these fonts very much! thanks for sharing :) now i won’t have any problem looking for grudge fonts

Leena Dec 17 2009

thanks a lot for sharing fonts…thanks again and more power

Shubham Dec 25 2009

Hey Thanks for the list ..!..a really great share…!

Love the collection of fonts in this list….some real gems in there. Thanx!

I used most of these clean and modern fonts. it’s cool !!

Great list, thx. I like Joe Hand 2 and Abrosia.
Now is my fav clen font oceania

jashim uddin Feb 23 2010

I used many of the above fonts in my designs !
The list is really needful for designers !
Thanks for the share, looking forward for more resources.

engineer Feb 23 2010

sunday morning garage sale is just awesome . . .

shoaib hussain Apr 03 2010

thnx for such a nice a list and these are some really amazing good fonts that are free.

sergey Apr 19 2010

Sorry for the question, but I am very interested in how CMS operates a blog?

Flinn Megal Jun 27 2010

these are some really nice fonts ,we are planning to use some custom font,n are thinking of using one from your list.

cool , that is great thanks share

Nitya tripathi Jul 08 2010

These are some really grate fonts!!

but can some one plz tell me where i can download them all on a single click..?

I mean a zip folder


Chris Jul 11 2010

Love this collection, especially, Share!

Tamara Jul 13 2010

Thanks for the free fonts. I selected the ones I needed for the appropriate clients I have and I’m grateful for your list!

yvonnegrace Aug 29 2010

hehehehe nice nice..!!

site tanıt Sep 21 2010

thank you:)))

Abhijit V. Chaore Oct 01 2010

Thanks. It helped a lot. Good work.

thonnych Oct 01 2010

nice fonts. i grab few of ’em. thanks.

flossie Nov 27 2010

This was deead goood!!!!!!! i love them and i have used them alll!!!!!

Selam Nov 27 2010


MANiSHA Dec 27 2010

Thanks !! really great

S.A.RIFATH "G" Feb 22 2011


eTipsLibrary Mar 05 2011

Amazing roundup. Thanks

wesley Mar 14 2011

Thanks for share this information.. Really beautifull font…

Tuyen Hai Mar 26 2011

Hi Jacob,
I intend to design a slogan for my website using Tahoma font style. Thank for guiding.


Van Doan Mar 26 2011

Great job! Thank alot


Gyppi Apr 17 2011

Very nice post!!!
Thanks )

jessi Apr 21 2011

im shocked to see the creativity who made them im downloading few for my designs….thanx Jacob for your hardwork and collection.

Gulfam Apr 30 2011

I am using these fonts in my blog .Thanks for sharing this hardwork

wasim May 07 2011

please send new letest font in my e-mail

Thanks !! really great

Rajesh Nair May 29 2011

It is so nice and cute, I have taken tondo..thanks

zafar Jun 07 2011

nice wow

Diamod dart Jun 16 2011

Hey Thanks for the list ..!..a really great share…!

Prothom Alo Jun 17 2011

awesome fonts collection. thanks for sharing…

|Wasim Jun 20 2011


Endeavour Jun 20 2011

Nice font collection. Share more fonts.

anand Jul 11 2011

very use full collection

Matze Jul 27 2011

Do anyone knowe the typeface from “Party Rock Anthem” on this picture: ?

Naeem Aug 27 2011

awesome list thanks dude

bristy Oct 11 2011

How Sweet!

Great fonts! To you “professional” designers on here who are complaining about these fonts, if you want to pay for fonts, then go do it but stop whining about these you crybabies.

sachin Oct 31 2011

Very Good Fonts I Like It Thanks

A great addition to my collection, many thanks!

andris Aug 31 2012

Nice fonts, but there is a diference between ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’

Aqib Shahzad Jun 30 2013

great list!

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