30 Beautiful Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

There are thousands of Photoshop tutorials out there, but few that are top-notch in terms of instructions, presentation – and of course – outcome. In this post, you’ll find 30 beautiful, high-quality Adobe Photoshop tutorials from top tutorial sites and designers like PSDTUTS, PSHERO, and Abduzeedo.

1. Create a Spectacular Grass Text Effect

Create a Spectacular Grass Text Effect - screen shot.

Use the Pen Tool and a lot of patience to create this excellent grass effect.

2. Create a Layered Glowing Text Effect

Create a Layered Glowing Text Effect - screen shot.

This beginner-level tutorial allows you to create text that glows.

3. Using Light and Shade to Bring Text to Life

Using Light and Shade to Bring Text to Life - screen shot.

Learn about the concepts behind lighting and shading to make your text stand out.

4. Transparent Glass Lettering

Transparent Glass Lettering - screen shot.

This is PSDTUT’s rendition of the popular glass text effect.

5. How To Create A Gold Text Effect

How to Create A Gold Text Effect - screen shot.

A classic text effect that rarely turns out classy (instead of gaudy and cheesy).

6. Icey Styles

Icey Styles - screen shot.

Uses some basic Layer Styles like Bevel and Emboss to create a cold text effect.

7. Dramatic Text on Fire Effect

Dramatic Text on Fire Effect - screen shot.

Set your text on fire with the Smudge Tool and some layer masking.

8. Wood Inlay Text

Wood Inlay Text - screens hot.

Using wood textures and some layer masks, you can create this "wooden inlay" effect.

9. Watercolor Text

Watercolor Text - screen shot.

Learn about the Brushes Palette to achieve a water-color painting effect.

10. The Sugar Bag Effect

The Sugar Bag Effect - screen shot.

Find out how to create this "Sugar Bag" effect using basic Layer Styles and selections.

11. Text In Stitches

Text In Stitches - screen shot.

This tutorial shows you how to create an stiched effect using a custom brush set.

12. Text Ticker

Text Ticker - screen shot.

Mimic the text that you commonly see in "news tickers".

13. Cartoon/Comic-Style Text Effect

Cartoon/Comic-Style Text Effect - screen shot.

This is PhotoshopStar’s rendition of this popular pop-culture text effect.

14. ‘Bee Movie’ Text Effect

Bee Movie Text Effect - screen shot.

Use a load of Layer Styles to create this text effect seen in the film "Bee Movie".

15. Simple, Sleek and Stylish Text Effect

Simple, Sleek and Stylish Text Effect - screen shot.

Create a quick and sleek "Web 2.0" feel with this easy Photoshop tutorial.

16. Smooth Glass Type

Smooth Glass Type - screen shot.

Learn how to create a translucent text effect.

17. Moon Shine Text Effect

Moon Shine Text Effect - screen shot.

Quickly create this "dreamy" text effect using some basic Layer Styles.

18. Colorful Glowing Text Effect

Colorful Glowing Text Effect - screen shot.

Create this layered, glowing effect by separating the text in individual layers and a white to transparent gradient layer to get this cool, colorful glowing text effect.

19. Bubble Text

Bubble Text - screen shot.

This is another quick tutorial on how to make this text effect using layer styles.

20. Killer Halftone Effect

Killer Halftone Effect - screen shot.

This tutorial shows a way to apply the halftone effect to the background of your text.

21. Text on Turf

Text on Turf - screen shot.

This tutorial uses the Noise Filter to create the grass-like texture.

22. Spray Paint Text

Spray Paint Text - screen shot.

Create your own digital grafitti by following this excellent tutorial from PSD Learning.

23. Scanline Text

Scanline Text - screen shot.

This is PSD Learning’s beautiful take on the relatively "old-school" scan line technique.

24. Retro Text

Retro Text - screen shot.

This tutorial uses both Photoshop and Illustrator to create a retro look.

25. Grunge Text Effect

Spectacular Style Text Effect - screen shot.

This tutorial from psdfan shows you how you can apply this popular effect on text.

26. Pimp your text

Grunge Text Effect - screen shot.

Can’t afford real bling-bling? Make some digital ones with this quick tutorial.

27. Paint Effect

Pimp your text - screen shot.

UBL Designes shows us how to accent text as though you splattered paint on it.

28. Spectacular Style Text Effect

Paint Effect - screen shot.

Create a 3D text effect by duplicating layers and offsetting each layer.

29. Shining Neon Text Effect

Shining Neon Text Effect - screen shot.

Create a colorful neon text effect by using a Gradient Overlay and a few Layer Styles.

30. Super Cool Frilly Bits Typography

Super Cool Frilly Bits Typography - screen shot.

Uses vector files to accent your text to achieve a similar look as the sample.

Show it off!

If you use one of these tutorials – we’d love to see your work – post it online and link to it in the comments. If you don’t have a server, you can use one of the many image hosting services like Flickr or even ImageShack.

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This was published on Sep 9, 2008


Hey, thanks for featuring 3 of my tutorials, great list!

Janko Sep 09 2008

Nice collection, I haven’t seen them all

Rudy Herman Sinen Sep 09 2008

Amazingly creative.
I like the Grass effect, stitches and the cute Bee Movie.

its amazing

Marco Sep 10 2008

Thanks for sharing! Too bad none of my tutorials got selected :( .

Check one of them here:

Keep up the great work!

Free Apple Gear Sep 10 2008

Wow. This stuff is amazing. I’ll have to give these effects a try.

Fouad Sep 10 2008

Wow… Great

Marilu Sep 10 2008

Thank you so much guys, these are great tutorials and referrals for others. Now, all I have to do is find the e-mail addresses of all my boring typography professors I had in Art school…lol

Marilu Sep 10 2008

Even if by a miracle, I do hope the boring professors see this post, lol. Sep 10 2008

Wow! this tutorial really cool! i love and being as a tech person who work on many things with Photoshop i just love this one. You guys rock!

i will try this one..

Krazd Sep 10 2008

beautiful tutorials! dugg!

mahsyar90 Sep 10 2008

wow!its great!
i have to bookmark this! lol

ilyas TEKER Sep 10 2008


thanks for sharing

Niyaz Sep 10 2008

Thanks for the great list….

Synergy Designs Sep 10 2008

Great collection. I just started using Photoshop and these tutorials will sure point me in the right direction.

starry Sep 10 2008

Awesome list of text effects! I love messing around with photoshop! My favorite software. Thanks for the nice list.

Mr.Mikey Sep 10 2008

These look FANTASTIC, and I’m about to design a new logo / header. What can I say? It’s pretty damn perfect!

ResonantFish Sep 10 2008

#13 – You forget to mention that for all of these, you should SPELL THE WORDS CORRECTLY!


bangbouh Sep 10 2008

Great collection. thanks!

Tom Ross Sep 10 2008

Thanks for featuring one of my tuts. Great list!

PhotoshopFrenzy Sep 10 2008

A few more for ya:

Cool metallic text:


Shocking text:

erichansa Sep 10 2008

The “fire” font is impressive

bauty Sep 10 2008

increibles… mil gracias !!!!! keep up the good (awesome) work!!!!!

Im liken these pixs

Dave Whittle Sep 10 2008

Dynamite collection – thanks for finding the quality effects and putting them all in one place.

IhateDesign Sep 10 2008

Pretty amazing, its just what im looking for for teaching photoshop to my sister

sampat Sep 10 2008

really good. now i am able to do all this.thanks

Hei.It is fantastic pictures.A person who create it must be smart.

Craig Sep 12 2008

Don’t bother with the smooth glass type…it’s trashed

Paul Sanderson Sep 12 2008

I need your help…

in feb this year i started this its a resource for developers and designers.

But I need help

I need links to web design and development, site , articles links…… anything you think of….

Please are you able to help me make this into a great resource for developers and designers.

Ernest Asante Sep 13 2008

I want some of your free tutorials how do I get them. I am a graphic designer.

Jacob Gube Sep 13 2008

jose: Awesome, I’m assuming you tried the Smooth Glass Type tutorial from Luxa (#16 on the list)?

sandi Sep 14 2008

Noo too amazing. But it’s so nice…

Mobility Creative Sep 15 2008

Plenty of good tutorials here. Will have to look at them when I get a chance to and even try some out and see what I come up with. It’s always good to see some good tutorials. Thanks for the links.

Thanks for all of this. I now just have to find the time to master the effects. I guess one a week would be a good start.


Diane Sep 23 2008

Love this resource and will use it often. I’ve already used #18 for a church announcement for our youth retreat. I have it on the announcements slideshow on the front page of our site at Thank you for organizing these tutorials for us.

Anthony Sep 25 2008

thats awesome i thought i was good at photoshop. your great. check out my work if you want

Tanya Sep 30 2008

Gorgeous tuts! Thank u!!

Jarkendia Oct 04 2008

Sweet! Thanks ;)

gosk2001 Oct 22 2008

really thanks about that

30 efectos de texto en Photoshop (Tutorial) Nov 09 2008

[…recopilados en 30 espectaculares efectos de texto en Photoshop…]

Great. Not all, but thera are many nice example.

Jessie Dec 04 2008

Wonderful tutorial round up, thanks! This is what I ended up with:

Pixelwiese Dec 09 2008

most of them are really good.

This is really something i was looking a long time ago!!

McAwal Jan 15 2009

nice list

Jesse Jan 25 2009


Waqar Mar 09 2009

Here Is My Work With The Help Of This Tut….


Nityananda Mar 13 2009

I Agree this ia a Fabulous Brash

lemon Apr 03 2009


dmx87 May 04 2009

Thanks for featuring……..the quality effects and putting them all in one place.

I love the first one “EARTH”. “FIRE” also nice. :-)

Rob Wallace May 24 2009

Thanks — my new logo is Vcool Transparent Glass lettering is working.

james Jun 08 2009

nice list
here is best text ,3d text,and Typographic text Photoshop Tutorial

better if aall the tutorial is in PDF format

It is very useful. keep the creativity

chonky Jul 14 2009

nice dude

very nice text effects

Ashely Adams Jul 23 2009

These tutorials are an excellent way of learning useful Photoshop text effects. Some of them unleash the real power of Photoshop. I liked the “Transparent Glass Lettering” and the “Moon Shine Text Effect” very much and the accompanying tutorials showed me everything I needed to know. Thanks a lot for the post.

Marc Bohlen Sep 03 2009

Nice collection, my favorites are Moon Shine Text Effect and Smooth Glass Type

nadeem ullah Sep 05 2009

better if aall the tutorial is in PDF format

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sourabh Raghuwnahi Jan 12 2010

These tutorials are an excellent way of learning useful Photoshop text effects. Some of them unleash the real power of Photoshop. I liked the “Transparent Glass Lettering” and the “Moon Shine Text Effect” very much and the accompanying tutorials showed me everything I needed to know. Thanks a lot for the post.

i almost peed myself! Great tut’s

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Wow, what a great collection. Looking forward to hear more like this …

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Nutan Erathi Dec 20 2010

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I am thankful to this site as my system got many problem I had 2 lost all my works, by this site i got many reference.

I was almost offended when I saw that their was no tutorials by ChChCheckitsClan on youtube.

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