10 Useful Infographics about HTML5

Useful Infographics about HTML5

Whether you need to quickly get up to speed with HTML5 or are in search of easy-to-digest resources that you can use to educate your clients about this web technology that’s creating a huge paradigm shift in the web and mobile development ecosystem, this collection of infographics that visualize HTML5 facts and figures will help.

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1. HTML5: Past, Present and Future

This infographic is an overview of the state of HTML5 in web and mobile apps, with data on HTML5-capable mobile web browsers, browser compatibility, and more.

Infographic: HTML5: Past, Present and Future

2. WTF is HTML5?

This is a simple primer on HTML5, which can be an excellent educational reference for your clients. The original source of this infographic is no longer available.

Infographic: WTF is HTML5?

3. History of HTML5

This infographic traces the progression of HTML5, starting in 2004 when the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) was formed.

Infographic: History of HTML5

4. HTML5: Why Developers Need It

Some compelling data on why web developers should start using HTML5 (like 74% of the browser market is HTML5-compatible) are shown in this infographic.

Infographic: HTML5: Why Developers Need It

5. HTML5: I’ve Seen the Future – It’s in My Browser

Over 34% of websites use HTML5 in some way, but the browsers with the largest combined market share as of January 2012 (IE6-IE8) don’t have HTML5 support.

Infographic: HTML5: I've Seen the Future - It's in My Browser

6. Taking HTML5 to the Next Level for Mobile

This infographic includes a visualization of data about mobile web browser capabilities (gathered using Ringmark).

Infographic: Taking HTML5 to the Next Level for Mobile

7. The Wonderful World of HTML5

According to this infographic, over 2.1 billion mobile devices with HTML5-capable browsers are estimated to exist by 2016.

Infographic: The Wonderful World of HTML5

8. The Hype versus Reality of HTML5 Deployment

This infographic commissioned by Zipline Games argues that, for mobile gaming, HTML5 lacks in "reach, technical capabilities, and market results" compared to Flash.

Infographic: The Hype versus Reality of HTML5 Deployment

9. HTML5 vs Flash Games

This is another infographic that matches up HTML5 games and Flash games by comparing their distribution method, CPU usage performance, security, and so forth.

Infographic: HTML5 vs Flash Games

10. The History of HTML5 in Line with Popular Culture Events

This interesting infographic places HTML5 milestones side-by-side with pop culture events happening at the same time of the milestone.

Infographic: The History of HTML5 in Line with Popular Culture Events

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This was published on Sep 19, 2012


Damian Sep 19 2012

Nice collection, I think it’s time to start learning HTML5.

Anders Tolborg Sep 20 2012

Pretty ironic that most of these infographics are images and not generated via code :S

Maria Sep 21 2012

Great post. I’m really enjoying matching some of the history next to my own journey. I’m certainly excited about HTML5

Patil Makarand Sep 21 2012

Excellent collection of Infographics at on place. Thanks for the imformation

mad.madrasi Sep 22 2012

Wow! Awesome post. Reading through the info-graphics gives a fair idea of what html5 is about and its current state. Just as @Damian says, time to learn html5

The ninth infographic “html5 vs. flash” resonates with me the most as it covers a lot of the feeling I have about html5. Sure it’s a great new technology to start playing with, but as that infographic covers very well are the benefits of Flash over present day html5.

I’m hoping html5 will one day get to the advanced level of flash, but in its present form the tech is still far too underdeveloped and adpoted.

Can be useful to convince that HTML5 is now a standard.

Dylan C Sep 26 2012

Good visual information on HTML5. Good collection

Anthony Sep 29 2012

This Infographics collection gives a clear idea of how powerful HTML 5 language is and suggests soon HTML 5 will be in mainstream.

Delilah Oct 01 2012

Nice infographs :) I started learning HTML few months ago 10x for the journey through history :)

Chris Lever Oct 05 2012

I love all those infographics, I noticed more than one was created by Wix, They are really pushing for HTML5 in the last year or so.

Pallab Kakoti Oct 07 2012

awesome…..well done…..very nicely & engagingly explains….many thanks

Jack Tyler Oct 15 2012

Hi Jacob Gube. Your 10 infographics about HTML5 is indeed very useful. It gives clearer idea on how HTML 5 works. Because of this information I’m interested to learn HTML 5 now. Though HTML 5 is not that developed well unlike FLASH but I know it could be of a useful.

Thanks Admin very nice collection!

“Flash is supported by 99% of browsers.” Exactly how many browsers are out there that led to this percentage? It’s like watching a germicidal soap commercial.

However, I do acknowledge the growth of html5. I don’t think it’ll boom that early next year, though. Perhaps around July onwards? Still, it’s a good reason to start planning for it.

Nonetheless, thanks for this illuminating post.

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