The Only HTML5 Resources You Need for Getting Up to Speed

The Only HTML5 Resources You Need to Get You Up to Speed

There’s a lot of buzz going around about HTML5. Big companies such as Apple are predicting that it’s the technology that will sign the death warrant of the popular Flash platform that powers a lot of rich internet apps and complex dynamic web components.

But what is HTML5, really? How will it change the jobs of web developers and web designers? Here are 15 web resources to help you on your quest in getting current about the impending technology that’s already being adopted by major web browsers and leveraged in large sites such as Google.

1. WTF is HTML5


For the visually-inclined and casual folks out there, here’s an interesting HTML5 infographic covering useful things such as a comparison of HTML5 and Flash, web browser support/readiness, and a highlight of some of the more popular and powerful modules in  HTML5.

2. Dive Into HTML 5

Dive Into HTML 5

Software developer and popular blogger, Mark Pilgrim, has written an online book about HTML5. It’s a light — and often entertaining — read, focusing on the pragmatics of HTML5 and the capabilities it offers everyday developers.

3. HTML5 Doctor

HTML5 Doctor

HTML5 Doctor publishes articles related to HTML5, featuring practical information and ways we can use the technology right now. Some articles you’ll find on their site include an examination of the re-specification of the dl element, what the new article element is, and regular Q&As with their readers. It’s a collaboration between passionate developers who formulated the idea for the website in a meetup during a Future of Web Design conference.

4. When Can I Use…

When Can I Use...

This handy one-page crib sheet highlights current browser compatibilities of HTML5 elements and APIs among the five major browsers in the market (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera).

5. HTML5 W3C Specifications (Editor’s Draft)

HTML5 W3C Specifications (Editor's Draft)

Straight from the horse’s mouth, this webpage is the most recent editor’s draft of HTML5 specifications by the leading international standards organization for open web technologies, W3C. It’s worth a read if you want to learn the ins and outs of HTML5 and to find out what browser vendors are (hopefully) basing their implementations on.

6. Yes, You Can Use HTML 5 Today!

Yes, You Can Use HTML 5 Today!

SitePoint has a wonderful article about HTML5 that encourages the use of HTML5 elements and APIs right now, as well as how to write unobtrusive code to support browsers that do not currently have these HTML5 elements, such as IE8.

7. Coding A HTML 5 Layout from Scratch

Coding A HTML 5 Layout from Scratch

As a proof of concept, Smashing Magazine explores HTML5 with a practical tutorial on building a webpage layout using some new HTML5 elements.

8. HTML5 presentation

HTML5 presentation

This handy slideshow presentation — developed originally for Google Chrome users, so some may have issues viewing the presentation depending on their web browser — is a bleeding edge live demonstration and informational piece about HTML5.

9. HTML5 Gallery

HTML5 Gallery

This website showcase/gallery features real websites that use HTML5. It’s a valuable resource for seeing how developers are already leveraging the future specifications of HTML5.

10. A Web Developer’s Guide to HTML 5

A Web Developer's Guide to HTML 5

This article from W3C is aimed at web developers, covering the need-to-knows, syntax, an overview of APIs, official vocabularies, and you know, all that geeky stuff that only we as web developers would get excited about.

11. HTML5 Demos and Examples

HTML5 Demos and Examples

UK-based web developer, Remy Sharp, has compiled (or as he terms it, "hacked together") demos and experiments he’s created using HTML5. His demos include stuff like creating a simple browser-based chat system, geolocation, and more.

12. Web Designer’s Checklist: HTML5 Support Tables

Web Designer's Checklist: HTML5 Support Tables

This table-structured checklist features both CSS3 and HTML5 specifications; it has web browser support tables for the new HTML5 Audio API, Video API, Web Forms, and more.

13. HTML 5 differences from HTML 4

HTML 5 differences from HTML 4

Want to know how HTML5 will change the way you’ve been doing things? This comparative analysis from W3C highlights syntactical differences, the new HTML elements, and the newly introduced APIs for working with web data.

14. HTML5 – Wikipedia

HTML5 - Wikipedia

Our favorite user-generated and peer-reviewed content site, Wikipedia, has an article that covers the facts and dates related to HTML5. Besides the actual article itself, scrolling down to the References and External Links sections towards the bottom of the page will provide you with a swarm of other HTML5 resources to check out.

15. The HTML5 test

The HTML5 test

Want to test your own web browser’s HTML5 capabilities? This web tool will evaluate your web browser in terms of how much HTML5 stuff it currently is able to render, giving it a numerical score — with the meaning of the score broken down on the test page itself.

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This was published on Jul 18, 2010


Levi VZ Jul 18 2010

Great, I was just experimenting with HTML5. This’ll really shorten my Google time, thanks a lot!

Tech Maish Jul 18 2010

Jacob as you know that IE 6 is still used in different countries, what will be the impact of HTML5 on IE 6.

Jay Philips Jul 18 2010

Awesome roundup for everyone wanting to learn HTML5.

Godwin Jul 18 2010

Nice article and collection.. I added some demo sites of Chrome experiments and apple’s html5

Some work in other browsers some won’t …

Joe Valdez Jul 18 2010

Wow what great HTML5 resources. The only thing stopping me from going all out with it are the compatibility issues with IE. Nice stuff…worth a re-tweet

Gary Miller Jul 18 2010

Excellent collection of relevant resources.

Many thanks for taking the time to put it together!

Kai Köpke Jul 18 2010

Great collection of usefull resources. Thank you

That’s a rhetorical question. I think it’s time people around the world catch up. Die IE6!!!!!!!

Great list, thanks! I highly recommend HTML5 For Web Designers by Jeremy Keith. A fast, funny, and informative read.

aurel kurtula Jul 18 2010

great resources – i think it’s about time i start learning html5 and css3

Henrik Jul 18 2010

@Tech Maish, let’s hope IE6 will receive it’s final death blow very soon.

John Polling Jul 18 2010

Great list of resources thanks. Will save me a lot of time on Google :)

pouya saadeghi Jul 18 2010

Thanks for this nice list :)

Steve Haigh Jul 18 2010

Another interesting site is html 5 laboratory:

Good examples and well written experiments.

nitro2k01 Jul 18 2010

Whoa! Makes me want to try HTML5 and see what all the fuss is about.

Aristophrenia Jul 18 2010

I think the html5 vs flash issue is pretty much dead and buried. ANYONE who still thinks this is so far behind the curve that they might as well not even be in technology – let alone posting on the web.

HTML5 is incapable of doing half of what flash does – end of story.

The fact that HTML5 has no standard codec means it will not be adopted as a standard for video. END of story.

Please educate yourselves as to why HTML5 will not be replacing flash – it makes you look utterly retarded when you post arguments like that – when the issue is pretty much dead and buried by anyone who understands the issues – even ardent HTML5 proponents agree,FFS!

putragaluh Jul 18 2010

nice post and great resource list, thanks

webecho Jul 18 2010

you missed one very important item – HTML5 For Web Designers by Jeremy Keith

A quick, but informative read. It really explains it all simply and quite wittily.
A bargain at twice the price.

Michael van galen Jul 19 2010

Another example of html5 websites IRL:

Nice list, very useful.
I also think is worth a look (and adding to this list)

Greg Babula Jul 19 2010

Great post, is another good one (for CSS3 & HTML5)

ANDROID Jul 19 2010

Death of Flash? Yeah GOOD JOKE APPLE.


Peter Jul 19 2010

The Only HTML5 Resources You Need for Getting Up to Speed
So you list 15?

Jacob Gube Jul 19 2010

@Peter: Hence “resources” in plural form. Troll fail?

Mathias Bynens Jul 19 2010

You might be interested in my article entitled “The three levels of HTML5 usage”, meant as an introduction to HTML5.

Jordan Walker Jul 19 2010

Great list of resources Jacob, they will come in handy.

carlos cardona Jul 19 2010

alpaproductions Jul 19 2010

Good resources here but I still haven’t and won’t start with HTML5 until it is supported by “ALL” major browsers (even css3 for that matter).

Jae Xavier Jul 19 2010

One word:


Antoine Guédès Jul 20 2010

It was just what I was looking for!
Thank you a lot.

David Jul 21 2010

Great resource for HTML5 – just sent it around the office.

Thank you!

Ted Thompson Jul 22 2010

Great list of resources, will come in very handy getting up to speed!

Usman Dec 01 2010

Thanks for creating this useful list of Html 5 resources

Thephavong Feb 28 2011

Also if you don’t want to mess with 3000 pages of W3C specs or scan through too many sites, take a look at “Sergey’s HTML5 & CSS3 Quick Reference”. This is the only HTML5 reference style book available, which is not based on old HTML4/CSS2 stuff. It is concise and very well put together. Most of other books are feature-based guides.

TechTwitt Aug 17 2011

What will be the impact of HTML5 on IE6 as it is sill used by lots of users

Dinesh Verma Aug 25 2011

HTML5 is the future of web development.

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