Firefox: By the Numbers

Mozilla Firefox: By the Numbers

Firefox—a web browser known for its security, performance, and customizability—has witnessed unbelievable adoption rates, becoming a symbol of open source software done right. In just 6 years, it has fastened itself firmly into the web browser arena, fanning the flames of the highly-heated browser wars.

This infographic presents some fascinating facts and figures pertaining to our beloved web browser: Firefox.

Click on the image to view the infographic in full size.

Mozilla Firefox: By the Numbers

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This was published on Apr 4, 2010


Justin Scott Apr 05 2010

There are closer to 275 or so Mozilla Corporation employees (and thousands of community contributors).

Chrome FTW! Firefox slowly lagging behind…

Jacob Gube Apr 05 2010

@Justin Scott: Good catch. Updated it based to disambiguate the term “Mozilla” and number from this Wikipedia entry.

Keenan Payne Apr 05 2010

Huh, interesting stats. i really, really love Firefox. The community, and everything they’ve done thusfar has been great. The only thing is that they need to speed their sh!t up fast. I mean chrome loads in a blink of an eye, while it takes 5+ seconds for firefox to do the same. if they can do that, they’ll get a lot of people back.

Duane Apr 05 2010

Really surprised to see that Firefox had around double the amount of security vulnerabilities compared with IE.
I switched to Chrome a few weeks ago and haven’t looked back. I found that Firefox was just getting too clunky.
So far so good with Chrome!


Super Duper Firefoxx…………..

firefox better than chrome.thanks for article.

FoO Iskandar Apr 05 2010

Firefox still rocking and better than other browser

Nexik Apr 05 2010

In Poland Firefox have 52% marker share!!!

App Developer Apr 05 2010

Chrome is OK but IMHO GOOG already knows enough about us without knowing everything; because that’s what Chrome gives them!

BEBEN Apr 05 2010

i am MOZILLA-er…wekekekekekkk :D
i ♥ firefox…hihihihi

Monie Apr 05 2010

And why do people still using that stupid IE?
Congratulation Firefox!

Keyser Apr 05 2010

Chrome for everyday browsing, due to its speed and sleek design.

Firefox for when I’m developing sites, due to all the web developing add-ons (Firebug!)

Daniel Adams Apr 05 2010

Nice presentation gube. Just a little typo in the end though!

Amos Vryhof Apr 05 2010

I use Chrome for casual browsing, and Firefox for debugging web pages. Most of the developer plugins for chrome don’t hold a candle to the Firefox ones.

Mosey Apr 05 2010

I’m still using the old Firefox series (3.0.x) as I have an old laptop and last time I tried 3.5, it used up far too much processing power I could barely open more than 2-3 tabs. Really miss how fast 1.0.x and 2.0.x were… still, I can’t imagine not using Firefox.

lava360blog Apr 05 2010

not only the browser but the firefox add-ons also are really terrific. love this browser and thanks for the stats.

Jordan Walker Apr 05 2010

Interesting numbers about the adoption of Firefox.

Inside the Webb Apr 05 2010

Firefox sure has exploded as the best browser over the past 5-6 years, I’m excited to see where growth will be over the next couple of years.

Samuel Paquette Apr 05 2010

I switched to Chrome, and I’m really happy with it so far. Firefox was just getting a bit too clunky in my opinion.

Chrome is a very decent browser, but I don’t feel as comfortable with it as I do with Firefox. I also think Firefox offers some really invaluable add-ons to help speed up web development.

Julien MARY Apr 05 2010

For the number of tabs I’m surprised.
I’m working with 3 screens and usually have 3 browser windows openened, one of them being opera or something to see what I’m developping from an admin and a user point of vue with different rendering ways.
I need a fourth screen. I’m doing web devel on drupal : 2 rendering windows as explained, one window for documentation, one window for editing.

Without that, my productivity rate is lowering.

Penny Apr 05 2010

Can that be correct? IE has fewer vulnerabilities? That has not been the experience in my was this info compiled?

Arpit Apr 05 2010

Are we free to use the above image on our blogs, with a credit link to this URL?

Jae Xavier Apr 05 2010

I loved Firefox but Chrome is starting to become much more… attractive. Omg… I’m an infidel.

taobao Apr 05 2010

I just wish IE6 could die out ASAP

The Marketshare of FF in Germany is not right. It about 40%!

trash Apr 06 2010

the market share of Firefox in Germany is way higher than 9,5%! I assume 30-35%. I noticed you based your numbers on the downloads of Firefox 3.6, but – sorry – I don’t think those numbers are really representative.

Chrome for speed & usability – The Fox for development – until Chrome rolls out a good enough developer extension.

TimHolmesDesign Apr 06 2010

I think Firefox is a great browser and I use it for most of my web development needs.

Chrome, yes it is nice and fast, but to me all browsers are getting faster with the integration of better Broadband speeds. Plus don’t google already know enough about us. :o)

I have recently updated my version of Opera and found that this is also very very good…

My only problem as ever is the standards issues posed by IE… get it together “Browser Makers” and use the correct CSS standard that HAS to be roled to “All Browsers”, until then we will not see IMHO who has the best browser.

mintocity Apr 06 2010

Interesting stats, I love Firefox… Chrome is becoming more and more exciting now.

Jacob Gube Apr 06 2010

@fab: It’s global marketshare, based on Firefox 3.6 downloads (3.6 downloads were used because they track it in real-time, and thus, offers a relatively accurate way of determining global marketshare or adoption rate per country).

Omer Greenwald Apr 06 2010

These are good news! I hope Firefox users will increase more overtime along with Chrome users.
Chrome is still a lot faster than FF, but there’s no browser better for web development than FF at the moment. thanks Jacob

Sidney Davenport Apr 06 2010

I love FF, but it is incompatible with my new Windows 7 16-bit Dell Studio XPS. It won’t close without reboot. I’m using Chrome.

Nikos Apr 06 2010

I was a big fan of firefox but since I’m used to have several tabs open simultaneously I think they could have done better with memory handling. A browser should not waste 1.5 GB of memory in any case. I catch myself using Chrome more more every day and useful chrome extensions keep showing up all the time.

LabsMs Apr 07 2010

I try all browsers and choose firefox. It is so quick and i can use it my personality. Best browser for me

Firerox Apr 07 2010

Firefox always rocks. I love Firefox as a web designer.

Antti Aapakari Apr 08 2010

I love FireFox’s ad blocking add-on but aside from that I’m not particularly impressed. It’s a memory and resource hog and when shut down has a very annoying habit of leaving a process running so that when you go to open it later you get a message that it’s already running. I also loathe the way an errant keystroke will suddenly take the tab you’re working in and open it as a new window. It seems to get clunkier with each new release.

MrSiir Apr 08 2010


Thanks for the article

Lee Fuller Apr 08 2010

Sure it’s a popular browser, but I am still going to stick with Google Chrome, faster and more secure!

pheldespat Apr 09 2010

The market share for Germany and Brasil are just wrong.

Firefox has much more market share in Germany. Source: Multiple browser market share analysis companies.

Spokane Apr 09 2010

We’ve been using Firefox for some time due to all the great SEO add-ons, but after reading many of the above comments we will surely be giving Chrome a new look over. Firefox just seems to crash a little too often. Thanks for all the comments as they have been very helpful.

Angela Apr 10 2010

I use Safari, Chrome and Firefox, Firefox wins hands down in Add-ons it is superior sure its a bit slow but without all my wonderful extra you get just plain chrome and while it loads fast it reminds me in looks with IE, and that has been banned from loading on my pc since 1999. That people still use it tells me one thing only they are lazy to explore better options.

i like chrome for its good appreance and i use firefox for develope ,just like firebug ^_^

Innova Aug 24 2010

I use Firefox on mac and chrome on windows. Chrome is still far from replacing firefox from a web designer point of view.

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