The Takeover of the Mobile Web (Infographic)

The Takeover of the Mobile Web (Infographic)

It’s been predicted that mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage by 2015. This infographic looks at exactly how those figures are shaping up and evaluates whether or not the desktop computer is on its last legs.

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The Takeover of the Mobile Web (Infographic)

This infographic was produced by 34SP, providers of quality web hosting services.

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About the Author

Sophie Webb is a member of the creative team working at 34SP. She’s currently 23 years old and lives in London. In her spare time, she’s a keen traveler who also enjoys web development.

This was published on Nov 12, 2012


There is an error in the “Manifested itself so far?” section of the infographic. The last region in that section has the diagrams flipped from left to right… Global data traffic has the diagram of Mobile data traffic and vise versa.

Bronson Nov 12 2012

With the advent of SmartPhones the mobile web growth exploded and I anticipate that it will continue to grow furiously, especially in developing markets / countries where it’s a real alternative to sometimes limited fixed-line & web connectivity.

Daniel Nov 12 2012

I don’t know about the link policy here, but I think this might be very relevant and useful to the readers. This is an infographic about mobile user behavior and trends of 2012.

Web Development Nov 13 2012

There is an error in the “Manifested itself so far?” section of the info graphic. The last region in that section has the diagrams flipped from left to right… Global data traffic has the diagram of Mobile data traffic and vise versa.

Robson Nov 13 2012

1 Exabyte = 1018 bytes??

Robson Nov 13 2012

1 Exabyte = 1018 bytes??
1 Exatbyte = 10^18 bytes?

I’m not sure you can conclude “desktop computers are on their last legs” from this information. First it’s an infographic not a study. Second just because people are using mobile more doesn’t have to mean desktops/laptops are not also being used. I think for the kind of computing most people do mobile use is growing, but for people who work with computers as their job, mobile doesn’t replace larger more powerful devices. Even people who use laptops for their work plug them into monitors because of screen size issues. All I’m saying is please don’t leap to conclusions based on an infographic.

Kevin Nov 13 2012

Is there an error at the ‘8 x’s the size chart’? 2000 v. 2010?

Totio Filipov Nov 16 2012

Interesting infographic. However, I don’t think mobile internet would takeover desktop internet. These are two completely different things and it is still easier to surf on a computer than on a mobile device. I think mobile internet is complimentary to dekstop internet. They are not rivals.

Barry Reynolds Nov 16 2012

Desktop computing is an old phrase I think we need to look at is like mobile browsing and effectively static browsing experiences should be different and actually will work better differently. When your on the go you don’t want the same level of contextual detail and actually serving better more defined content like I’ve done on you can actually leverage the traffic better. Love the infographic, really great way of getting it all across in one poster!

Purchased computers within a short timeframe !== a 3 decade old pre-established base of desktop PC’s. Those recent purchase firgures don’t mean tablets or devices overshadow desktop usage at all; in fact, of all the devices on the internets, tablets and phones are still a single percentage figure.

Jacob Gube Nov 19 2012

I’m sorry for the errors in this infographic. I’ve contacted the contributor and have requested updates to this infographic based on the errors you’ve spotted.

I’ll update this infographic with the revised version as soon as possible, within the next 2 days.

In the future, I’ll be more thorough in personally reviewing infographics and other content that’s to be published here on Six Revisions.

Thank you to those that took the time to leave a comment about the issues with this infographic so that we can update it for future readers.

pariche Nov 20 2012

apart from few mistakes, infographic gives you a clear vision of importance of mobile web.

ferdinand marte Nov 21 2012

I see Desktop still ruling over mobile for the next 10 years or so. However, that doesn’t mean that were not going to factor mobile viewports in our plan to redesign our website. In fact I already plan for a one-szie fits all strategy to ensure we cater to all current & future devices.

Great infographic. I find the growth in mobile app adoption (9 days to 1m users!) and worldwide 3G penetration especially interesting.

Thanks for sharing!

Jacob Gube Nov 21 2012

I’ve updated the infographic with a new version that the creators gave me. Please let me know if you spot any more errors. Thank you.

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