Performance Comparison of Major Web Browsers

Performance Comparison

The latest versions of the five major most web browsers (Mozilla Firefox 3.5, Google Chrome 3.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, Opera 10.0, and Apple Safari 4.0) went head to head under six performance indicators: JavaScript speed, average CPU usage under stress, DOM selection, CSS rendering speed, page load time, and browser cache performance. Each web browser was tested three times under an unprimed cache (except for the browser cache performance), and their average value reported in the results.

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Performance Comparison of Major Web Browsers

Download the Data

If you’d like to download the raw data, you can grab them as a CSV below.

Benchmarking Tools

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Sean Hurley of 96Robots for inspiring this study.

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About the Author

Jacob Gube is the Founder and Chief Editor of Six Revisions. He’s also a web developer/designer who specializes in distance-learning education, front-end development, and web accessibility. If you’d like to connect with him, head on over to the contact page and follow him on Twitter: @sixrevisions.

This was published on Oct 14, 2009


Matthew Heidenreich Oct 14 2009

I still have to stick to good ol’ firefox when it all comes down to it.

Mike Smith Oct 14 2009

Looks like Chrome hits the nail on the head in just about every category. Firefox seems to run almost as slow as IE. nice chart. Thanks for posting it. I’ve downloaded it.

While I see that testing machine stats in the full-size graphic, I think it’s important to note in the story which machine and OS this is based on.

Eric B. Oct 14 2009

Interesting to know. I’m pretty sure that performance would be affected by any addons installed, though.

Steve Oct 14 2009

Chrome’s only fast cuz it is a barebones browser with barely any features.

Adam Fitzgerald Oct 14 2009

According to the charts, Safari beat Firefox 4 out 6. Why is it that they are listed equal 2nd? Are some of the charts weighted more heavily?

André Leite Oct 14 2009

I would like to see the same test on OS X

Mark Aplet Oct 14 2009

Interesting test results. I would be curious to know what the results would look like for a Macintosh comparing FF, Safari, Opera, and Chrome (beta)

Jacob Gube Oct 14 2009

@Adam Fitzgerald: They were given inverse points for getting 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place in each benchmark (i.e. 1st = 5 points, 2nd = 4 points, etc.). Firefox did well in terms on being relatively consistent and not going to extremes, while Safari never managed to rank 1st in any performance benchmark. It’s a rudimentary ranking technique.

Steve J. Oct 14 2009

I assume these tests were done on a Windows computer. I wonder how Safari on a Mac compares to the others (minus Explorer, of course). Any chance you could do the same tests on a Mac?

My gut-feeling is that Safari on a Mac is much faster than Firefox for most things.

Dane Ash Oct 14 2009

One thing that effects speed in firefox are add-ons. They use up a lot of memory. I guess all browsers were downloaded and tested as the bare software. Javascript css heavy sites do pretty badly on internet explorer hey.

Angela Oct 14 2009

Firefox for me and its never slow lol

And Chrome is victorious, that’s great to see that Google can help push innovation in Browser Applications after just a few iterations. Did you have a Mac or PC? I’m curious if the Mac development version of Chrome numbers differ from the Windows version?

Jacob Gube Oct 14 2009

A Mac comparison would be great – I’ll see what I can do.

Peter Oct 14 2009

Yes a mac comparison would be a wonderful idea since I have used both safari on windows and on mac and it is considerably better on a mac.

Disappointed lousy IE….I wonder why people still using it. It department in the Big company, please force your staff to shift. lol

Nurdiansyah Oct 14 2009

Yes, I used Google Chrome everyday, and Firefox with various plugin for web development. Thanks…

This is all well and good for Joe User, but when it comes to web development, Firefox is still the Gold Standard, even if it occasionally decides to eat up a gig of my RAM. I haven’t seen nearly the breadth or depth of useful add-ons for any other browser yet. (And I apologize to the apologists, but Chrome’s Inspector doesn’t even touch Firebug.)

I did a SunSpider test on Mac with Chrome (pre-release) and Safari 4 last week and Chrome’s JS engine is about 1.5x faster than Safari. I did not do all of the other benchmarks however.

Doug S. Oct 15 2009

Not sure why Safari and Firefox are tied. If you look at the scores Safari is usually pretty far ahead of Firefox and only loses twice by a very close margin.

To me what this test really says is WebKit is king and if you use it in your browser it’s going to be rocket fast.

Rahul Oct 15 2009

I love Chrome as a web user. So its great to see it on top. Great job Google. But as a web developer,I think firefox is the best.

Thank you, it’s a nice chart

The Javascript speed difference is definitely noticable

ferris Oct 15 2009

Synthetic benchmarks mean nothing in terms of browsing speed. Try loading up a couple of sites from identical machines via scripts and time them. So tired of this crap being put out there, if you actually try the browser you’ll notice Opera feels faster startup, shutdown, etc… than all the rest. If you want to benchmark it go ahead.. I prefer to actually use my browser.

webdesign Oct 15 2009

thank you for that comparison. What would be the conclusion for the “normal” user concerning performance?

simonjs Oct 15 2009

It would be interesting to see how the results differ on different OS’s.

Obviously it wouldn’t be possible to test IE on OSX, linux or Safari on linux for example, but Opera, Chrome and Firefox could all be tested.

I like how there’s like 4 stats, with Chrome winning all of them – but when you look at page load time the thing that really matters you see that FFox is #1 haha

Interesting to see Chrome 3 is faster than Safari again. They seem to be racing against each other and constantly going faster.
It’s only a good thing!

Elliott Oct 15 2009

Don’t see any major surprises here.. Nice tests, thanks for sharing them and confirming that IE is a **** browser.

I think that nobody notices any differences in real word browsing when using ff, opera, chrome or safari.

Jarek Oct 15 2009

Interesting results, especially for real life page load times. I only see small problem: for 3 samples the confidence intervals (95%) are overlapping, so from statistical point of view all browsers are the same and those tests should not be used in “overall performance”.

Can you increase the sample size for “Page load time” and “Browser cache performance”?

It really should be noted that Safari, in this case, is Safari for Windows. The performance difference between Windows and OS X is quite big, presumably because on Windows it requires considerable extra guff in the way of additional code to abstract away the Windows APIs.

George Oct 15 2009

The last two tests are worthless, since they are too dependent on network latency. A better test would be to check this on a local network web site.

Testing each browser three times and averaging the values is also well below what you need to make some real results. It depends on how much the averages are affected for each x times you do the test.

Optimally the tests should be run on each browser until the averages for each test normalize. The results presented here are therefore only indicative and not conclusive at all.

ArleyM Oct 15 2009

No IE6?! Haha

turo62 Oct 15 2009

Opera 10.10 is now definitely the 2’nd fastest browser. There is no way Firefox loads pages faster than opera 10.10.

Daniel15 Oct 15 2009

I’m suprised Opera is so slow in this benchmark O_o
I still love it. :D

Linux And Friends Oct 15 2009

It is nice to know that in majority of the tests Google Chrome is doing quite well.

this review is a sh#t. Chrome eats up your processor like a hungry lion.

M name Oct 15 2009

this review is a sh#t. Chrome eats up your processor like a hungry lion.

libeco Oct 15 2009

These charts are fun at most. Somehow the results are never the same as my own conclusion during everyday usage. I’m using Maxthon 2 (built on IE7) for normal browsing. It’s completely customizable and quite fast, making it my favorite browser. I use Firefox for web development and have installed a few add-ons for this purpose. Firefox is extremely slow for me (loading takes over 10 seconds). Chrome and Opera are nice and fast browsers, but they don’t have the good user experience Maxthon has, or the extensive set of plug-ins for web development that firefox has.

So, nice to see charts, but it all comes down to how a browser behaves in a specific area where it’s needed.

Bosto Oct 15 2009

Yap I love Google, I’m using chrome and firefox this browsers are the best today i think so.

Leandro Oct 15 2009

Fake, he works to google.

Great post. Firefox should be in 3rd place though. Safari clobbers Firefox on many benchmarks which clearly proves the power of Webkit.

2nd: Safari
3rd: Firefox

batmanforever Oct 15 2009

The latest versions of the five major most web browsers? No, you are not using the latest version of IE8.
I’m using a later version of IE8 (8.0.7600.16385). Try to make the test again with the latest version of IE8.
Do the test on MAC and Linux – you would get a different resultat (as JDM states).

Ahmadism Oct 15 2009

Chrome is semi-barebones for my taste. Simply put, there are add-ons and extensions for Firefox that I cannot live without. I wonder if Chrome is available in a portable version … hmmmm.

Carolus Holman Oct 15 2009

Funny, You got IE 8 to Load? I have to start the Browser 2x 3x to get it to load a single page…

You should add OSX Safari to the test.

I wish I could take IE out in the and shoot it.

Riyadh Oct 15 2009

firefox i think uses up more CPU than IE8 in my opinion.i have all the major browsers installed on my PC xcept tht i choose to run chrome 4 instead of 3.even then firefox is the slowest to start.IE8 starts way faster than PC is Vista (32-bit), Pentium D @2.66 GHz and 3GB DDR2 RAM

Not at all surprised by these results. On my work PC, I generally use Chrome for general web-browsing, though I’ll switch to Firefox to debug javascript (firebug, chrome’s inspector just doesn’t quite cut it) or fiddle with CSS.

mikeeeee Oct 15 2009

only bad thing about chrome is no google toolbar.

i’m waiting for the convergence…..

chromium o/s.

chrome browser.

google voice.

google mail.

google wave.

then hang on for the changing of the guard.

old computer dynasties either change with the times or disappear, remember wang or digital equipment?

Chrome looks like a winner, but you left out the category of timing how quickly the browser can make itself completely vanish from your system without a trace. Chrome wins that one, too, and is the main reason I don’t use it.

drewbeta Oct 15 2009

Nice chart. one of my classmates just did a presentation on chrome, and the data he used wasn’t nearly as good as this. However, I’m a web developer, so I’m sticking to firefox because it helps me get things done quicker. maybe if google releases a mac version of chrome, and opened it up to third-party plugins (it’s really hard to beat ff with fb as a web developer), I might consider switching. thanks for the info!

José Mota Oct 15 2009

i would love to see Mac OS X benchmarking as well :)

thatoneguy Oct 15 2009

This article is very pretty and all but in the end its utter garbage.

You would need to test dozens of pages dozens of times to get anything even remotely concrete and even then its very questionable. But why bother actually going for accurate results when you can be lazy and warn people to use caution when interpreting the results…

Just another clueless tool making a quick and inaccurate comparison to get some page hits.

Bjorn Oct 15 2009

What?! I think something went wrong with the Opera testing.

designfollow Oct 15 2009

thanks for this info.

Mike J Oct 15 2009

“This is all well and good for Joe User, but when it comes to web development, Firefox is still the Gold Standard”

For many that’s true, though I personally have come to champion Opera for development. In my experiences it’s more accurate on standards ( as is Safari ) than either Chrome or Firefox, and it has developer tools just like Firebug that many have lauded as at least on par with Firebug.

I’ve encountered several items that have come up as CSS issues with Firefox and several Javascript issues with Chrome, which has unfortunately started to push both of them into the category of “update for” rather than “develop for” when it comes to web development – leaving my primary development to be done against Opera and Safari, then I do updates for Firefox / Chrome, and finally IE.

Pheagey Oct 15 2009

Chrome = good but not 100%. and the way Google does the product life cycle probably willnot be out of beta for the next 5 years. FF has a stable base and has been the ‘under dog’ VS IE for sometime now. chromes got alot of ground to cover before it would be considered a contender.

As long the user is not user IE6 Im happy…

Emilio Oct 15 2009

You didn’t measure RAM usage, and that’s the most important thing for people with old PCs in the end…

bcarter Oct 15 2009

Anyone have word on when Chrome will be released for Mac?

Sami Susiaho Oct 15 2009

This data is solid, but cannot be used as a test of which browser is the best. The benchmark speed of a browser has little to do with the usability. I am thinking of ease of use, available plugins, features embedded by default, security, stability and overall looks. The image of the company providing the browser is a major factor as well. Then there are the updates. While one might think that it is important to have frequent updates that are quickly in place to plug the security holes, the user might prefer less frequent updates and accept the increased security risk. That is, if the user cares at all.

Why there is no info reg what plugins and addons are installed in every browser?
This influence performance a lot! Don’t U think so?

This information makes me realise why some people still hold on to IE, I’m seeing that Firefox is losing out to Chrome in most respects, yet I’m still unwilling to leave it because I like it.

I think in a couple of years time Chrome will be at a point where it’ll be my default browser.

Michael Oct 15 2009

Now, how about you run the same tests on Vista x64?

Andrei Patrascu Oct 15 2009

Great article as always Jacob! Anyway chrome may be faster but I still like Firefox. Also Opera is a good alternative :).

Burak Erdem Oct 15 2009

It’s so obvious that Google Chrome is the new king of web, and to tell the truth it really deserves this. For years I used Firefox just for its extensions. And now I’m very happy with my Chrome. I only use Firefox when I write HTML because of Firebug. Other than that I never start my Firefox.

Thank you Google for making such a great browser, and Microsoft for making our lives so hard…

Opera-user Oct 15 2009

Opera runs alot faster on some sites with javascript off (onemanga!). Though this doesn’t let me browse sites that need javascript at the same time =/.

I still use opera because of some small opera features.

just curious, who is the internet provider?

Jarryd Oct 15 2009

If only Google made Chrome for Mac already :(

Eric Lau Oct 15 2009

I love Google Chrome but it keep gave me blue screen from time to time….any one can help? I am on XP Pro

Paula Oct 16 2009

I use Internet Explorer mostly only because I find that most websites look better in it. It is slow however but I am finding Firefox is getting just as bad. And I don’t use Google Chrome as it limits my search to Australia and for my online business I need to be able to search the US.

firefox. Safari always drop the connection. (i’m on OSX)
Chrome is in development for OS X.

Very interesting, didn’t realise chrome was such a bad ass when it comes to general performance… Personally though I find safari and firefox the best as I’m a mac boy. My websites always look better in these browsers. But surely there are many factors, like computer speed, broadband speed etc?

Gallivanter Oct 16 2009

Chrome rules. :-)

scottgm Oct 16 2009

results will vary depending on what your using.

carry out the same tests on a 3.06Ghz iMac with 4GB Ram and a really good broadband connection?

Dzinepress Oct 16 2009

i really like mozila and safari, IE have many problems they don’t solve yet, as a designer i always prefer both my favorite browsers, also accept comparison.

Jacob Gube Oct 16 2009

Hello everyone. Just wanted to drop my two cents on comments regarding Firefox vs. Chrome. To me, the choice between Firefox and Chrome really depend on what what you think is more important: extensibility or performance. When I’m just browsing the web, I use Google Chrome because the sites and webapps that I like are client-side scripting intensive (Digg, Gmail, etc.). You can really tell the difference between Google Chrome and Firefox on Digg: page response times feel faster and the site feels more responsive. But when I’m developing, I use Firefox because of the extensions that it has. Google Chrome has a great tool like Firebug+YSlow built right in, but I’ve gotten used to Firebug and Firebug’s many extensions like FirePHP.

“Resolving Host” still a big problem for Chrome. I don’t see how it can win any speed test as long as the problem exist!

Valdeir Gomes Oct 16 2009

Hi I live in Brazil and here we use mozila firefox for enter BANK LINE cause his safety.
SO you can say any thinnk about security, which web BROWSER is more security.

PS. Nice article

Sivasayanth Oct 16 2009

Yeah pretty good result and article . but sometime i got bad experience from all over the browser. that is all consumed 100% cpu as well memory too. then it will automatically stuck.

Ali Qayyum Oct 16 2009

thanks for the information, i like firefox due to it’s customization features. i love it’s add-on. i got few tips from this link

Ben l Awesome Wallpapers Oct 16 2009

Figures that IE would be at the bottom of the list:)

Oliver Mezquita Oct 16 2009

Very interesting article. One more article to have handy when trying to explain why users should use IE as less as possible. I mentioned it in my blog.

even though, i cant live without firefox addons.

orlando Oct 17 2009

Thanks for the info. Only one question: what is Internet Explorer?

wow.. thats amazing Congrat for Google

Sam Logan Oct 18 2009

Interesting post, I wasn’t expecting Chrome to win by so much!

shutdown Oct 19 2009

yeah we can say google top everything but i have google chrome, i get crashes so far… i dont like it

a point millisecond difference of speed is not an issue to me thats why im sticking the Firefox; btw i manage to tweak my firefox memory issue using: about:config. plus ff is more reliable and also you have a wide choices of add-ons

ZusE84 Oct 19 2009

Hate IE with a passion!

Based on my experience, Chrome is the fastest browser. However, Firefox’s features surpasses Safari and Chrome put together. To be fair, an average user won’t be able to tell significant difference between the 3 browser.

And now… IE. I’m sorry to say this but IE really really REALLY sucks BIG TIME. I hated it then, I still hate it now.

Anyway… I use all 3 browsers. I really appreciate Safari’s “Top Sites”. It gives a more sophisticated feel. Firefox’s add-ons are unparalleled. I find managing bookmarks in firefox the easiest. Speed and simplicity are Chrome’s selling point.

Thanks for your review… =)

Jehan Oct 19 2009


Nice but you did not mention anything about memory consumption. So I did it:

Personally I use Opera and I find it quite fast though not as fast as Chrome at some tasks. That said, I find a couple of problems with this test. Please let me know if I am mistaken.

– CPU usage is measured when running Sunspider JavaScript test. That seems to be only one way to measure CPU usage and the task manager also seems a less scientific way of determining CPU load
– Page loads test is only tested on frontpage. This is far too limited a selection.
– Page cache performance is also only done for 1 page when browsers like Opera have very evolved page caching mechanisms.

nickvester Oct 19 2009

wow, never try any other browser except fire fox and IE, and its more confortable using firefox than IE. but this post made me curious to try the 2 others (Google Chrome, Opera 10.0)

Lee Munroe Oct 20 2009

Nice work Jacob. Had no idea Chrome was so good

Wow- guess I’ll have to try Chrome again. Still like my Firefox though, and no surprise with IE – oink oink!

Tekshek Oct 21 2009

in my opinion firefox is the best browser

Lindsay Oct 21 2009

It would be interesting to see how standards complient all these browsers are in conjunction with a test like this.

Mike J made the statement of using Opera for development, I have to agree with him I do the same.

Obviously standards will not affect performace and memory etc. but it would give you a nice “overall view” of capabilities.

PS – Nice job.

jsh02_nova Oct 21 2009

Performance is only one functional criteria. Chrome dosen’t have a 508 compliant interface and doesn’t have an proper rendering engine to handle all the varaitions in html markup.

Craig Oct 22 2009

Firefox it is for me and has been for the last few years.

Had a brief look at chrome before and may have another look based on that performance.

Singpore Oct 23 2009

One thing to bear in mind for this test. Chrome is not the typical browser compared to the rest. I mean as part of Google’s plan, eventually Chrome will be the window (no puns intended) to their cloud infrastructure where applications will be hosted. So its not the normal firefox/IE browser.

James Oct 26 2009

You neglect one area: memory usage. Chrome is a huge memory hog on Vista, which is ultimately why I switched back (ironically) to Firefox.

I use Mac Firefox almost exclusively. I’ve had some stability
issues, and it uses too many resources, but with Adblock Plus and Flashblock, it has the best mix of performance and features.

Indrek Nov 01 2009

Very interesting graph. Although I knew already that IE would probably be the worst I was actually pretty surprised that Chrome overpowered Firefox. Until now I was pretty sceptical about Chrome.

Mathieu Nov 04 2009

I tired of seeing these kind of benchmark when FF and Safaria have huge memory leaks… How many time did I have to close and open them to free almost 1GB of memory… When using 1GB, the whole OS become slow and FF and Safari freeze for a while then come back… Please I don’t care about 1ms of CSS rendering… but I care about the long minutes FF or Safari freeze then comes back and the long minutes I spend restarting my browsers…

Daniel Nov 10 2009

Dear Jacob I must disagree with you because I consider this test a little irelevant and here’s why :

Google Chrome may perform better than other browsers on a single OS.

What about testing the same browsers on different computers with different amount of RAM, CPU etc. and also on different OS such as :

Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows 7
Linux ( all major distros )
Mac OS X ( different versions )

As far as I know Google Chrome is being optimized for the web experience but doesn’t have all the features of other browsers.

It’s my personal opinion and I could be wrong but I don’t think so.

Kim H Nov 10 2009

Only issues I have:

1) Chrome does not come for mac.

2) Firefox crashes far too easily.

I’ve generally been using mostly Safari; I just don’t like that it doesn’t tend to save my tabs like other browsers do. At other times I use Opera, but I greatly dislike its apparent slowness in rendering JS.

Other thing is, I like Firefox’s plugins, so I tend to use it most for developmental work than I do other browsers; it’s really nice being able to edit code and troubleshoot in the same browser.

Nice work.

I thought so. Chrome is amazing.

I’d like to see benchmarks run for XP and 7…
Friends don’t let friends use Internet Exploder…

How true. the only i us Firefox for long session on the web and Chrome for short. Firefox’s plethora of add-ons just make a long session easier and put every thin i am interested in in a few clicks (and thus the least amount of time) possible.

But if i just nee a Movie look up off IMdB or a recipe i hit up Chrome.

If i want to have suicidal thoughts i will go with IE… nit i do no want suicidal thoughts.

Jared Nov 22 2009

You should throw Epiphany in the mix and see if chrome still comes out on top.

Jonathan Harley Nov 24 2009

Crazy, IE 8 doesn’t feel that slow – but I use Chrome when I can anyway..

Maybe it’s not surprising because most of the differences (as opposed to the biggest differences) are in 10s of milliseconds; barely enough time to blink..

Dante Nov 27 2009

Few surprises here. But why does a developer of Microsoft’s calibre, with their experience, market share and, presumably, the pick of the graduate programmers consistently produce such a lousy web browser? Seriously, I cannot get my head around this at all.


If in the results there is a joint second shouldn’t the next place be forth not third?

Lauri Dec 07 2009

This just confirms that IE is actually internet exploDer!
I think i´m still going to use Firefox because of the amount of addons you can have.

Lyons s Dec 12 2009

I sometimes find firefox a bit annoying, however IE is worse

Malamen Dec 16 2009


How about running the same tests on OS X and Linux?

Drakeor Jan 10 2010

I’d have to disagree on some of the results. I run an older single core computer and actually Firefox has a much worse page load time then chrome and opera.

To improve the results of this, I’d run the tests on more then just one computer on more then one platform.

I currently use opera, since firefox ran very slow on my older computer.

Oisín Jan 12 2010

In terms of CPU usage on OS X, it looks like Safari < Firefox < Opera < Chrome.

The current release of Chrome uses quite a lot of CPU time on the Mac implementation, but it's early days. I stopped using it after the first try, having opened up all the same tabs I had open in Opera (about 30), when the collective CPU usage of all the Chrome processes hit around 30-40%.
And Opera uses quite a lot of CPU already.

Also missing from this comparison is physical memory use – Opera on my 2 gig Macbook is currently taking up 374 MB, and often goes somewhat higher, but I have a lot of tabs open. Firefox and Safari OTOH tend to use significantly less RAM. Important if, say, you have a laptop which, although produced in 2007, will only hold a maximum 2 gigs of RAM (thanks Apple, clowns), and you're programming in Eclipse or some other memory hog IDE!

PVincent Jan 13 2010

I like Google Chrome for every day browsing but there are still some websites that don’t work with it. I often find myself loading up Internet Explorer just so I can do a transaction.

Joseph Jaber Jan 13 2010

Why bother to test such a thing? Chrome and Safari have the superior rendering engines. Chrome is typically behind a little on their Webkit builds. Gecko doesn’t hold as much sophistication and support for modern CSS or HTML5, Gecko still has display quarks. Trident is non-standards compliant. Whether or not the browsers could pass the Acid test or any real performance factors haven’t been displayed.

Safari is out of element on the OS side, and Safari also has specular loading, so it’s not going to pull data onto a page until it gets dependant effects and/or jquery scripts or spriting. (and this defense is coming from a Chrome user)

This isn’t necessarily unhelpful, but it is certainly a straw man argument, that should, in no way, shape, or form, be considered by a web developer.

Williams Feb 01 2010

Good Results Mate, Still i fix to firefox. Thanks for the Update.

jun3th Feb 08 2010

I used firefox with my browser for secure browsing

Taghi Feb 12 2010

I do not agree with the superiority of Chrome’s performance. I could not use it due to problems with it and rolled back to Mozilla Firefox.

Dev Basu Feb 19 2010

While I love Chrome’s speed overall it still does not beat Firefox in terms of sheer versatility. When that day comes around, I’ll be more than happy to switch.

Dude, it was tested on a Dell. I wouldn’t trust this if I were you. Dells can’t do crap.

Oiseaux Mar 04 2010

Tried Chrome but something missing, not sure what.

By the way, who or what is Internet Explorer, are they new, are they any good !!

Zack Dynamo Mar 24 2010

Not a power user. Running XP on pentium4, Biggest computer error in last 10 years: allowing IE to upgrade to IE8. Now I’m singing “Wasted days and wasted nights” trying to do anything on the web. My neighbor’s dog crapped a better browser on my lawn.

Zack Dynamo Mar 24 2010

Not a power user. Running XP on pentium4. Biggest personal computer mistake in the last 10 years: allowing IE to upgrade to IE8. Now I’m singing “Wasted days and wasted nights” trying to do anything on the web. looking for something better—better like in no lock-ups, crashes etc.

Renato Frota Mar 26 2010

Do you know why give me 2.25 to 2.5 mbps download result when using Chrome, if I’m under a phisically limited adsl connection of 1.72 mbps (I’m connected through an ATM dslan) while any other browser show correct results?

Pauly Mar 27 2010

Nevertheless, Chrome sucks.

Guido Mar 27 2010

nice web browser comparision but i think the web browser difeers from what computer you are using for me i think the best browser for Mac osx is Safari and firefox and both are configurables (ff aboutconfig) and safari through terminal opera is the best in windows less crashes and stuff i sincerily tested chrome but is like browsing on a paper sheet too plain
Im not either a professional im just a student from college :)

Derek Watts Mar 28 2010

Interesting results. I found Chrome quite good until the updating and constant reporting kicked in soaking up my cpu power (single core processor) and causing pages to hang for up to a minute -rather different to the benchmarks. Had it been configurable then I might have continued but after being frustrated I removed it form both my desktop and laptop sorry but it makes a mockery of these results. Now well I have a choice of Opera, Firefox or if I suffer from incompatability issues IE

olivvv Mar 30 2010

it will be interested with the newest version of browser (opera … ).
There has been a lots of improvements since these results.

Spencer Mar 30 2010

one thing that isn’t tested that really should be is safety. although i don’t think it would change the results much. in my opinion chrome firefox and safari and all about equal in terms of safety and opera and IE are 2 browsers that should never be touched unless you don’t plan on keeping your computer long.

in response to mikeeeee: i know you’ll probably never read this but chrome can do everything that the google toolbar can do but in a more practical manner and without the ugly toolbar getting in the way. the URL bar doubles as a google search bar. upon entering a page written in another language chrome will as if you would like it to be translated for you.

i’ve honestly never been happier with a browser than i am with chrome. the only thing i would like to see is a functional FTP client add on like fireFTP on firefox but i’m sure that will come soon enough with the addition of extensions.

too bad they don’t mention how much of a RAM hog chrome is

K850i Mar 30 2010

Just proved what I always thought. I use Firefox and Chrome most of the time, followed by SeaMonkey and Flock. Only until they are exhausted, do I consider that other browser.

wouldn’t testing safari on a PC be different than Mac, which is what most safari users run it on??

kompunetsa Apr 01 2010

Chrome has great peformance
Firefox has many plugin

I use both

firefox tweak to the limit is the fastest i’ve seen , i got my own tweaks and do not use the conventional tweaking , for me it’s the only browser i love to tweak and the os doesn’t matter

Daniel Apr 02 2010

different browsers use different amounts of RAM. The more ridiculously fast a browser is the more RAM it takes……i prefer Safari on mac OSX. it’s fast, smooth, and reliable. I have found Chrome, on the other hand, no matter how fast it is, to be unreliable on my macbook pro. I use firefox just to watch DIVX movies.

Ralph Apr 03 2010

I’ve been using Firefox for quite some time now but of late it has mysteriously crashed, not opened pages in Google or Adobe. Despite having emailed them I have yet to receive a response, so what’s the purpose of all these updates?
Chrome? They should name it Ruin, what a waste of time!

Chris Apr 03 2010

i would have to stick with firefox or IE for a powerful and robust experience. yet google chrome is a good for dev and jscript tools while Opera hits the charts in the netware and novell old at atx hybrid sys.

Aryan Apr 03 2010

I am still not convinced as Google chrome has some bugs which are yet to resolve so i still prefer firefox over google chrome

Chrome FTW! oh, baby!

money24seven Apr 05 2010

Hi 5 all… super cool tool especially for newbies never to soon to really understand the power of and in software tools…

Wilson Cowden

I was having significant performance using Chrome when I installed some plug-ins. One of it is actually very annoying, when I switch between tabs, it takes some seconds the page to be display, which is not happened with Firefox even if its bloated with plugins. I don’t know about Opera (every version I use always crash) or IE (testing only) though.

William Foster Apr 05 2010

Not suprised I don’t see Seamonkey here. My favorite browser, but not a very popular one.

Sarah Apr 06 2010

as a web dev i’ve had multiple browsers on my machine for years and my results differ from yours. From clicking on a browsers short-cut to having it loaded and on the desktop ready to use Firefox is by far the slowest followed by Opera – in the same time these take to load i can call up Maxthon and load a web page.

Any Mozilla based browser is most likely to not show the page correctly as it dictates font type and size, and until recently struggled with divs, overiding the html of the website you visit, consequently this can lead to texts and objects not to show. eg – if a page has a div with a specific font and size followed by a button, Mozilla browsers overide the font settings so may show the wrong fonr at the wrong size which forces the button out of the viewable area. As such i find it to be too unreliable for normal use and i just use it to check my own work displays correctly.

I hate to say it but i just never have any problem with IE (apart from the fact it’s made by MS), it always shows websites as they were designed to be seen. Older versions could be unstable which was why i started to use Maxthon as my main browser about 6 years ago.

In terms of usability and customisation Maxthon has had features which FF, IE, and Opera have only just caught up with.

Chrome reports everything you do back to google so i won’t have that on my machine on principle.

Firefox has the most useful plugins etc.

Opera does seem to be the fatest for general sufing, but is the least configurable.

I’ll stick with Maxthon as it’s fast, reliable, and configurable.

Steve Apr 07 2010

this is out of date now. opera’s newest JS engine is the fastest.

Mike from Shreveport Apr 07 2010

I like Google Chrome for speed–but it’s also the newest one of the group. My concern is that with feature bloat and code bloat they will “improve it to death” to the point that it’s no faster than the others. Opera used to be “the fastest browser on Earth.”

Well, we’ll see; time will tell. They ARE Google.

Iñaki Apr 08 2010

Opera 10.5 ;)

Bache GDL Apr 09 2010

Forgot to mention that Google Chrome is the one that crashes most along with Exlporer, while it is extremely fast, there has been issues lately using gmail with the Google Talk, plug-in.

As for Firefox well have more than 4 tabs open and off goes your RAM

cascass Apr 10 2010

Mr. Google…is this you sending me your XV century adverticement?

Guust Flater Apr 10 2010

Seen other tests where Opera is the fastest….

Chris Apr 10 2010

Perhaps the most pathetic part of all this is that IE, after its “head start” of being bundled into the operating system, still fared so poorly compared to the rest.

Oiseaux Apr 10 2010

I switched to Chrome a few weeks ago and yes I miss the Firefox add ons but for speed and stability I will stay with Chrome.

LeadInk Apr 11 2010

I think the moral of the story is IE still sucks and any of the other browsers are adequate enough to browse today’s internet.

Scotty Apr 13 2010

I use IE8 with Windows 7 every day with no issues… ever. I’ve used/tried Chrome and Firefox. They are just not as good as good ole Internet Explorer. FireFox was constantly updating plugins. That was so annoying I had to uninstall it. I forgot why I uninstalled Chrome, but I’m sure it was just not as good as IE or I would have kept using it. IE can get real slow if you install a bunch of crap toolbars and plugins. I keep it tight with Google Toolbar, McAfee SiteAdvisor, StumbleUpon and that’s it. It’s fast as hell and never crashes. I can’t see the need for any other browser.

Any idea how sensitive your results are to the OS, etc? Considering it is an uncommon setup, I wonder if translates to the browsing population in any meaningful way.

calvin Apr 14 2010

Safari was designed for MacOS, and Iphone, and surprisingly, it is reigning second in PC too ! It is tempting to see the comparison on MacOS or even Iphone.

Justin Apr 14 2010

This is awesome, thanks a lot. I love Google Chrome!

I love Chrome! The only thing I’m waiting for is some of my favorite plug-in’s from fire fox. Just a matter of time and I’ll be running only Chrome.

gindart Apr 14 2010

I don’t know how to choose a Internet broswer. But most of our friends will use the IE because it has been installed when we buy a PC. So now My coputer will use it but my office work’s choice is firefox.

Beda Sorin Apr 15 2010

I still trust in Firefox (most disposable) follow by IE 8 and opera.. only mini for mobiles have some good points ..somehow weak then “Bolt lite”!

dhani Apr 18 2010

Agree, Google Chrome is the best, fastest and thanks to Google…

Sinner Apr 19 2010

You might want to add a graph of which one crashes the most. And I think that would;d bring chrome down a notch. Anyway I prefer Firefox.

Misaki Apr 19 2010

men i knew it…… !! google chromes d best…i would prefer google chrome over any website….;)

Bryce P Apr 19 2010

Yet some 70% or better of users, depending on geographical location of users of sites tested, stick with IE. Are there just that many people that don’t care to find a better web experience or what? IE has been crap forever, I can only guess that most of those users just don’t know they have another option.

Nürnberg Apr 20 2010

Thank you for the comparison. Chrome might be the fastest, but especially for developer there is only one browser to choose: Firefox…. i love it.

Stéphane Apr 20 2010

I am a web dev and I never use browser plugins. Firefox WAS good… now it is much too slow. They are adding too many bling-bling to it. On a Mac I use Safari, but Chrome is interesting and a bit faster.

I would love to see a revised test with the latest versions to see if they still rank the same.

Sarah Apr 20 2010

Maybe if firefox could stop crashing it might start coming close to chrome

Chrome is the fastest
but cannot integrate with Internet Download Manager 5.17
it’s sucks man! :(

if google could fix that only downside, I’ll use Chrome anytime. Yeah

I usually use Firefox

Nikhil Sheth Apr 21 2010

Chrome and Firefox rocks. IE has a long way to catch up. Lets see if they can fare better with IE 9.

Opera 10.51 outpersorms all.. IE9 beta too rocks

SmartViking Apr 23 2010

You should run a test on Linux and compare how much faster and smoother everything will be. ;)

Eco Freindly Apr 23 2010

THt’s gr8 statistics

But I diasgree on one thing

FF makes maixmum utilization of CPU and memory compared to other browers. Its occupies atleast more than IE

Rapi Castillo Apr 24 2010

Firebug rules over all though, so.

deepak Apr 25 2010

Was there any need to test IE for performance.
Thats already sucks and we know it. :)

ReTox Apr 25 2010

Great tests. Can we get an update with new browsers? (FFox 3.6, Opera 10.51, Chrome 4, etc.)

Very nice to see how chrome is getting their part of the cake

i loooove my google chrome ^.^

Sivahari May 01 2010

The performance of Firefox in a linux OS also must be considered.

acak-acak May 02 2010

i,m use mozilla firefox.. and i love it

pThomas May 04 2010

Great charts, this is just the kick i needed to try out chrome. I shared this fine browser roundup on facebook too, i had no idea chrome was so much faster than IE.

Keith May 04 2010

An update of this test with latest versions on Windows 7 64bit (mainstream PCs), and also same test on Win7 32bit (netbooks) would be great.

Anthony Pittarelli May 11 2010

Anthony is proud of you Safari!

Martin May 15 2010

You know, those last two in Overall Performance should say 4th and 5th, not 3rd and 4th…

v.srinivasan May 19 2010

Nice to see the comparison of browser and their ranking. good.

Gareth May 19 2010

Great information very useful not just the test data but also your preferred use of FireFox and Chrome.


Jovino Margathe May 25 2010

I used your article as a basis on my article on 2010 browser comparison, using a more updated versions of the browser. I’m using 64-bit Win7 and surprisingly, IE wins on the startup time from cold-start.

Overall, Opera is the winner but somehow it just doesn’t render webpages correctly.

Howdeedoo May 29 2010

I started using chrome on a full time basis approximately 3 months ago and will not turn back the clock. Chrome is a great Browser and everyone should convert.

David May 31 2010


On my PC, when I open more than 10 firefox tabs, it will crashes.
But, with more than 5 Opera windows with more than 20 tabs in each, It uses less than 200MB ram and less than 10% CPU usage.
But you say, Opera is as shit as IE?!

This benchmark is just like a joke!

k0j0j0j0 Jun 01 2010

nice share….
i like google chrome

hitmanrebel Jun 08 2010

Why the heck you would you test these browsers on such a shitty OS please try again on XP or 7 or even OSX. not that bastard child vista.

Nicolas Villaume Jun 12 2010

Great work. I am wondering if others have seen much inconsistency in Chrome layouts yet. Despite the high ranking, I have seen some strange behavior.

Why the hell would you test safari with a DELL?!?!?!?! Sorry, I think you’re a freaking idiot.

Nicholas Norton Jun 13 2010

thank you for this valuable information.
personaly I prefer FF, it offer a lot of extension.

Nikola Jun 14 2010

this is old information , right now Chrome and opera 10.50 are with the same speed !

Kurtis Jun 15 2010

Go Google Chrome! Soon we will see the Google OS overtake windows.

Jerry Jun 20 2010

This is a fine article. The graphs tell all.

I was wondering though, if you did the top FOUR browsers (minus IE) on a Linux and/or OS/X system what it would turn out to be?

Pablo Mendoza Jun 20 2010

Maybe it’s time to update some data. Now Opera is faster than Chrome and Safari too.

edoovel Jun 23 2010

you should have update your Opera to Opera 10.60 Beta and you’ll see the difference.

Jacob Gube Jun 23 2010

Just to make it clear: I may do a follow-up, but I’m not planning on updating this particular graphic. The version numbers are indicated here, and the date of publication is stated above. Things may or may not have changed, but I’d like to keep this as a “screenshot” of the performance of browsers at this particular point of time, rather than constantly updating it every version change.

Cool comparison! I wonder how much Safari 5.0 would improve it’s performance against Chrome?

Manish Jul 06 2010

I guess CometBird beats them all. CometBird is insane brothers. I mean how could you ignore such an awesome website pals.

foxergoose Jul 06 2010

Not a surprise > Chrome is a lite, Firefox is a full browser…

This all depends on the machine you use and your connection. If you have a slow connections certain browsers will work better.

Chrome just has a good feel to it. Google and Android are taking over, and I am going along for the ride!

Calin Jul 10 2010

I stick to Firefox because I’m used to it and I don’t know if I can “survive” without its addons. Next would be Chrome, but with all these rumors about Google spying us…
The rest, Opera and then IE of course.

Good post, btw!

kunal singhania Jul 13 2010

it is really nice proof to say chrome rocks… :)

I dont know about these stats.. From personal experience I have used them all and I find Opera much faster than any of the others. Also I do not like thedata that google collects on people and their browsing activities. Sort of big brother and I am sure that there is a whole dtabase set up somewhere with all of our info that is sure to be leakedone day. You’ve been warned

All very well and good but despite performance GOOGLE IS STILL EVIL

Google is trying to take over the internet and for that reason firefox wins for me everytime. I will most happily sacrifice 500 odd ms in java loading in not supporting the wannbe monopolisers(sorry for spelling).

For many years, I use Opera and I still consider it the best option. I worked some time for Chrome and Firefox, but did not impress me.

Adriano Ellero Jul 21 2010

best comparison I’ve never seen.
can we update it systematically?

And that’s why I use chrome!

Philip Treacy Aug 10 2010

Cool comparison. So many of my clients still use IE, they just don’t know any better and have never been offered an alternative

Rojovosky Aug 18 2010

Excellent information
In future also continue to furnish this type of information
Please provide me with free down load of operating system

Well, I wonder how Opera can perform so poor, as far as overall user experience is considered I found it the fastest, even in terms of opening the tab, I have also found it to be taking the least memory when a lot of tabs are opened.

It would be nice to see the memory comparison and the existing tests when Opera Version 10.61+ is used.

Michael Aug 24 2010

Opera works very well on my Wii but I have to agree with this comparison for a desktop running Windows 7 Ultimate, Chrome is the fastest thing out there

I’m a web developer and i use all of them to check our websites. The Opera (10.61)is the much faster than any other browser.

Chromium is the FASTEST browser !!!
Not Opera or Safari…

Gejinder Sep 08 2010

Chrome is on the top. But I prefer working on Firefox.

What this chart doesn’t have is any indication of what the scale of the overall issues are. For example, if all 6 tests were applied on rendering one page, would the the slowest browser take several seconds longer than the first to render? Or fractions of a second? Performance is important, but just putting things on a scale doesn’t really indicate if the difference is truly signifigant or just a difference that users could care less about.

Craig Sep 12 2010

We still love Firefox, but definetly looks like Chrome is taking big strides!

Firefox is way faster than chrome on my pc

Whoever Sep 21 2010

I’m using W7/HP with IE8/M.S.E. are running fast and smooth. no issues at all. that what Bhushan say.

Jørgen Reitan Sivertsen Sep 26 2010

Good article, but when will we see an update? Opera claims to be the fastest browser on earth now, we need a new test!

this is so inaccurate! Sep 30 2010

cute comparison. i decided to switch over to chrome after reading how much less cpu it used. i was tired of firefox eating up 60%+ CPU on my mac. at first chrome was looking good, with only 20% among all it’s threads… but then when a flash page was opened, i scrolled down and saw that the “Shockwave Flash (Chrome plug-in host)” was using 90% of the CPU!!! total crap. is there no browser out there that can consistently use less than 25% of CPU with lots of tabs open?

Warren Oct 02 2010

You have done a great job with this browser comparison. However The current date is October 2, 2010. All the browsers have undergone revisions. Would you please be thoughtful and revise the browser performance figures please. Thank you

I agree with Warren – I would love to see how IE9 / Chrome / FireFox4 stack up!

Look at that- Chrome wins. no surprise.

Tried chrome, firefox, seamonkey, chrome much much slower on downloading files it does not have an option to continue on failed downloads nor firefox I prefer seamonkey on downloading files as I could pause or continue on a file later on. seamonkey wins. imho…

Jacob Oct 14 2010

I see this is old, you should see how awesome chrome is now since they are on like vers 5.0 now!

i still comfort using firefox however

Chrome might be fast but it skews many websites all over the place. Well written websites included. Simply yelling that any website that doesn’t display perfectly in Chrome is poorly written is insane. Chrome is poorly written. I don’t like it.

Robert Bradbury Nov 11 2010

Two tests which are critical for any browser (a) How much memory is consumed with a large window/tab load and (b) How much CPU is consumed (when idle) with a large window/tab load?

Wimpy single page load & display times do not reflect *real* world browsing and research activities which can involve 50-100 open windows and 500-800 open tabs. Sessions of those sizes are those which press on virtual memory performance as well as CPU overhead. It is very easy to bring even a modern machine to its knees if a browser session size reaches 50-75% of available RAM or if many tabs include scripts which require “active” polling. This generally effects all of the browsers listed with the exception of Safari (which I do not use). These statements apply to common machines like HP Pavilions from 3-6 years old. If one has to upgrade ones PC to use a “modern” browser then it isn’t a very good browser.

crjteacher Nov 11 2010

IE sucks…

adechriz Nov 15 2010

love firefox..try google chrome

Google is very fast, yet I prefer the desin and functionality of Firefox! IE always had too much security leaks.

Milli Jan 15 2011

Show the people why they should avoid using Internet Explorer:

Well everything makes sense except CPU usage…… i am not an expert but the taskbar shows multiple chrome tabs as seperate processes, when i did a comparison on memory usage of these, i found maxthon to be the lightest browser followed by opera and then firefox. i had 5 tabs open,, zapak another and redbull website, clearly chrome showed a lot more memory and CPU usage.

Also, IE 8 was the quickest to load redbull website. like i said, i am not an expert on how browsers work, nor was i testing javascripts. my units of measurement might not be useful parameters to measure either, but i know chrome occupies more memory than others.

I will continue to use chrome though, it gives my less problems with scripts, which eventually is the most important factor

B-rad Feb 07 2011

I’ve changed the pipelining information on my firefox browser which makes it incredibly faster.

Run Firefox. Type in “about:config:” search “pipelin”

Change “network.http.pipelining” to “true”
Change “network.http.pipeling.maxrequests” to “30”
Change “network.http.proxy.pipelining” to “true”

Right-click, Do “new-integer”

Name it “nglayout.initialpaint.delay” and set it to “0”

It will make Firefox faster, not sure how it would work against Chrome though.

These results are not surprising to any regular Chrome user. :) I never have a problem with a page not loading correctly. When Chrome was new I would have to carry around two browsers, but that is not necessary now.

Sync bookmarks. Use the omni bar. Browsing bliss.

I’ve been using Opera for the last few years and I was very pleased. There were inconsistencies in viewing web pages, but I managed to live with it. Since Chrome came, I forgot about Opera. Chrome beats all other browsers. Chrome is fast and clear – all what I expected from a web browser.

maneff Mar 11 2011

Heh nice results. I agree with them.
Note that I am using Firefox, Chrome and Opera on my computer so there’s no “bet browser”.
Actually IE is so slow for me so I am NOT using it

Bryan Mar 17 2011

Why didn’t you guys use the latest browsers?

Conveniently left out the fact that chrome’s cpu goes up 100% for every new tab opened…

Nam Tien Mar 26 2011

This article’s useful with fair & statistical info.
Currently, i’m a fan of Chrome. Vote for Chrome !


Ahmadreza Mar 28 2011

No broswer is better than IE for me, Specially IE.v9 for fast speed and more secure an easy to use :)


Steve Apr 06 2011

Benchmarks from more current versions available here.

squidney260 May 08 2011

what about internet explorer 9?

Ethan May 16 2011

Firefox 4? I believe a new test must be done that is more current

Darren Mercer Jun 09 2011

No browser is better than Firefox in my view, because Firefox has several features that other browsers are still missing.

abhijith Jun 16 2011

i think the latest version of firefox that is 5.3 beta is a better option than chrome if you concentrate on speed it loads pages faster than google chrome but firefox is lot behind on downloading speed

Kuzey Güney Jun 21 2011

Yes, I used Google Chrome everyday, and Firefox with various plugin for web development. Thanks…

Kuzey Güney Aug 09 2011

Google is very fast, yet I prefer the desin and functionality of Firefox! IE always had too much security leaks.

Leonardo Casci Aug 17 2011

Firefox still running to the top

Impeach Blobama Aug 17 2011

If IE were Obama it would be blaming everything on Firefox and Chrome. lol.

Kuzey Güney Sep 15 2011

I used chrome…Chrome is the fast :)

kabin Sep 15 2011

it loads pages faster than google chrome but firefox is lot behind on downloading speed

Kuzey Güney Sep 26 2011

Chrome is the fast :) chrome but firefox is lot behind on downloading speed

sanovnik Oct 02 2011

This is a wonderful content. I will bookmark this site and visit again. It is very informative. Thanks for sharing.

Bogart Oct 07 2011

I am a Chrome user for about 1year now, I have no any problems with Chrome, this is the best browser next to Firefox and Opera, the rest are garbage.

Gautam Nov 21 2011

Great analysis. When was this benchmark created and do you update it regularly?

Sazeeb Nov 25 2011

I always use firefox.Its super browser.Have some minor bugs but they always updating their software.


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