Web Developers vs. Web Developers (Infographic Remix)

Web Designers vs. Web Developers (Infographic Remix)

Back in November last year, a playful infographic exposed the differences between web designers and developers. In the infographic, a Venn diagram revealed one surprising characteristic the two groups seemed to share: a fear of women.

While it wouldn’t be funny if it wasn’t mostly true, the joke’s exclusivity prompted many commenters to wonder what a female version of the graphic might look like.

Here is a response to that call, an equally opinion-laden infographic highlighting the gender gap within the web development community.

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About the Author

Cassie McDaniel is a (sometimes snarky) designer, writer, and artist with nothing whatsoever against web developers. In fact, she’s in love with one. Find more of her work at and send internet high-fives via Twitter: @cassiemc.

This was published on Apr 21, 2011


Very funny! :D
i think the title is wrong: “Web developers vs Web developers”. :)

Shouldn’t it be “leg wear” ?

Also I’m a male web developer and I’ve never worn combats

Nikolay Apr 21 2011

LOL! Cool stuff. Really funny!

raff34 Apr 21 2011

In the infographic the title is wrong.

Good stuff, I like the last part about what we are afraid of.

7,6% to 92,4% the difference is huge.Here a nice article about women in web design and development

see the title of this info-graphic…”web developers vs web developers” .lol.

Hi Cassie, just for the record, on the infographic it says “Web developers” two times.


Jacob Gube Apr 21 2011

That was my fault. The infographic is correct, the title of the post is not. “Web Developers vs. Web Developers” is correct because it compares female web developers to male web developers.

I want to clarify what I just said: it would be better if it said “female developers vs male developers”.

Jacob Gube Apr 21 2011

@Gero: Yes, I think we want to avoid that because, a subtle underlying point of the infographic is, at the end of the day, we should treat ourselves equally. You’re not a male web developer or a female web developer, you’re a web developer. That concept is reinforced at the bottom, where it says, “Where are ALL web developers afraid of.”

Again, that was my error in terms of the post’s title; the infographic is as intended.

Samiullah Khan Apr 21 2011

Quite hard to understand what this image is talking about!

Giselle Apr 21 2011

LOL Entertaining but it’s quite sad how little women are in this industry..

LKenneth Apr 21 2011

HAHA this is awesome! Im just a designer but soon to be developer :)

Stacey Apr 21 2011

LOL! As a female web developer, this is actually fairly accurate for me… minus the t-shirt collection.

David Ball Apr 21 2011

Haha great article, I don’t wear combats, but do like baggy jeans. And I’m DEFINITELY afraid of scope creep!

Ferry T.H. Apr 21 2011

hahhahhah… you really made my day. Thanks.

Very funny! Thanks for this post!

Cassie McDaniel Apr 21 2011

Glad you guys are liking it. =) Thanks for the title explanation Jacob, spot on, and Giselle – I agree. Let’s encourage more ladies to join the industry!

Sanchit Apr 21 2011

Very cool.. Would like to have it as a poster in our office

So basically it’s just about Women’s suppression blah blah same story. I can’t stand people who use sex as a reason for themselves not to excel. There’s no reason why you can’t market your self like any one else, get the same jobs as any one else, make the same money as any one else. It’s just excuses.

Kayla Apr 21 2011

I’d just like to say that one portion of this infographic is incorrect– I am lactose intolerant, and I still fear a pizza shortage. :P

Kader Apr 21 2011

Very beautiful thank you for this participation

This is great! Very funny!

milly Apr 21 2011

This is awesome. You have me pinned, too. That female developer is exactly me. Thank you SO much for addressing the exclusivity of the first graphic.

Miss McDaniel, this is exactly how you encourage more ladies to join the industry. By simply portraying it as a normal and acceptable place for women to be. Great work!

Daquan Wright Apr 21 2011

One thing I notice about this industry and the tech industry in general is that good looking women aren’t drawn to it…

Anyone can get into it if they want to, that’s no longer an excuse as far as the gap goes. I just think women like more glamorous things (now is there anything glamorous about a piece of code, lol?), but of course, that’s not all.

Though oddly enough at my college I rarely see women majoring in computer science, but I see quite a few majoring in math….makes me wonder why more won’t go into CS.

Jatin Apr 22 2011

Ha Ha Ha, Really funny

BlaineSch Apr 22 2011

I think your geek man to geek woman ratio is off. It’s closer to 1:30 :P

Nathan Apr 22 2011

have not once come across a female developer in my career

Andrew Apr 22 2011

I went to a developer oriented college, and the ratio is correct for large groups (50+). And it’s spelled “lactose-intolerant”, not “lactose-interolerant”.

Bratu Sebastian Apr 24 2011

Funny. :) And such a beautiful author!

Kristin Apr 25 2011

I work for a company where the IT team is run by a woman, is a team of mostly women, and they are all developers. It is also worth noting that they are from Asian countries (we are an American company), where children are expected to achieve high-levels of education – both girls and boys, where here in America, I’m sad to say, we are not pushed to excel and mediocrity is quite acceptable.

Ladies, I wouldn’t worry so much about the attitudes one can get from the techy “good old boys club”. History shows that we end up working twice as hard to get half the recognition or pay, then we take over and rule the world!


Tanya Apr 28 2011

I do wear combats but not because I am a male web developer (I am a female web developer). It is because I love military-pop and neo-folk music, combat pants is widely spread leg wear among both male and female neo-folkers… Funny infographic though…

very good at things going around here many talks truth

Love it! Great Job.. that’s been bugging me for quite awhile. :) Cheers!

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