Web Designers vs. Web Developers (Infographic)

Let’s be honest. Being a web developer or a web designer doesn’t exactly give you an edge with the pretty girls (or guys) at your local pickup bar. If you were a part-time firefighter or investment banker, maybe. Nevertheless, the feud continues between web designers and web developers over which profession is the true calling. Like the yin and yang, these two are in constant battle to prove their dominance over the other, even when they work closely together.

Here is an infographic of the differences between web designers and web developers.

Click to enlarge.

Web Designers vs. Web Developers (Infographic)

Infographic by: Shane Snow. Shane Snow is an entrepreneur, writer, and recent Columbia MS/Digital Media graduate. Visit his personal site and follow him on Twitter @shanesnow.

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This was published on Nov 11, 2010


Ernst Nov 11 2010

Heh… I kinda see myself as being in the middle…. With a ponytail.

yudiacro Nov 11 2010

LOL that’s true.
You cracked me out :))
Wondering, what about who both designer and developers..

This made me laugh out loud in an otherwise quiet office, adding to the air of madness in my corner of the room – cheers ;-)

So… I’m afraid of myself?

Jeffrey Hunter Nov 11 2010

If I could buy a poster of this I would.

keithics Nov 11 2010

I love the web developer’s t shirt! very good article!

Bruno Nov 11 2010

aahahahaa!! HILARIOUS!

anonymous berlinerin Nov 11 2010

Maybe it’s a slow day and you’re trying to be funny, but… the intersection Women* only really works as a lame hetero boy joke, and the disclaimer is equally blah.

‘Some’ designers and programmers are female? You make it sound like we are an irrelevant minority and further the subtext of this is, “Haha yeah, we know you ladiez gonna complain about our joke, so we put this in to cover our asses. Whatevz… can’t you take a joke?’

And if the ‘statement stands!’, don’t you think after more than 40 years since (‘second-wave’) feminism began it’s about time you did something positive to change this status quo?

Try reading this: and educating yourself as to why the way she was treated starts with what seems like innocuous punchline jokes placed in the intersection of a Venn diagram.

(If it helps, you can dismiss me as a humourless feminist.)

Ryan Curtis Nov 11 2010

Awesome graphics! I might have to share this on our company blog for the laugh.

James Nov 11 2010

haha, it’s indeed true and very hilarious!!!

David Martin Nov 11 2010

A few years ago i would have said this was spot on…

I am a web developer now, but started as a designer i can still design but find i am mostly coding these days.

I’m a cross bread where to i fit in?

Rocco Passaro Nov 11 2010

It’s True ahahahaha

Romes Nov 11 2010

Hahaha I Love it!

Great work and its actually quiet accurate at describing the difference jobs for each.

I do both so I experience both the 2 worlds but I do not have stubby beards or terrible clothing thank goodness ;)

Sonali Agrawal Nov 11 2010


Manuela Nov 11 2010

Hahah great!

kevin Nov 11 2010

Nice one, i’d put an android based smartphone in the hand of the developer.

Dhruv Nov 11 2010

Just Awesome


Users who are both web designers and developers get the Girls :) :D

Nice one!

Ilyas Kazi Nov 11 2010

lol…. really funny and dats very true

Samuel Nov 11 2010

I´m in the middle. hahhaha!!!
now that ? =D

Girish Nov 11 2010


Jason Lenker Nov 11 2010

Awesome, and so true.

Hehe, so hilarious…

Derek Nov 11 2010

Made my day! would love a poster of this!

Snowflake Nov 11 2010


Subco Nov 11 2010

So I’m some kind of super-web-combination, cause I’m a programmer and a designer.

Richard Nov 11 2010

Wow! First and only 100% true article I’ve *EVER* seen on the internet! :)

Edison A. Leon Nov 11 2010

oh man!!! I need to start wearing other styled pants

Araen Nov 11 2010

Hillarious! So very accurate, however, once in a while i change teams, and change view too! does this make me schizophrenic? Do i need help doctor?

Lieke Nov 11 2010

Hahaha so true i’m on the right side of the equation :D
(except for the beard in my case ;P and some strange addiction to tea instead of coffee)

Scott Nov 11 2010


Why does this comic assume that all web designers and developers are men? What century is this? If not for that, it would be funny. But being left out AGAIN kind of ruins the joke.

Ravi Juneja Nov 11 2010

nice ha hahah

Maicon Sobczak Nov 11 2010

Very funny and a lot of truth. I’m both.

Walter Apai Nov 11 2010

Excellent Article given by you, thanks a lot. Keep posting more.

Ashok Nov 11 2010

Awesome, Excellent work!…All details perfectly true & completely fit….grt.
except that i don’t understand in which earth women do web-programmin??!

Sarah Weeger Nov 11 2010

Sorry anonymous berlinerin, but as a female designer and developer myself, I’M dismissing you as a humorless feminist. He did do something positive by even adding a note about women to this, because we don’t exactly dominate the 2 fields… yet. :)

LOVE this!!!

BenDZN Nov 11 2010

I like it, I myself am a crossbreed and have no stubble, @BenDZN t-shirt from Zazzle, Macbook pro for work, PC at home for entertainment center, dress pants from Express, we’ll keep the $$ a secret ;), afraid of: early mornings, getting out of shape from having a sedentary job, having something go out on Facebook that gets me fired.

You only needed to change the middle of the Venn diagram to ‘The Opposite Sex’ to make this more inclusive. Instead, you’ve added a disclaimer which actually makes things worse by dismissing female developers.

Still, I loved the graphic.

According to your analysis, there is another commonality between designers and developers: They’re all white.

Just sayin.

eugeboy Nov 11 2010

awesome tongue in cheek humor! :)

Very good, thanks!
Excellent ! Merci pour ce partage :)

candra Nov 11 2010

wow…..gue banget….that’s really true…by the way i love Web developer Shirt.

Hmm..somehow true but I’m both: coder and designer

Jamal Nov 11 2010

Wow, this is hilarious…. I’m both so does that mean I am very scared of women… lol

groningen Nov 11 2010

briljant! totaly true! :D

MANSGREASE Nov 11 2010

Brilliant, all so true.. especially the part about women.. The comments about race playing a role , why does the race card have to be played at all?.
So then make one of them blue with green poka dots and the other one silver w purple dreadlocks. DUDE!.. it is the content that is important not the color of the ICONS being used to represent them.

JJ Nold Nov 11 2010


Melanie Nov 11 2010

Going to have to agree with anonymous berlinerin and Joel: that word, “some,” is kind of like a slap in the face. Almost as if: “this is a man’s industry and some of you ladies managed to crack into it.” To be fair, it does seem as though most prominent web designers seem to be male, but I’m not sure if this is about uneven numbers; I think there’s a lot of other reasons why women aren’t featured as much as industry leaders. I really don’t identify myself as a staunch feminist, but as a young person just cracking into this design & development, it’s annoying to see my gender treated as an afterthought or a minority.

But yea, to be totally inclusive, writing “love interests” in the center of the Venn Diagram would satisfy most people. I know it’s just a silly little illustration, but it still matters. Because if you make these kind of assumptions and judgments and slights in your personal work, what are you doing in your professional work?

Error601 Nov 11 2010

Pretty funny. I’m a little of both, so I take my MacBook Pro everywhere with me, prefer to use my own mouse (not keyboard, but same idea) and wear the T-shirt the developer is wearing (which you can get at, by the way).

Curtis Scott Nov 11 2010

Hahaha, I love how true this is for so many of us. I find myself falling right in the middle on this. Well done!

Ha.. ha.. good one.

Will share this link with our IT team!!.. :)

Andrew Cooper Nov 11 2010

Everything aside from the coffee addiction (it’s more of a Coca-Cola addiction) sums me up as a Web Developer. Brilliantly designed and a good laugh!

Andrew Cooper

Julian Nov 11 2010

You got my stubble down pat. Feels good to make more money though.

Web Designer Nov 11 2010


I am a lady web designer – obviously addicted to Macs – but strangely not afraid of women!

Love it though


Young Nov 11 2010

i dunno where everyone is located, but no web designer i’ve met is afraid of women. kind of the opposite, actually. it also seems to help that there are a lot of lame hipster chicks out there who look for that kind of dude. developers for sure tend to be socially aloof, but to me the punchline of this infographic was a very weak attempt at a joke. the esoteric shirts were funnier, but they also could’ve picked shirts that haven’t been unfunny since 1998. then again, maybe it was done by a developer.

funny article! thanks…

Tom, NewEvolution Nov 11 2010

LOL, nice!

Andrea Nov 11 2010

and of course its two dudes . How typical!

Patrick Nov 11 2010

very cool comparison between the two animals. :)


seeing this tells me that i don’t know where to stand, I got that shirt “there no place like…”, i got skinny jeans, long beard and hair for about 6 months now, carpal tunnel is also my problem, cigarette and cola, coffee also.

the only makes me stand out is… i have a wife a cute daughter :)

Brittany Nov 11 2010

What about women who are designers and developers? I feel like the human equivalent of dividing by zero sometimes.

Method-X Nov 11 2010

Awesome! :)

This is so funny I decided to start showering and shaving.

Siskin Nov 11 2010

I agree with Joel. Your acknowledgment of gender could have been more tasteful – it’s not good enough to throw in a line in the introduction. As a female developer, this infographic assumes that I am a lesbian and have facial hair (neither of which is true). You could also emmend the joke to heterosexual males only ;)

So true! But let’s face it. Each one needs the other to survive.

riyley Nov 11 2010

In the heading you use Web Developers, but the rest of the poster describes Web Programmers.

Developer != Programmer.

Otherwise, pretty darn funny.

adrstudio Nov 11 2010

Great!!! xD

@Sarah Weeger – Thanks for having some sense in the matter. To all the other female web-designers/developers whom got offended over this FICTIONAL web info-graphic, learn to take a joke.

If you have to go out of the way to make it a point that your not a “humourless feminist”, then more likely than not, that is exactly what you are…

Margie Nov 11 2010

Haha…the male designers and developers are truly both afraid of women, but the female designers and developers are afraid of nothing! We are all-powerful! ;-)

And without stubble, either. :-) Oh, and with a Diet Coke in our hand instead of the coffee.

XML Home Run Nov 11 2010

Had to make it about two men. Otherwise the stubble joke would not have worked too well.

Hey based on the salary, who would want to be a web designer?

I’m going to get slammed for all of this but:

1. Ross: White nerds look funnier than black nerds, so, if anything it’s a positive in favor of blacks rather than against. See “White and Nerdy” by Weird Al for further clarification.

2. Berlinerin: “Humorless Feminist” is redundant.

3. The “Women” joke would have been funnier, and more explanatory, if they had just said “Pretty Women” instead.

Linda W. Nov 11 2010

Female version of designer/developer: Hair in ponytail, half-dressed in pajama bottoms & t-shirt, coffee cup with two sips of cold coffee left in the bottom, crossed eyes from focusing on two screens at the same time, alarm clock to remind her to eat, sleep & pay attention to family. Second alarm clock for when first alarm clock is ignored. Dark chocolate bars within arms reach at all times. Frequently says “Just let me transfer this one file real quick”…

Verity Nov 11 2010

I’m really not a fan of this. What, women designers and developers are only important enough to be mentioned in the context of an object to be afraid of? Bullshit!!

Good on someone else above me calling out that the diagram only works for hetero guys too.

Boo!! :(

Mohawk Kellye Nov 11 2010

What about Front end Developers? Looks like the sad man pictured here is a Back End. All the dudes in this office are married or at least committed. Some Developers have game or are fairly attractive. =P

Funny!! But I’m a PC!!

//Sub/Corpus Nov 11 2010

don’t like perl ???
come on !!!

Alejandro Nov 11 2010

Hahahaha So true! And thx god I’m a developer!

Julia Nov 11 2010


Kevin Nov 11 2010

This is too good! Golden, even! lol

Refined Designer Nov 11 2010

Let’s get a version of this infographic for us women designers/developers out there!

CQSmooth Nov 11 2010

We both hate magento too. I think im right smack in the middle with my skinny jeans.

Laboratory Nov 11 2010

Keyboard it’s not the only thing that programmers bring to work:))


Chris Nov 11 2010

Love the post! Laughed at all of it … especially the asterisk! It’s supposed to be a poke at stereotypes. Enough with the whining! What’s less than ‘most’ that wouldn’t make the joke less funny or ruined it all together?

Very cute – I am both a designer and a programmer and I am exactly in the middle. I hate skinny jeans, I love coffee, can’t afford a Mac (though I would consider making a Hacintosh), but I like the Helvetica t-shirt better. Also, is that an iPod? Because I’d be lost without mine. And as a woman, thankfully I do not have a beard (no offense to the bearded-ladies out there, you rule!).

EnJayAre Nov 11 2010

Hysterical! Love- love – love Brings own keyboard to work!!!!

BTW: I am a female!

Chris Nov 11 2010

So good! Nailed it on the venn diagram at the bottom. Fixed price billing haunts my dreams.

Jonathan Nov 11 2010

This left me feeling sorry for myself and seriously contemplating a career change. Hilarious.

Tarellel Nov 11 2010

Awesome work guys, you’ve definitely hit this one on the head of the nail. If only you were selling posters/printouts of it…

Mike Key Nov 11 2010

What happens when the two interbreed and you create one?

Lydia Dugger Nov 11 2010

LOL, funny!

Being a woman and a cross-breed designer/programmer ….. I must have a double dose of fear of myself?

Edwin Nov 11 2010

Web designers take home the Prom Queen, web developers get their asses kicked by the football team.

Mr_Fringe Nov 11 2010

Comments on the jokes being dated is understandable, but race and gender, really? Most developers and IT workers in general are male. That is not “oppression” or “misogynist” but a fact.

They are obviously not all white (is that what we are called? /shrug) but they are the likely majority in the USA so again the representation is apt. So I suppose if the article compared NBA players and they were both black all us crackaz should focus on complaining instead of appreciating the humor?

So then race and gender card throwers, why don’t you tell us how the author can enlighten their future works to meet your requirements of your insecurity.

Either you aren’t intelligent enough to deduce/reason away the choice of representation or you love pretending that your failure to come to grips with your own identities constitutes a valid lens from which to view the world through.

Funny diagram – haters hate because it is their purpose – ignore them..

Ryan Ganley Nov 11 2010

Some Truth, but the way the world is going with Web Work, I would love someone to argue that the developer is going the way of the Horse & Carrige. Very useful now, but soon we won’t need to rely on developers for small things, they will be automated like spell check and all that’s left is the client saying.. “Make it look nice”. The problem is really build by the developer, they are making the software to easy to use by the designer.. Thanks by the way!

Richard Castera Nov 11 2010

This is so true!

Amber Nov 11 2010

hahaha! I look over at my friend and he’s wearing that same outfit, shirt and all. HILARIOUS

Stuart Nov 11 2010

Amazing. This is so bang on.

velda Nov 11 2010

re: Wondering, what about who both designer and developers..

That’s where they need a pic of an amazing geekychic who has style and smarts :) And no stubble.

beoppp Nov 11 2010


velda Nov 11 2010

I was joking a bit about the girlgeek in the middle bit, since that’s where I sit, but from the comments it looks like I am certainly not the only one. *high fives all the other stubble-free designer+developers*


What scares me, I’m one of those developers who does bring his own keyboard to work (an old Fujitsu mechanical keyboard)

I don’t know if I should be proud or highly embarrassed…

One of the best things I have ever seen… Hilarious

web developer Nov 11 2010

“Hey, I’m going to put some unfunny, sexist stuff in my joke!!! … It’s OK to be sexist because I know it’s sexist and I’m admitting it!”

Um, no, not a good excuse. In fact, possibly worse than if your attempt at sexist humor were out of ignorance. Too bad, since some of the non-sexist stuff in here would be funny if it weren’t so tainted by that giant cloud of unfunny.

Easy to fix, too — I can only assume you didn’t because you *wanted* to be sexist?

“Being a web developer or a web designer doesn’t exactly give you an edge with the pretty girls (or guys) at your local pickup bar help you get a lot of dates.”

Both are afraid of… “women Each Other”

There! Humor without erasing and othering an entire gender (which, by the way, is full of people who have trouble getting ahead in these fields because of attitudes like THIS).

Sparky Nov 11 2010

Funny, but… I’m a developer and a woman, so I have a pretty good idea of what other developers are afraid of. Its not women; they’re perfectly ok with women as friends, play video games and watch movies with female characters, and are almost always cool with female co-workers.

What the media plays up, and you perpetuate, is ‘nerds’ who are afraid of socializing. And they are just as likely to be horribly awkward and nervous in a group of jocks as they are when meeting women at a party. So lets be honest about what they’re really afraid of… anyone who doesn’t ‘get’ what their shirt means!

Amber Nov 11 2010

I’m mostly a designer but can play with code if I need to. Thank goodness I have no facial hair. :)

Chris Nov 11 2010

That’s pretty spot on. this is awesome.

Web Designers are afraid of source-control too.

I swear I worked with guys. Sooo funny1

Web designers: arrogant.
Web developers: bitter.

KodeFu Mistress Nov 11 2010

Women who call this “Sexist and lame” – yes you Julia. Just shut up and stop complaining already, I am seriously sick and tired of anyone (not just women) who sit there and complain about anything remotely offensive (which was not the intent of the illustration) and just hold your tongues for the love of potatoes. Now if it were BLATANTLY offensive then by all means, go through the proper channels to file a complaint, that would be standing up for your group! You’re only showing the world that you’re closed minded and are just yelling out with your eyes closed like an idiot. PLEASE JUST LET IT GO! Everything in this world is offensive to at least one person, if you don’t like something then don’t take part, simply as that.

and yes I am a woman.

And the guy who created this chart is apparently neither. It shows.

Vivoo Creative Nov 11 2010

hahaha brilliant post

Phillip Nov 11 2010

I just did a presentation on this SAME subject matter. Check out some of the details and download a PDF of my deck from my site to read up on it.

frikisada Nov 11 2010

I´m really afraid of the carpal tunnel

webTill Nov 11 2010

haha …great graphic. that’s the real live every day at our web agency. web designer vs. web developers

Stereo Sean Nov 11 2010

Pretty accurate for most, but I’m a web developer who’s also the lead singer of a band, and I can’t say I own any hipster nerd shirts. ;)

Anyone offended by this should take note: a politically correct world is a world where creativity is dead. If something offends you, dismiss it and find something you enjoy. Too many people are ruining society with their P.C. mindsets. Let live.

Chris Nov 11 2010

Most developers are perfectly capable of designing, but probably find it a bit boring. On the other hand, most designers know very little about back-end coding and are unable to do development.

The humor kind of gets lost when you have to try to also make the whole thing gender neutral. I’m pretty sure they didn’t mean to offend women, but rather be funny. You’re all right, it IS 2010, can’t someone just say something funny without being attacked for not including women. Thanks to all the women for trying to ruin the funny.

Wayne Nov 11 2010

I hear people with ipods attract more women. Ipod runs HTML5, Canvas, web workers, and HTML5’s web storage – which makes it a good device to show the work of web developers.

How come they’re called Web Developers at the top of the page and Web Programmers for the 2nd and 3rd parts of the page?

I LOVE the venn diagram.

Emily Nov 11 2010

So true! I’m a female Web Developer and I really distrust all other women… and men… and just people.

Jason Nov 11 2010

So…I’m guilty of 3/5 on both sides, what does that make me?

Christy Johnson Nov 11 2010

I’m not paid to be a web designer or a web programmer, but I sometimes feel like both ever since I started building my company’s website. I’ve spend probably twelve hours a day working on all the ins and outs of the website builder and I’m still not completely satisfied! I probably never will be. However I do know one thing, I definitely relate to the addiction of my cell phone. Just that makes me more of a web designer! Explains the low paycheck! lol

Snorri Páll Nov 11 2010

You need to add one confused guy in the middle.. “The Hybrid”..

I’m a woman and I’m kinda afraid of our kind, too. LOL! (Since I live in a country where you’re required to be EVERYTHING, I’m also stuck in between being a designer and a developer.)

Toni Taylor Nov 11 2010

So sad but also so true. I’m still laughing. It’s going on the break room bulletin board. Either way…they’re both great and we can’t live without them.

LOVE IT. Have to say that everyone should just step back a bit, enjoy it, bask in it, and stop hating life. It is for fun, not political, just good old fashion fun.

Enjoy life, each of us only get to go around this ride one time, then it on to…..

Looking forward to your next reveal, could you be the next Dilbert creator?

Lologram Nov 11 2010

“Most developers are perfectly capable of designing, but probably find it a bit boring.”

Wrong. I’ve seen plenty of sites ‘designed’ by developers, and I have the irreversible eye damage to prove it. Don’t slag on designers just because they know how colour schemes work.

Thomas Bodetti Nov 11 2010

Amazing, now that is the most accurate and funny bit I have seen in some time, while debugging and watching burn notice at the same time, while typing on this keyboard,~)

Gcsmith5 Nov 11 2010

This had me cracking up! I can definitely relate…lol
We need a poster version…I need to print this and add it as a poster in my room.


RhyneMedia Nov 11 2010

I’m a designer and I hate Macs and laptops. :-P

Ionuţ Botizan Nov 11 2010

I’m not sure what’s funnier: the infographic itself or all the “Humorless Feminists” commenting on it! :))

bigyaz Nov 11 2010

It won’t be long before we don’t need very many web “developers.” Remember the days before desktop publishing? A designer had to draw out the design and hand it off to a technician who did the technical work to make it reproducable. Once Pagemaker and then QuarkXPress came along those technicians were no longer needed.

Soon designers will have the tools to put their work directly online, without the need for some go-between to produce the arcane CSS and Javascript and what-not needed to render the page/site.

I can’t wait.

Kreditkort Nov 11 2010

very good, I love the “bringing their own keyboard to work” lol

Rayna Diane Nov 11 2010

Thankfully, as a woman designer/developer, I never rock facial stubble. Phew. :) I love reading both types of t-shirts on websites but own neither – I still have the like-to-dress-up-bug from childhood. and as for women – they may be more complicated then men but they still rock! woo hoo!
and I don’t know – when I say what I do for a living I usually get a good response – maybe the lack of response is related to the fear of women? ;)

Daquan Wright Nov 11 2010

Stop bitching women, it’s not opinion that women typically aren’t even drawn to these fields since they involve technical stuff and seem “nerdy.”

It’s not exactly meant to be taken to heart either…

Rodan Luzuriaga Nov 11 2010

I think that is really me… skinny jeans.. hahaha

John Comeau Nov 11 2010

Cargo pants… check. Coffee addiction… check. Stubble beard… no longer. Got rid of it with the 80-hour work weeks and 6-figure salary. Competing with Indian, Chinese, and Eastern European workers for the $20/hour jobs at Odesk and vWorker. working 10 to 20 hour weeks, my own time, own place and own pace, and loving life.

You should make this a poster. I would buy.

John Paul Nov 11 2010

HAHA!! I read no comments because the code monkey wins again!

LOL! So Brilliant ! But seriously there should be a “Guy” that design and develop at the same time :)

Stereotypical and boring. Sorry.

Looks like a lot of chicks are posting about the “middle” section. I assume they’re a lot of women designers…but do chicks code?!

Lolz and most of the Web Designers are GAYS! someone should include that

omvaishnav Nov 12 2010

Nicely designed, I like designers and their gadgets :)

Cappo Eight Nov 12 2010

The true calling is right in the middle. Any web developer who can’t use photoshop to make a nice design is not a web developer. Any graphic designer who can only use photoshop to make a nice design is not a web developer.

There should be no line. Neither design nor CSS/JS is so difficult that you have to be one or the other.

baduy. very baduy.

This is hilarious, I love it!

Dien fujita Nov 12 2010


napster Nov 12 2010

LOL hihihi, funny but true

Banago Nov 12 2010

Wow – damn! So True :)

stalex Nov 12 2010

Hmm, Why Macbook Pro when we have iPad? 8))

cindy repaja Nov 12 2010

it’s just so funny in the illustration that they’re both afraid of WOMEN.

blah, here come the accusers of sexism (aka women) who translate this joke in an offense to the female gender.

@anonymous berlinerin – Yes, it is a conspiracy against you. All you could see in the entire graphic was the mentioning of “Women”. But hey, that’s the definition of most girls:
– Baby, you souldn’t eat that much.

Mr Man Nov 12 2010

What’s wrong with the ladies? hehe.
Accept it you are minority and very hard to work with.

SonnyDesign Nov 12 2010

very amusing :) could’nt help but agree. cheers!

Er. Abhishek Verdhan Nov 12 2010

This is funny but true i think. Enjoy this and begin to think What we are?

Milano Nov 12 2010

Wow! The salary of the Web designer considers Bill Gates who once designed a website for a friend?

Roland Nov 12 2010

@Anonymous Berlinerin
You’re not anonymous anymore. I know you, Alice Schwarzer!

david Nov 12 2010


Gaspar Nov 12 2010

what’s the “life sustaining addiction” of the designer?

Stretch Nov 12 2010

Funny. You’ve got the hair colours right for me and my designer-geek other half of the business duo too.

anonymous berlinerin

I may not be frightened of women, but I’m certainly frightened of you.

danielle Nov 12 2010

can I learn to become web developer and designer on my own place where can I purchase the book

Tathagata Nov 12 2010

Really great!

Anila Arshad Nov 12 2010

I love web designing

Thank you very much for making the distinction. I don’t understand why the “trend” is towards the two being the same person. If I wanted to code, I would have gone to different schools and took different jobs, but I’m a designer and I want to make things look good. I have my genius programmer friend to make them work :)

Great infographic, anyway!

Sebastian Knopp Nov 12 2010

hehehe, awesome graphic and very, very true also here in germany ;)

Designer don’t have stubble. It just doesn’t grow.

Oh yeah, that’s right :) and funny too!
I’m living between these worlds. NO DESIGNER, NO DEVELOPER. MORE … DELOPER ;)

Wish u a great day.


hehe, this is brilliant – SO true as well!

Muahahahahahaaa, very funny stereotype there :)

Misha Nov 12 2010

So true! hihihi

Adrian Nov 12 2010

Designer/developer hybrids should be killed at birth!

Its really creative truth telling infograph. ! it will make smile on both designer’s and developer’s face.
Thanks for this nice article..keep it up.

inpixelitrust Nov 12 2010

Well, I’m a woman but still finds it pretty accurate for mens around me and funny. I won’t see sexism here, but I would love to see the same chart for girls.
Well I’m a “she” web-apps-designer and a front developer (even if I play around with php when coding templates), but I’ve no macbook and can’t stand slim pants, I’ll go with the cargo pants if I could (but my boss won’t probably like this idea)and the coffee addiction. I think I’m a designer who looks like a developer: hum weird !!

Lol too true! Missing something important in the intersection of the Venn diagram though – Internet Explorer!

Brandon Nov 12 2010

“Some” is the appropriate word. Would you prefer perhaps “small minority” instead? Hell, I’d be more insulted by that.

It’s a joke and a lot of the women out there that are complaining need to learn to laugh at yourselves once in a while. Most of the people that read this, and probably even the people who wrote this, would laugh just as much if they were a male nurse (if not harder). You have no problem laughing at the rest of the jokes but because of the “women” remark you get all bent out of shape?

See, that strikes me as descriminatory. You should be equally offended by the rest of the jokes too, even if they’re not directed at you. Me, I laugh at all the jokes equally, I enjoy it more, and then I go make my fiance breakfast (yes, guys can cook) while she goes off and brings the bacon. Learn to laugh at yourself. You’ll find you’re a happier and more complete person.

Brandon Nov 12 2010

Actually, I just read that in Psychology (my field of study), 72% of the doctoral level is female.

Jamie Maing Nov 12 2010

Haha. This is hilarious! I had no idea web developer’s median was that much higher! Overall, great article!

Rubens Mariuzzo Nov 12 2010

Nice article! Congrats Shane Snow for this interesting infographic. I can see myself in it.

SteelValor Nov 12 2010

The best part is … I have that shirt, link below, which I bout when it first came out circa .com bust era and I haven’t shaved in 3 days, but shower daily.

Stephen James Nov 12 2010

Can I get a t-shirt with kerned perfectly in Helvetica?

Keith Craigo Nov 12 2010

I have those same cargo pants.
This is great. I’m gonna send this to my boss.


I’m in the middle. LOL. Nice post. Really interesting

Kendell Warner Nov 12 2010

This is awesome and so damn true!

Joshua Chase Nov 12 2010

This illustration is so incredibly accurate it’s scary. I love it. Love the article, will share :)

MarkAmca Nov 12 2010

I agree with all that :)))

Got to admit, I drag my keyboard around where ever I work.
Whilst everyone laughs, kinda glad I do after looking at this image :-)

Nice one

Juris Nov 12 2010

Priceless :D Loving it. Only forgot about earphones for web developers :)

Jorge Garcia Nov 12 2010

Yeah, I couldn’t disagree with this more. I’m a designer who only uses mac and loves learning new programming/DB stuff. Also I can’t stand working on macs and I drink coffee. Also skinny jeans are for lame-o’s.

Jorge Garcia Nov 12 2010

OOps… I meant to say I only work on PC. Lol.

mosarof Nov 12 2010

I like webdevelopers, cool :)

Amanda Rodriguez Nov 12 2010


nandu Nov 12 2010

Good one ! So true !!

Brita Nelson Nov 12 2010

C’mon this is a JOKE, and I think it is funny. It is not supposed to be politically correct, or all encompassing.
I am a 51 year old woman and have been subjected to sexual harassment and sexual discrimination. You young women don’t know how lucky you have it. Get over yourselves and laugh.

Michael Harper Nov 12 2010

Would it be possible to get a an .eps file so I can print poster size? I’d like to share it with my students by placing it in our advanced media development studio as inspiration –

Does creating sites in WordPress, Joomla and Drupal make you a web designer, web developer or both?
There is some coding, but it’s mostly about design. I definitely fit more into the Web Developer graphic, but I probably couldn’t code an entire CMS site without the help of Joomla.

pewterhydra Nov 12 2010

Well, I’m a woman, and (beard aside) fit pretty neatly into the web programmer portion of the Venn diagram. Including the bit about being afraid of women.

Sensitive Guy Nov 12 2010

In my experience:

Designers – gays that like to take it in the butt
Programmers – lifeless idiots that lack any creativity
Women – Best at designing a hearty dinner, naked

Anyone that is offended is clearly a crybaby.

@anonymous berlinerin


Come the f*, it’s a funny web graphic, not a platform for your feminist rant, lol. Go shave yer armpits, ya damn hippie.

InfamousLA Nov 12 2010

Besides restricting movement – they look gay! Seriously what real man wears skinny Jeans?

Developer Girl Nov 12 2010

I am a female web developer and I don’t look nerdy at all :) and I use a mac to develop and I do love my coffee!

This was good for a laugh.

Kristi Nov 12 2010

Hey, Sensitive Guy, I resemble resent that remark!!

Seriously I’m female and think this is right on and hilarious. More infographics please! I’ve given you permission to make one for us girls!

Kevin Huynh Nov 12 2010

haha. Hilarious. I would love to get a poster of this as well.

Linds Nov 12 2010

Uh, hello? What about the WOMEN – we can be designers and programmers too!

Jorge Urdaneta Nov 12 2010

Why Internet Explorer wasn’t mentioned as things any of them are afraid for?

Inthemiddle Nov 12 2010

I like to think I’m in the middle, bein a woman in this industry iif u can do both definately. Gives u a leg up in the Market, plus woman can multitask !

Kristin Nov 12 2010

I am a female web designer and web developer all merged in the truest sense, and if I didn’t get a mani-pedi once a week and have a few good friends who are women (some are designers and some are developers) I would say all of this describes me perfectly! LOL – and I *am* a little afraid of women! Hahaha!

Adham Dannaway Nov 12 2010

LOL! This is pretty cool. Lucky I’m inbetween. Best of both worlds. :-)

Adham Dannaway Nov 12 2010

Cool info graphic. I did a post similar to this a while back. Are you a designer or developer or a bit of both?

Mahaveer Nov 13 2010

Awesome and well said.. I would love to be a mix of both of these guys ;)

Himadri Dimri Nov 13 2010

I know I know.. it is all so true :) one more loss of being a women sometimes people dont take you so seriously…

why IE is not mentioned i think all are afraid of it

Imran Khan Nov 13 2010


Babar Hussaini Nov 13 2010

waoooo… i really like that… but i like both, designing with development…

Silvia Nov 13 2010

“Some”… “are female”… uhm… :(

Teri Pettit Nov 13 2010

What I want to know is (1) was Illustrator used to draw the graphic?, and (2) wouldn’t it be more informative if the number of developers vs number of programmers was a comparison with web developers instead? “Programmers” is a very broad category, and I suspect more than half are application programmers, not web developers. Which makes the comparison misleading.

Teri Pettit
(software engineer on Adobe Illustrator since 1987)

sinsdesign Nov 13 2010

I am a women web designer, so … I have a trendy stbble-bear? Nice :)

Asinox Nov 13 2010

Ohh!! … good !!, jaja .

Buy…sure “two guys”, the author is a guy…. but if the author is a girl..”two girls”…that’s no problem

Lukigi Nov 14 2010

I guess Im a shit web designer cause not even a single point matches my image..

Richard@Home Nov 14 2010

The picture of the web developer is me! I even have the T-Shirt >.<

CiNiTriQs Nov 14 2010

Seriously funny, if not hilarious. in the end the two are not too far apart though, and some people are a bit of both (whether it are both the bad ro good habbits ;) )
Either way, nice stereotyping(is this typography related?);)

I laughed a lot…
I’d like to send this to all my university(computer engineering) classmates, but as a girl ,I’d prefer not to do :D

Jordon Allen Nov 14 2010

This is nice. Probably going to be the highlight of my day lol

too funny, I am a lil of both and comp tech. so i can relate to some of each side. I will admit it is funny because i have the There’s no place like black-t from thinkgeek as well. but most of the time i prefer halter-tops and spaghetti straps, no facial stubble but does the legs count? sometimes the clock just spins by so fast and you really dont realize you been on the computer forever and a day. I dont like fixed priced billing and think about bring my own keyboard because some other people just have nasty computers and you dont know what others do (well have a pretty good idea) and touch their keyboards. cause i see where they go, lmbo ;) however, i love goofy geek humor so i can laugh at this because my non-nerdy friends wouldnt get it.

joel k Nov 14 2010

i love it, it’s very funny and creative
it reinforces that I’m a developer YAY! (only the salary is a bit off)

Hookdump Nov 14 2010

hahahahha LOL

adechriz Nov 15 2010

really funny..i like it..

Tommy Nov 15 2010

Haha, superb!

Andre Ebel Nov 15 2010

Hehe :-)

If you change ‘Women’ to ‘The opposite sex’, your post is slightly less myopic.

I’m also both, and my stubble varies but on my legs ’cause I’m one of those “some” women. Love interest would be better than opposite sex, though, since I’m sure the majority of web des/dev’s are gay. ;-)

Very funny! :-D

kasio Nov 15 2010

im a web design, and my wife a web developer, and know we’v a child…..

saturnino Nov 15 2010

hey !
well done, ok i’m the guy on the right.
Just want to say i’m not afraid of women and i have 2 child…
Yes i’ve chosen the good trouser. lol.

thank you , very funny.

Chris Nov 16 2010

Can’t live with em, can’t live without em!

Although now I’ve seen they earn almost double I may jump ship.

jamdave Nov 16 2010

yep, true

Neuromancer Nov 16 2010

lol i took a better kbd in to work but i realy want a type F just need to find an adaptor.

BTW the ethernet loopback address is not esoteric

Chanon Nov 16 2010

In stead of afraid of women, you should put ‘afraid of girlfriend/wife’..


Fahad Nov 17 2010

I think designers are underpaid.

that was funny..!

Lol, I’m genuinely somewhere in the middle – a designer by training, but a developer (and designer) in reality.

1. I actually have and wear the developer’s t-shirt
2. I am addicted to my iPhone
3. I have a beard as it saves time over shaving
4. My keyboard is my own. Hands off.
5. I’m terrified of both client revisions and server crashes

If only I earned nearly as much as the median salaries of either designer or programmer :-(

Alex-ye Nov 18 2010

hhhhhhhh that was funny …!
But iam Web Designers and Web Developers too !!

Bunkermaster Nov 18 2010

I’m a web developer. I’ve been developing web sites and web applications for over 11 years and you are 99% right. 1% wrong is that I am maried and am beyond fearing women.
Now I will look for the spycam you put in my office. There has to be one, I can’t be that stereotypical…

People are missing the “women*” point. What he means by “it still stands” is that even women designers/developers are scared of other women. Women are way too catty in the workplace. Sorry, but all of my women co-workers agree that other women are usually the ones they have the most problems with at work.

Nikke Nov 18 2010

Dear women, don’t get offended by this cartoon. It is about the ‘geeky’ kind of designers and developers and I believe those are mostly men. I am a woman and a web developer and I gladly consider myself an atypical informatician. This poster is really funny and very well done.

Hahahah that’s brilliant! so true.

Kevin Ex Nov 20 2010

lol..web designers sure look better than developers..

Saxija Nov 21 2010


Said women with a good sense of humor ;)

I wasn’t offended, I thought it was pretty funny. I would agree about the whole women thing. I have very few female friends because I know how most are and I have worked in places either with mostly women and mostly men. It was way worse to have to deal w/ all that. I’ve always gotten along far better w/ the guys

I’m a designer.

I don’t have a stubble beard. I also have a rather expensive electric razor. I hate Macs. I know my PC inside out and can take it apart and put it back together if needed. I don’t have skinny jeans. I have no shirt that displays anything about a font.

Client revisions terrify me though. And occasionally women do as well, but I think that counts for every man on this planet.

And fixed price billing indeed sucks as well.

Pearl Nov 22 2010

I am a female developer and am not offended at all by you putting in the women comment. I think it’s funny and super true about the men. I also think the accuracy of the graphic is spot on. Excellent job.

Codemonkey Nov 22 2010

Oh no! I’m wearing cargo pants right now and I have a special keyboard at work that mirrors my keyboard at home. I guess stereotypes exist for a reason.

Super Codepoet Nov 22 2010

To “anonymous berlinerin” above: Click here to stop women’s suffrage. Hahahaha.

C#ristian Nov 22 2010

O sea que yo gano mucho menos de lo que ganaría un diseñador web, aunque soy desarrollador web :(
Alguien quiere contratarme de desarrollador web?

Christian B Nov 22 2010

Hey “anonymous berlinerin”…..

You’re a humorless feminist.

Yeah, you’re right, it did help….. :)

Acid test…
Please name the four stages of the SDLC.

Monkey Nov 22 2010

lol, I just bought a 5 more Dell SK-8115 keyboards, because I’m afraid that they will be EOL … I didn’t know that this is world wide phenom-en …

Kristy Fifelski Nov 22 2010

Ha. But what’s with the stereotype that web designers and developers are dorky losers who are afraid of the opposite sex?

Rain Longson Nov 22 2010

Let’s see,I’m not sure where I fit in this diagram. I’m female long blond hair to the waist, tied back in a ponytail when working. I prefer to wear yoga pants and T while working on the computer (long hours) but have both cargo pants (need the extra pockets when I go hiking with the dogs) and skinny jeans for when I wear my heels (makes the legs look longer).
I started designing for print – before computers. Learned how to write HTML in Notepad back in 1991 and still prefer it to the WYSIWYG programs.
I have written a manual on Photoshop and I can live in Photoshop all day. However, I code HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL (the last two are not by choice). I have used a MAC but prefer PC, I custom built my from the inside out and can tear it down and fix it myself if need be (started doing that in 94 – tech support is too expensive and not available when I need them). I bring my own Wacom tablet (don’t use a mouse) and my Microsoft Sidewinder X6 keyboard everywhere I work (I have my Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and other keyboard short cuts instead of games) and I like that the keyboard is lit up because I lose track of time and it’s the only light in the room besides my 3 monitors.
I have a regular cell phone (an $8.00 cheapy) until I can afford a palm top PC tablet that I can use with Skype. I want the Villev 5, it does everything that iPhone, iPad a PC tablet can do and still fit in your pocket!
Coffee is ok but prefer soy milk blended with Matcha (green tea powder). Not scared of women or men, most people just annoy me – especially the technologically clueless.
FEAR – client revisions… low wages or clients who don’t pay.
LOVE – designing (both front and back ends), people with a clue

samer Nov 22 2010

I am on the programmar side :D

Andrew Roth Nov 22 2010

Very amusing. If anyone needs a developer, look me up!

Pablo Nov 22 2010

Women? Really? This is getting old and lame pretty fast.
The rest is quite funny, I admit.

Ennesus Nov 23 2010

I am currently working as a webdesigner/webdeveloper
so this infographic is kinda fun for me.

I bring my own keyboard + macbook pro,
and i got a addiction to my coffee and Iphone

I am living best of both worlds i guess :p

kukuh Nov 23 2010

nice article, so true. I’m a developer.

ABitOWhit Nov 23 2010

I find it phunny on the gender complaints.. I am sure that there are alot of one armed dev/des’s out in the workforce too, but the pic people have two arms..shameful..haha It would kind of kill the graphic if you had to include every possible scenario in the graphic. Furthermore, I have seen some dev/des females that do look like the pic so is it really gender specific? Funnier yet, are the dev/des’s who have major typos in their comments. In conclusion, if you are really worried about where you fit in the picture.. it’s intended as a joke, don’t take everything so literally!..haha.. Smile once if you agree and have a happy day.
Oh, btw..cute, pic… AbitOWhit

adentum Nov 23 2010

Super piece, worse for desktop developers (Last opportunity to shower/shave: unknown)

Unfortunately, some of us have to play both roles…

Emily Nov 23 2010

Ha! Female developer here and I am afraid of women, I confess. Not women in general (and I am perfectly het), but “those” women – the ones at my sons football practice who stay home all day and have “the hair” and “the clothes”. I just can’t relate to them whatsoever.

On the other note, I am thankful every day for my designer, I would be lost and delivering some ugly stuff if not for him. He is my lifeline at the office :0

Never knew anyone had their own keyboards. Me – coffee, iPhone, cigs!

Matthew Graybosch Nov 23 2010

I find the crack about developers and designers alike being afraid of women objectionable not because some women in the trade, but because it makes a demeaning and sexist assumption about men in the field.

This is really funny! Good stuff. I am a programmer. I neither wear cargo pants nor am afraid of women. Also, I don’t bring my own keyboard either.

How very true.

C.F. Action Nov 23 2010

hahaha… This is great, and true! – I’m a designer/developer so I guess I fall somewhere in the middle…. lol

HA-HA i think that median salary are so wrong! Im a webdesigner and earn than $85,430

Flintl39 Nov 23 2010

As I was a programmer on a main frame in the 70’s & 80’s I really ejnoyed you definition of the modern programmer/designer. I have been married twice so the afraid of women doesn’t count for me.

Jeffrey Bennett Nov 23 2010

Hahaha!! This is great! I’m definitely a hybrid between being a web programmer and a web designer. :)

jessica Nov 23 2010

i LOVE this ‘infographic’!!!
i’d love to print this out and put it on my wall, but the enlarged link doesn’t seem to work. do you mind fixing it?? ^^

Imran Nov 23 2010

very funny…:) but i hope now web designer & web developer will understand their Reposibilities……….

Amazing Nov 23 2010

Well I guess I’m a Devigner = Developer + Designer.

If my equation is wrong, help me balance it…lol

Lorenzo Nov 23 2010

Web developers are better, because we have to take all the “things the designers do”, clean them, and actually make them . What make a web designer mad? Explain them to not use MAC fonts only the standard! Explain them that is needed to make a smaller Flash animation! Explain them to not abuse the “position:absolute” command in the CSS.

What is your take against the web designers?

Lorenzo Nov 23 2010

Web developers are better, because we have to take all the “things the designers do”, clean them, and actually make them work.

What makes a web designer mad? a) Explain them to not use MAC fonts only the standard! b) Explain them that is needed to make a smaller Flash animation! c)Explain them to not abuse the “position:absolute” command in the CSS.

What is your take against the web designers?

As a former web designer whose son is a web developer, I found this pretty funny (and very close to home).

Jesse Young Nov 23 2010

Very cute. But I’ve never understood the issue of web designers being afraid of PC’s. A 1990’s attitude that keeps getting passed on down.

great piece of art! I love it! ;)

ani_po Nov 24 2010

Is this salary per day? That’s the most important question here, I think. And in which country?

ycheing Nov 24 2010

Haha, exactly true, but i still duno i web designer or web developer… ==

Samuel Marian Nov 24 2010

Web Developers RULLZ! :)) :D

Umesh Nov 25 2010

I am system admin and have very keen interest in web designing. This article gave me some insights on that.

Thanks you.

cheti Nov 25 2010

Really cool!! .. but when are you going to think about the web designers and web developers are not only men!! ???

Lars Nielsen Nov 26 2010

The webdevelopers are the real ones! Designers are just bugs with pens! :-p

Nette Nov 27 2010

I’m a designer and developer and a female. So where do I fit in? :-p

Oh my God, lay off about the “some developers/designers are women” thing, will you please? It was a freaking joke. And if you know humor, you know the joke doesn’t WORK if you water it now.

Yes ladies, we know, you design and develop, too. Let it go.

wirtaw Nov 28 2010

great job

desaraev Nov 28 2010

I think that’s kind of funny, but now you need to design one for women who of that stereotype. I’ll never have a beard, that’s for sure.


desaraev Nov 28 2010

Maybe the middle ground of not being able to talk to women should have the caption of (except for online- where they talk shit about them ie. internet trolls via comments and youtube).

I agree with Joe above me…I thought this was really cute and funny until I started reading some of the posts. Gals, lets not take this literally, its just something someone came up with that is pretty cute. I would draw up something like this about the boys too, lol.

Jef Menguin Nov 29 2010

Nicely illustrated. Almost true I can say.

Brian Nov 29 2010

This is where the term Deseloper is now used. :)
Designer + Developer = Deseloper

lazami Nov 30 2010

This is great. I started a little e-mail debate in the firm that I work in… :-)

Ditya Nov 30 2010

Nggak segitunya Kaleeeeee…..
Terlalu Lebay dheh rasanya. Dan tidak sama dengan budaya yang ada.

Still, that is a very nice joke for us.hahahahahahaha……
Perhaps that is true in U.S. But not in my country. Web Designers and Web Programming has their on way, but still the largest work that’s offering is web design.

What about Graphic Designers..???

Pieter Dec 01 2010

Ok, I thoroughly enjoyed this, thanks! As for our female friends that is not liking this very much, anonymous berlinerin and co, when growing up as a programmer that ‘scared of women’ statement is very true (for me and all programmers I know). And as for making it a ‘mans industry’, that is not true, it is just the most programmers are male…actually, I only now for the first time in my 8 years as a programmer work with a female colleague that is a programmer…so the industry is not filled with females, but that does not mean that females are worth any less than a male programmer…or am I just completely missing the point here…

Perl Boy Dec 01 2010

A nerd is a nerd. No matter ITS sexual preferencies :-D

I’m much more proud to be a nerd than to be a male: to be a boy was easy, to be a nerd needed looots of hours every day! ;-)

PS: lot of boys and girls claim to be programmers but they are designers who think HTML or CSS are programming languages: sorry but they are not! Go back to your MacBook and have a look on wikipedia if you don’t believe me -__^

Tommy Skaue Dec 02 2010

I guess I’m the one on the right side. I actually have that exact T-Shirt, so I’m busted. ;D

I first became interested in programming about twenty years ago as part of a degree course. I suppose then the instructors thought Pascal was a pretty cool language. I think of it as the Latin of programming languages. I think it is true that you are either interested in the logic surrounding programming languages or interested in the graphic aspect of web development. However, because of the needs of your job you may have to develop a skill in both areas. Either way as the article points out this does qualify you for nerd status.

Carey Dec 02 2010

Gosh is that how I look. Im one of those designers that envy the developers sometimes. The buck stops with them!
Great post…

Pusparaj Dec 04 2010

The most interesting part is the No of Jobs and the Median Salary. LOL.

Pusparaj Dec 04 2010

The most interesting part is the No of Jobs and the Median Salary. LOL.

PavkeNS Dec 07 2010

hehehehehehe this is cool. But I don’t agree with women choice. :))) I think designers are not afraid of women, but programmers are 100% afraid of them :)))

I would love to see the female version of this!

kamel Dec 08 2010

there’s no place like

Hahaha… a massive beard is the signum of a dedicated webdeveloper :)

Raashid Dec 14 2010

hmm me too a designer from sir lanka, i afrid of my works my self…
clients all ways come to me.. :P

a truly honest article – by a web developer
P.S. i hate MAC : )

invalid Dec 30 2010

Our team have designers using PC and developers using Macs lol.

Orlando Jan 04 2011

This was too funny!

Make little money and repel women? Sorry, no thanks, life is too short for this. :( Time to switch careers..

steve marshall Jan 10 2011

I see myself in the middle, more of a developer I got out of the design aspect.

Jack Barham Jan 17 2011

I don’t know about not getting the girl’s – Geek Chic is alive and well in London and girls are wising up to website designers/developers ;)


i just love how it was illustrated. i can really relate :)

very nice! cheers to web designers / web developers!

more power

Nice :)))) I like the humor! I’m a developer but I have a thing for designing too.

chalitha Feb 07 2011

Ooo yeah this is totally correct. maybe u can rename them like Programmer Vs Designer :P

Chromatix Feb 08 2011

LOL this is classic – definately a keeper, time to print it and stick it on our walls

marcus Mar 03 2011


Vekta Mar 04 2011

Very funny! I guess I’m a Ying somewhere between the Yin and Yang, as I do both design and development. If anyone know’s where I can buy a pair of skinny cargo pants, please let me know. lol

mukesh Mar 11 2011

Nice :)))) I like the humor!

Kagai macharia Mar 23 2011

This is so hilarious. I am torn in between

Jimmy Apr 05 2011

Funny! Especially the cargo pants. I dont have any other kind of pants :)

Chasmosaur Apr 12 2011

As a female UX professional with programming and design skills, not sure where I fit here. But boy, do I recognize the pure-bred models :D

Also, for those women upset by the anti-feminism connotation: if you haven’t used the fear in the middle of that Venn diagram to get your job done, then you’re not doing your job correctly ;)

TheBlueKGuy Apr 12 2011

As a designer who loves his PC, can’t fit skinny jeans over my soccer legs, and unable to grow anything more than embarrassing facial hair, I feel very alone.

Cornelia Throp Apr 13 2011

…..All these posts by hysterical women are exactly the reason why I, for one, am terrified and generally disgusted, by fellow women. THIS IS FUNNY!!! It wouldn’t be funny if both weren’t men…. for the humor you need to compare apples to apples in every way except the job….. Like a few other people pointed out, you could be just as infuriated that one isn’t disabled, gay, black, asian, hispanic, trans-gendered, elderly, etc. No wonder men stereotype women– we ask for it! Just let life be a little simpler and accept that most people are not sexist anymore no matter how much you might want for them to be so that you can have an axe to grind.

Jordan Apr 17 2011

Hmm, only quibble is I think that “client revisions” could be put in the intersection.

Anand Kumar Apr 21 2011

That’s really funny but interesting Fact!!

Renarde Apr 24 2011

@Cornelia: “hysterical women”? “we ask for it”? You really have learned your lesson well – accept misogyny if you want to fit in with the guys.

So, so tragic. :(

Renarde Apr 24 2011

@Chasmosaur: “Also, for those women upset by the anti-feminism connotation: if you haven’t used the fear in the middle of that Venn diagram to get your job done, then you’re not doing your job correctly ;)”

I get my job done by being good at it, and working hard. Playing on gender stereotypes helps to perpetuate them :(

Katherine Apr 25 2011

Because women can never be web developers or web designers *sigh*

Tharik Apr 27 2011

Hahah great!

brian Apr 27 2011

Nice, I am a hybrid myself.

hahahaha – good discussion, I am female onto my first design/develop job – and guess what guys, I CAN do both :-) don’t have to worry about sperm counts either :-) really enjoyed the pic

oyeah, last comment – carpal tunnel release operations aren’t that bad, you all will eventually get them – focus on ergonomics and stop sloutching in your chairs!

Bernd Jul 09 2011

That´s so true. I myself am an Webdeveloper and it´s always the same ;D

Alam Donovan Jul 15 2011

Damn! I’ve actually got that ‘no place line..’ T-shirt – how sad am I lol

Imran Jul 19 2011

Great article, I am a webdeveloper and never focused my mind on designing because I can easily find very good designs.

Shelby Fronzaglia Aug 18 2011

…and we’re both annoyed at Human Resource Departments which don’t know the difference and think we are one in the same!

Ha ha, love it! So true … although I don’t have a font t-shirt :( I want to get one now though!!

Carla Aug 18 2011

I am one of those rare women that work in this industry. However, I am FIRST a designer, no matter whether for print or web, then a light coder. I leave all this non-creative boring chore to the male developers!!

Dunes Aug 18 2011

Easy fix, instead of “women” change it to “social situations”.

Brilliant!!so true…designers X webdevelopers…why are they so afraid of girls!!

Laura Aug 18 2011

All very funny, even if it’s male-centric humor. :-) I was just shocked at the highly de-valued fate of us designers. The skills we bring to the table are worth at least as much as the skills that developers bring to the table, and yet the discrepency.

This was great. In fact, our designers and programmers do look like this. Except now we have some hybrids of both. I would love to see your illustraion of the hybrid web deisgner/programmer! Thanks for sharing.

Laverne Aug 18 2011

That is me on the left, and my husband on the right – and both are so true!

Trisha Cupra Aug 18 2011

What?! Men can code? I thought only women like me can code.

Next you’ll be telling me that men can do math and science and stuff, too.

Gotta go – my househusband has just cooked me lunch.

chris Aug 19 2011

Add to the developers side “Afraid of/hates Flash”(for no good reason…)

Izabela Aug 19 2011

hahaa… so true!

Elise Aug 20 2011

Poor comparison especially the middle part and the comment at the botttom. Fortunately it just counts for the US an not for Holland LOL…!

Zubair Amjad Aug 21 2011

wow nice awesome…Excellent job :)

Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran Aug 22 2011

I agree with the detractors in this thread for the most part. The jokes about sperm count and gender issues seem to fall flat; it’s like the cartoonist had a vague idea on making a jest about male geeks “being scared of girls” and then tried to hard to get at the joke. Meh.

@Ryan… you probably think black jokes and Jewish jokes are funny too. (Why can’t they just get a sense of humor???). This could have been funny if it was developed beyond a sexist joke. I think this is just another stupid time waster to make some nerd feel “cool.”

Melbourne Aug 27 2011

Although I sympathise with the comments made above relating to sexism, I think it is a step too far to read so much into the defference between designers and developers. The cartoon is just that, a cartoon, and I presume a paradoy on how the artist views those that they work with or around when work relates to web design and development.

Craig Galway Aug 29 2011

4k facebook likes,
3,723 tweets,
and 414 backlinks indexed in Yahoo!
Whatever you think of the cartoon, it seems to be getting the job done.

Jordie Aug 29 2011

This is hilarious! What’s funny, as a “woman” – and a Web Programmer/Designer – i love that I sit right in the middle. :)

Alex Web Developer Aug 29 2011

Can’t agree for 100%, but I think I’m somewhere between two

Patrick Ma Aug 29 2011

Made my day.

So funny – I can relate to it :)

Has to be taken as a pinch of salt.

What’s so funny?? Can’t see the picture in LYNX..

Dragan Nikolic Sep 02 2011

Oh my Gods,

I work with those two.

Georgina Sep 07 2011

I’m a female developer, and I am scared other women. Very noted!

Craig Galway Sep 08 2011

Lynx, Josh?
Are you the guy on the right?

Frappa Sep 14 2011

even though i’m a girl, i find it very funny ;)
i think all of us female coders and designers around the world fear man who don’t call back, obnoxious sexists who don’t take us seriously and technologically impaired guys who don’t understand anything of our job..
me (coder) and my best friend (designer) are planning a “girly” version of it! :)

Ben Ex Sep 23 2011

I love it when Web designers and developers go at it!! And in stubble to boot!

mexxanit Oct 03 2011

awesome :) i think the best for me is “carpal tunnel” , my both wrist have it :(

ehehhe great!

Kundan Singh Nov 05 2011

it was really super and funny as I’m somewhere between two

benita Nov 14 2011

Well, I am a woman developer/designer. I guess that is why I don’t have a job!

blkbird31 Nov 21 2011

Funny how some people can’t take a joke and look for a problem in everything. This is funny.

Jon G Nov 22 2011

LOL! I wish the infograph was longer, I was slightly disappointed when it ended.

Bustami Mar 02 2013

woww.. interesting..

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