10 Free JavaScript Books

This is a collection of free books to read if you’d like to learn about JavaScript. These JavaScript books are in various digital formats: PDF, EPUB, HTML, etc.

Eloquent JavaScript

By . 178 pages.

Eloquent JavaScript introduces you to the JavaScript language. It also covers general programming concepts such as object-oriented programming. In the last leg of this book, you’ll get to learn about Node.js, which is an application for running JavaScript in environments beyond the browser.

JavaScript Enlightenment

By . 141 pages.

JavaScript Enlightenment deeply delves into advanced JavaScript language features. To give you an idea of how technical this book is: There’s a chapter dedicated solely to the null value, and another one just for undefined. If you’d to learn the ins and outs of the language, read this book.

Learning JavaScript Design Patterns

By . 33 web pages.

Design patterns are conventional solutions to common tasks. Using good design patterns will improve your code’s efficiency, security and quality, while bad ones — called anti-patterns — will lead you to trouble. This book is about JavaScript (and jQuery) design patterns, techniques and best practices.

The JavaScript Tutorial

By . 90 web pages.

This online book will walk you through the basics of the JavaScript language. As the book progresses, you’ll be introduced to more advanced subjects such as object-oriented programming and regular expressions.

Human JavaScript

By . 16 web pages.

The premise of Human JavaScript is that within the realm of JavaScript, there’s a subset of features, tools, approaches and patterns that are optimized for people. This book is for developers who are interested in learning about JavaScript in the perspective of building web apps.

Speaking JavaScript

By . 252 web pages.

Speaking JavaScript is for programmers who want to learn how to write code with JavaScript. An assumption the author makes is that the reader is already a programmer who knows object-oriented programming and another language like PHP, Ruby, Python, C++, Java and so forth.

Building Front-End Web Apps with Plain JavaScript

By . 183 pages.

This book is aimed at JavaScript developers and experienced programmers who would like to learn JavaScript hands-on, in the context of creating a fully-functional web application.

Programming JavaScript Applications

By . 152 web pages.

This book will teach you the techniques, approaches and best practices for building modern web apps using JavaScript and related web technologies such as JSON and NoSQL.

Single Page Apps in Depth

By . 72 pages.

The author of this book, Mikito Takada, aka Mixu, believes that "the best way to learn how to use something is to understand how it is implemented." As such, this book goes through a general process of creating web apps with JavaScript and its other Web technologies.

DOM Enlightenment

By . 121 web pages.

The document object model (DOM) is a key concept that you must master if you’re serious about JavaScript. DOM Enlightenment is a technical guide to DOM scripting.

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This was published on Aug 3, 2015


Rob Hurley Aug 03 2015

Is this how you download the books?

Juho Vepsäläinen Aug 04 2015

Hi there,

I recently author a free book about Webpack and React. You can find the digital edition at . I hope you enjoy it!

    Jacob Gube Aug 05 2015

    Thanks the link Juho. Your book looks awesome! Thanks for making it available for free. It looks like a good hands-on introduction to React, the Flux architecture and Webpack.

Kushal Jayswal Aug 06 2015

Thanks for sharing great list. Really appreciate.

Olivia Smith Aug 10 2015

Javascript is widely used for web developing and its hard to find the perfect source to learn about it. The books you have mentioned are really worth a read.

Ne0nite Sep 16 2015

Awesome collection of books :) For me as an advanced beginner this is pure gold, so thank You very much for this ! :) If You have any more helpful stuff for an advanced beginner please share :D

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