The Best Sites for Finding Remote Work

For Web professionals, the choice to work from home or any place where there’s an Internet connection is a viable career option. If you’re looking to make the leap into telecommuting, a great place to start would be the following top-notch job boards that allow you to discover remote Web development work opportunities.

1. RemoteCoder


RemoteCoder is a recently launched niche job board that features remote work availabilities for developers. The site is a project by full-stack web developer Ramesh Nair.

2. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely, a site by Basecamp (formerly known as 37Signals), is a great place to visit if you’re searching for remote work opportunities. There’s an excellent variety of high-quality coding jobs regularly posted on this job board, as well as sysadmin and design jobs.

3. Jobmote


Jobmote is an online directory of IT jobs for people wishing to work remotely. Some of the popular skills being sought after in the job listings on the site are JavaScript, CSS, and jQuery.

4. Stack Overflow Careers: Remote Job Listings

Stack Overflow Careers: Remote Job Listings

Stack Overflow is a community that attracts some of the most brilliant developers in the world, and plenty of companies post job openings on this site in the hopes of snagging talented devs. Stack Overflow Careers is the site’s job board, and it allows you to filter the directory for remote work.

5. Authentic Jobs: Remote Jobs

Authentic Jobs: Remote Jobs

Authentic Jobs is one of the best and longest-standing job boards specifically for Web professionals. The site has been updated to include a filter for remote jobs for prospective employees looking for chances to work from home.

6. GitHub Jobs: Remote Listings

GitHub Jobs: Remote Listings

GitHub is a popular Web community centered around code, making it a magnet for talented developers. GitHub Jobs, a job-boards section on the site, has plenty of employment opportunities for developers. GitHub Jobs can be filtered to display only remote job listings.

Remote Work Motivation

Whether you’re an employer who’s still not sold on the advantages of offering remote work opportunities or a Web professional who wishes to explore the prospect of working remotely, read these books for motivation and inspiration:

1. Remote: Office Not Required

This is the best-selling book at on the subject of telecommuting.

From the book’s description: "The ‘work from home’ phenomenon is thoroughly explored in this illuminating new book from bestselling 37signals founders Fried and Hansson, who point to the surging trend of employees working from home (and anywhere else) and explain the challenges and unexpected benefits."

2. Rework

This is a book I learned a lot from. The book teaches its readers many lessons that can be applied for working more effectively and productively in today’s technology landscape. The authors of the book champion the concepts of remote work and distributed teams for optimal business productivity.

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This was published on Nov 5, 2014


Leonardo Grijó Nov 05 2014

Hey Jacob, great post!

Please, do not forget as well. We have some great openings listed there, including Square, Heroku, DuckDuckGo and some other great companies!


Leonardo Grijó Nov 05 2014

Hey Jacob, trying again without the link (sorry, didn’t mean to look like I was spamming).

Just wanted to suggest including Remote Hackers as it is also useful in this list. There are openings in some great companies, like Square, DuckDuckGo, Heroku, Buffer, etc.

Great post, btw.


Selena Nov 06 2014

Thanks for this good List. Maybe you should add “Envato Studio” and “Twago” to the list.

I would also add to the list. It has the ability to filter by freelance jobs and a nice search feature to find the position you’re looking for. Full disclosure, I built Jobety, but do really think it’s a useful free service that can help people in our industry find a remote job.

Sarah Bennet Mills Nov 08 2014

Thanks for such a great list. “Envato Studio” is great site as well.

Bartek Nov 09 2014

I also work remotely from my home . There are lots of benefits of that kind of work . I have big amount of time to do what I like to do . So it`s great .

William T Nov 11 2014

Remote coder is also on my top list. Nice list compilation plus it helps the newbies to find great websites for work, actually remote work. Freelancer jobs are really in demand and service websites for clients and freelancers too increasing.

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