Why the :visited Pseudo-class is Strange

Dec 15, 2014

Modern browsers have severely restrained the CSS properties that developers can use in a style rule that uses the :visited link pseudo-class.

By Jacob Gube

How to Quickly Set Up Less.js

Dec 10, 2014

There are several ways to install and configure Less, but for developing in the browser, the fastest way is to reference the less.js library in an HTML document.

By Jacob Gube

25 Examples of Beautiful Web Typography

Dec 1, 2014

Check out these beautiful examples of web typography.

By Jacob Gube

10 Free Online Markdown Editors

Nov 26, 2014

In this post, you’ll find the best free online Markdown editors.

By Jacob Gube

10 Best Hosted Ecommerce Platforms

Nov 24, 2014

If you’re thinking about putting up an online store and would like to do it quickly and easily without worrying about coding or web hosting, the hosted ecommerce platforms discussed in this article are ideal options.

By Jacob Gube

5 Bug Reporting Tools for Developers

Nov 21, 2014

This next-generation group of bug reporting tools makes the process of issue-tracking better.

By Dominik Rockenschaub

A Guide to CSS RGBA Colors

Nov 19, 2014

RGBA is a type of CSS color value that allows us to set a color and also its opacity/transparency.

By Jacob Gube

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