Deconstructing Minimalist Landing Pages

Oct 7 2013 by Karol K | 17 Comments

In the last few years, web designers have gradually realized that cluttering our designs with non-essential elements isn’t a good idea.

Excessive design elements like meaningless stock photos, textured grunge backgrounds, convoluted navigation systems, social-sharing buttons, blog post widgets, and other types of page bloat steal attention away from the core goals of our web design.

So instead of adding more stuff and more options, many of us have chosen to reduce our designs to their most basic forms.

And though we are building websites that are visually simpler than their predecessors, the results have inversely been profound.

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Design-Based Media Queries

Oct 4 2013 by Rachel McCollin | 7 Comments

In the beginning, the device-specific media queries we’ve been using in our websites served us just fine because we just needed a quick-and-dirty responsive design solution to accomodate the iPhone and similar-sized smartphones.

But with the constantly expanding amount of devices being put out in the market, it’s time to rethink the common responsive design breakpoints we’re employing in our designs. Why? Because this approach isn’t sustainable. We also have to change the underlying reasons and motivating factors behind why we’re setting our responsive design breakpoints at these particular points.

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Using Your Design Skills to Get Website Traffic

Oct 2 2013 by Skellie | 8 Comments

If you’ve got design skills, you have plenty of opportunities available to you for generating additional site traffic.

In this article, I’ll discuss some ideas and show you some examples of website content that have the ability to bring in a lot of site visitors.

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5 Things That Slow Down Your Startup’s Growth

Sep 30 2013 by Sabelline Chicot | 5 Comments

Creating a startup has never been easier. And once you get going — depending on your drive, vision and personal motivation — you will likely experience rapid growth and productivity at the start of your journey. Everything’s new and there’s seemingly endless potential to grow.

However, once the honeymoon period fades and reality sets in — and it will at some point — you will be faced with doubts, fear, and insecurity. This point in time is a crucial fork in the road; one path will move you forward and the other will lead you astray.

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Onboarding Techniques and Examples for Your New Users

Sep 23 2013 by Krzysztof Kozak | 5 Comments

When someone signs up on your website, or downloads your software, or installs your mobile app, it doesn’t immediately mean the person has already decided to use it.

You have a small window of opportunity to quickly introduce your app’s key features and teach a first-time user how the app works. The process of familiarizing a new user to your app is called onboarding.

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7 Useful Git Tips for Beginners

Sep 4 2013 by Tobias Günther | 14 Comments

Back when I first started to use Git for version control, I wasn’t sure if all the learning I invested into it would pay off. Branching, staging, stashing — these Git terms were all foreign to me.

Today, I can’t imagine life without Git. Git not only gave me a much-needed ability to version-control my work, it also made me a better programmer.

Here’s a series of simple tips that will help you make Git an important part of your web development workflow.

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Popular Methods for Online Storytelling

Sep 2 2013 by Sabina Idler | 4 Comments

The act of storytelling is present in every culture. Storytelling, when done well, can move people to take action.

The way we tell stories has evolved drastically over time. We constantly find new methods for preserving and sharing our stories: From drawings on cave walls, verbal recounting passed down from generation to generation and songs to more modern ways like newspapers, books, audio and video recordings.

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