10 Gift Ideas for Creative Professionals

Dec 13 2013 by Callum Chapman | 5 Comments

The Christmas and holiday season is upon us this year.

Buying gifts for someone can be a tricky task, especially for creatives who are ever-so-fussy with their stuff and are thus hard to buy for.

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Why It’s So Hard to Make Usability Sexy

Dec 11 2013 by Daniele Grassi | 2 Comments

Every time I’m in an electronics store to buy something or whenever I’m assisting one of my friends identify the right new gadget for them, I notice the feature-counting we’re all swept into as soon as we start comparing our options; "Well, this coffeemaker has 15 buttons, it has to be better than that one with only 6 buttons."

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A Web Developer’s Experience with 99designs

Dec 9 2013 by Eric Rowell | 13 Comments

Early on, nearly every startup arrives at a crisis.

And I’m not talking about a crisis involving capital or co-founders or legal issues.

I’m talking about the company’s logo.

Most customers won’t think twice about your logo. Unless it’s hideously ugly.

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How I Made Web Design Profitable by Not Doing Web Design

Dec 3 2013 by Brent Weaver | 7 Comments

The first website I ever created for money was back in 1999. I earned $900. It was a flat-file database for an import/export business. After that, I made a $500 website for a Michigan-based cookie company. I was just in the last year of my high school career, so that kind of money was pretty sweet.

I formed a partnership with a high school classmate, and a web agency was born.

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50% Discount Sale on All Products at TemplateMonster (+ Giveaway)

Dec 2 2013 by Jacob Gube | 5 Comments

Sale ends on December 3, 2013. Website templates, WordPress themes (click here to see their WordPress themes), Magento themes, Joomla templates (click here to see their Joomla templates), and all other TemplateMonster products are on sale for 50% off.


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Free Responsive Email Template: Thanksgiving Theme

Nov 28 2013 by Julia S. Grey | No Comments

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Free Download: Metro Tiles UI Kit (PSD)

Nov 10 2013 by Bogdan Condurache | No Comments

Free Download: Metro Tiles UI Kit (PSD)

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