More Optimization Techniques for Improving Website Speed

Apr 6, 2015

This guide on improving web performance talks about optimizing the HTML structure to load resources optimally, as well as server configurations.

By Pedro Semeano

What Are Your Favorite Open Source Tools? (Open Thread)

Apr 4, 2015

A community discussion about our favorite open source dev tools.

By Jacob Gube

Freebie: 100 Awesome App Icons

Apr 3, 2015

This free icon set contains 100 symbols for common user-interface actions. Each icon is available in PNG and SVG.

By Freepik

Six Revisions Quarterly Report #1

Apr 2, 2015

A quick status update on some things that have happened here on Six Revisions in the latest quarter (January 1 to March 31, 2015).

By Jacob Gube

A Modern Approach to Improving Website Speed

Mar 30, 2015

This guide will show you a process for improving website speed and performance using modern developer tools.

By Pedro Semeano

Disable Text Selection with CSS

Mar 27, 2015

A short guide on how to use the non-standard user-select CSS property to prevent users from selecting text and other HTML elements.

By Jacob Gube

Introduction to CSS Variables

Mar 25, 2015

CSS variables allow us to create custom properties that can be reused throughout our stylesheets.

By Jacob Gube