10 Important Traits of a Great Blog Design

Aug 13 2009 by John Urban | 35 Comments

Your blog’s design can be the distinguishing factor that separates you from the vast sea of other weblogs out there. First impressions count and making sure that you have all the elements of a great blog design can ensure that readers will enjoy the content that you present.

In this article, you will read about the ten essential characteristics of a solid weblog design.

1. Good readability

One of the most important elements of a blog design is readability. Make sure that the background and foreground colors that you choose have sufficient contrast to make your text easy to read (look into some tools to test your design’s colors). Provide sufficient line-spacing for paragraphs to make longer blocks of text easier to read. Take a peek at the Viget Inspire‘s content layout, they’ve made it so that their text content is pleasant to read.

Viget Inspire

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How to Create a Clean Blog Design with Photoshop

Aug 12 2009 by Reece | 38 Comments

How to Create a Clean Blog Design with Photoshop

In this step-by-step web design layout tutorial, you will discover a method for designing a clean blog design with stunning gradient and lighting effects using Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial is geared for beginner to intermediate Photoshop users.

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20 Killer iPhone Game Designs

Aug 11 2009 by Jen Gordon | 16 Comments

It’s no secret that beauty does not equal popularity in the App Store, but with competition tightening developers are no longer turning a blind eye to design. The heavies in game development have already dialed in the importance of a well-designed interface and their rankings in the App Store prove this point.

20 Killer iPhone Game Designs

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70+ Examples of Product Comparison Tables in Web Design

Aug 10 2009 by Sergej Muller | 22 Comments

The range of functioning business models available for the sale of virtual goods is expanding rapidly. For the providers of digital goods, this means convincing the consumer of the price/performance ratio.

Accordingly, designing the pricing scale in the most appealing way possible, so that it actively encourages purchases, is a fine art. An inspiring selection of such sites from all over the world can be of great assistance to the designer. Learn from the examples and do it even better!

1. Confiture


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ImageCaption – a MooTools Plugin for Auto-Captioning Images

Aug 9 2009 by Jacob Gube | 3 Comments

ImageCaption - a MooTools Plugin for Auto-Captioning Images

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Favorites from the Feeds #03

Aug 8 2009 by Jacob Gube | 8 Comments

Favorites from the Feeds is a Six Revisions series that highlights notable design and development articles, tutorials, tools, and downloadable resources from Jacob’s RSS feeds. This installment includes resources like a showcase of the evolution of WordPress, creating an animated web page using jQuery, and tips on redesigning your own website.

1. A Showcase of Sites Displaying Twitter Feeds

A Showcase of Sites Displaying Twitter Feeds

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10 Drupal Modules You May Not Know About

Aug 7 2009 by Kevin Quillen | 40 Comments

One of the great things about Drupal is its huge community of developers. Drupal.org hosts many, many modules to extend and enhance your website or application. Most people know about popular modules such as CCK, Views2, Panels, and XML Sitemap. But there are some really great modules that fly under the radar as well.

1. Secure Site

Secure Site

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