Five Popular Design Portfolio Website Styles

Aug 31, 2009

In this article, we are going to cover various ways designers and artists set up their portfolio site. We’re also going to look at some well-designed examples from each style.

By Tyler Denis

Build an Elastic Textarea with Ext JS

Aug 28, 2009

In this article, I will guide you through the re-creation of this astonishing effect using Ext JS, and I bet you that you will be surprised to see how easy it is to do it.

By Nuno Franco da Costa

Adobe Flash Accessibility: Best Practices for Design

Aug 27, 2009

Flash application that enables developers to control the accessibility as an application is designed. It takes a thoughtful, user-centered designer to consider all abilities and disabilities of people who will interact with an interface.

By Erik Johnson

How to Design the Web in a High-Def World

Aug 26, 2009

This article is going to show you a process for making your site work for multiple resolutions by using a real-world case study.

By Arley McBlain

Giveaway: CushyCMS Pro Subscriptions

Aug 25, 2009

We’re giving away a 1-year subscription to CushyCMS Pro, worth $336 USD, to one lucky Six Revisions reader. CushyCMS Pro takes an already awesome CMS and makes it even better.

By Jacob Gube

10 Excellent Feedback Tools for Web Designers

Aug 24, 2009

10 fresh, useful and fun ways to get an outside perspective on your work.

By Andrew Follett

20 Stunning & Surreal Illustrations of Male Characters

Aug 23, 2009

Character illustrations and digital paintings can inspire you greatly in your own works. Working with digital art means that you have a greater creative license to great stunning pieces of artwork. In this collection, you will see some fantastic illustrations of dudes.

By Lilian Ostropel