ImageCaption – a MooTools Plugin for Auto-Captioning Images

Aug 9, 2009

ImageCaption is a MooTools 1.2+ plugin for easily adding figure captions to image elements on a web page. It is very customizable and painless to style.

By Jacob Gube

Favorites from the Feeds #03

Aug 8, 2009

This installment includes a showcase of the evolution of WordPress, creating an animated website using jQuery, and tips on redesigning your own website.

By Jacob Gube

10 Drupal Modules You May Not Know About

Aug 7, 2009

Most people know about popular modules such as CCK, Views2, Panels, and XML Sitemap. But there are some really great modules that fly under the radar as well.

By Kevin Quillen

Pre-Order The Smashing Book!

Aug 6, 2009

Today, I’d like to announce that you can preorder a copy of The Smashing Book, which not only guarantees you a copy when it is released in September, but also gives you a 20% discount from the original price.

By Jacob Gube

Mindgems Giveaway Results

Here are the winners of this excellent giveaway!

By Jacob Gube

Getting Comical with Brad Colbow

Aug 5, 2009

Web Designer and Illustrator Brad Colbow is like the Deion Sanders of the design industry: he can create killer user interfaces, and then turn around and craft witty webcomics about his experiences. Listen in as he reveals his thoughts on The Brads, designers blindly following Photoshop tutorials, killing IE6, and using CSS3.

By Jacob Gube

A Guide on Advanced Logging and Benchmarking with FirePHP

Aug 4, 2009

In this article, I will introduce you to an old concept that seems to be forgotten by most web developers today: the importance of logging. Additionally, I’ll walk you through some of functions designed to keep your logging more organized.

By Nuno Franco da Costa

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