How to Create a Clean Blog Design with Photoshop

Aug 12, 2009

In this step-by-step web design layout tutorial, you will discover a method for designing a clean blog design with stunning gradient and lighting effects using Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial is geared for beginner to intermediate Photoshop users.

By Reece

20 Killer iPhone Game Designs

Aug 11, 2009

This list shines the spotlight on some indie developers who you might not find in the top 20, but are shining bright in a sea of Krapps. Here’s a roundup of 20 of the best-designed action games from indie developers in the App Store.

By Jen Gordon

70+ Examples of Product Comparison Tables in Web Design

Aug 10, 2009

The range of functioning business models available for the sale of virtual goods is expanding rapidly. For the providers of digital goods, this means convincing the consumer of the price/performance ratio.

By Sergej Muller

ImageCaption – a MooTools Plugin for Auto-Captioning Images

Aug 9, 2009

ImageCaption is a MooTools 1.2+ plugin for easily adding figure captions to image elements on a web page. It is very customizable and painless to style.

By Jacob Gube

Favorites from the Feeds #03

Aug 8, 2009

This installment includes a showcase of the evolution of WordPress, creating an animated website using jQuery, and tips on redesigning your own website.

By Jacob Gube

10 Drupal Modules You May Not Know About

Aug 7, 2009

Most people know about popular modules such as CCK, Views2, Panels, and XML Sitemap. But there are some really great modules that fly under the radar as well.

By Kevin Quillen

Pre-Order The Smashing Book!

Aug 6, 2009

Today, I’d like to announce that you can preorder a copy of The Smashing Book, which not only guarantees you a copy when it is released in September, but also gives you a 20% discount from the original price.

By Jacob Gube