30 Creative Examples of the Hand Drawn Style in Web Designs

Mar 28 2009 by Jacob Gube | 54 Comments

Lately, there has been a trend towards incorporating hand drawn elements into web designs, bringing sketches and drawings that we typically see in the paper medium onto the web. Hand drawn elements can be seen in navigation bars, as backgrounds, as accenting elements, or as an entire site theme. They give a design a very unique, out-of-the-box, and organic/realistic look.

In this collection, you will be able to find some of the best designs that have hand drawn, "sketched" elements infused into them for your inspiration.


Bearskinrug - screen shot.

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The 15 Most Popular Text Editors for Developers

Mar 27 2009 by Jacob Gube | 101 Comments

For many developers, a trusty text editor is all you need for even the most complex web applications. Whether you’re creating a site from scratch, editing a CSS file, or messing around with configuration files on the server – a good, solid text editor will do the trick just fine. Last week, over 600 people voted for the text editor that they felt was the best from the large set of options out in the market.

In this article, you’ll find fifteen of the most ubiquitous text editors for development as voted by you.

15. SciTE

SciTE - screen shot.SciTE download page

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70 Excellent Logo Design Tutorials and Resources

Mar 25 2009 by Jacob Gube | 81 Comments

An effective logo sets the tone and public perception of your brand, and therefore careful thought and creativity must be put into constructing it.

In this article, you’ll find a large collection of tutorials and resources on the topic of designing logos by some of the most well-respected logo designers in the industry.

Logo Design Tutorials

Step-by-step logo

Designer/Author Chuck Green shows us the general process he takes when designing a logo.

Step-by-step logo - screen shot

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Spring Awakening: A Free Stock Photo Set

Mar 24 2009 by JC Parmley | 14 Comments

Spring Awakeing - leading image.

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Announcement: SSLmatic Contest Winners

Mar 23 2009 by Jacob Gube | 1 Comment

Last week, SSLmatic and Six Revisions asked you what you thought the best text editor was. Over 600 comments were received. Today, we’re happy to announce the winners of RapidSSL certificates from SSLmatic.

SSLmatic Contest Winners - SSLmatic contest winners - leading image.

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Best Image Editing Software?

Mar 23 2009 by Jacob Gube | 155 Comments

FlashOtaku contest - leading image.

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70 Excellent Photoshop Resources

Mar 22 2009 by Kawsar Ali | 72 Comments

Adobe Photoshop is the tool of choice for many designers and artists.  Photoshop can be used for almost every little task that involves graphic design. It is one of the finest pieces of software available on the market when it comes to digital image editing. A great attribute of Photoshop is that you can extend it with additional brushes, patterns, shapes, and more.

In this massive collection of resources, you’ll find all sorts of resources including: tutorial sites, Photoshop Brushes, patterns, Photoshop Actions, showcases/collections, and much more.

Photoshop Tutorial Sites

1. Psdtuts+

Psdtuts+ is a weblog and Photoshop site that features high-quality Photoshop tutorials. On Psdtuts+, you’ll find tutorials such as "Creating a Touching Story Scene in Photoshop" and tips and tricks like "Using Adobe Kuler to Enhance Your Photoshop Color Workflow".

Psdtuts+ - screen shot.

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