14 Brilliant Tools for Evaluating Your Design’s Colors

Jul 8, 2009

In this article, you’ll read about excellent free tools for checking to see if the colors you are using are consistent with standard color contrast, brightness, readability, and accessibility best practices.

By Jacob Gube

How to Create a 3D Text Photo Manipulation

Jul 7, 2009

In this intermediate-level graphic design tutorial, you’ll learn how to realistically superimpose a beautiful three-dimensional text object onto a living room scene with the help of Illustrator and Photoshop.

By Tyler Denis

12 Excellent Social News Sites for Web Designers

Jul 6, 2009

This article features social news/bookmarking sites for web designers and developers. Whether you’re seeking tutorials, information on the latest trends and web technologies, or a design community that you can participate in, these are the websites to check out.

By Jacob Gube

All Modern Giveaway Results

Jul 5, 2009

Announcement of Revamp Your Workspace giveaway.

By Jacob Gube

25 Impressive Portfolio Web Designs

Jul 2, 2009

In this showcase, you will see a few excellent examples of beautiful web designs which we hope will help inspire you.

By Thomas Hardy

10 Things Every Web Designer Just Starting Out Should Know

Jul 1, 2009

In this article, you will learn about 10 essential and general tips that every novice web designer should keep in mind.

By John Urban

Giveaway: Daylite 3 Package

Jun 29, 2009

Marketcircle, a company who won an Apple Design Award this year in WWDC09, has teamed up with Six Revisions to give away three packages of the Daylite 3 productivity suite bundled with the Daylite Touch.

By Jacob Gube

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