Definitive Guide to Taming the IE6 Beast

Jul 23, 2009

In this article, we celebrate these last days of IE6 with this definitive guide to taming the IE6 beast.

By Jeff Starr

Six Questions: Chris Spooner on Blogging as a Designer

Jul 22, 2009

We interviewed top designer and blogger, Chris Spooner, to find out about managing weblogs on top of being a professional creative. Here’s what he has to say…

By Jacob Gube

25 Elegant Workstations for Your Inspiration

Jul 21, 2009

This collection presents some excellent examples of elegant, beautiful, cozy, and well-designed workspaces so that you might get some ideas and inspiration from them.

By Tomas Laurinavicius

Adopting a “Does It Really Matter?” Philosophy

Jul 20, 2009

A new philosophy in the way of building sites, a philosophy built around pragmatism and real-world demands.

By Jacob Gube

How to Make a Green & Sleek Web Layout in Photoshop

Jul 19, 2009

In this web design tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a beautiful, green, and sleek layout in Photoshop. You’ll learn popular design techniques such as creating a 3D ribbon and professional-looking color gradient effects.

By Ionut Ciursa

20 Stunning Illustrations of Surreal Female Characters

Jul 18, 2009

In this showcase, you will witness a wide range of creative styles, featuring female characters as the subject, by some of the world’s most talented illustrators, artists, and designers.

By Lilian Ostropel

10 Free High Res Coffee Stains Textures

Jul 17, 2009

In this set, you’ll find 10 high-resolution and large-scale coffee stains texture stock images. Since they’re all 2,896px by 1,944px in size, they’re big and can be rescaled down for most purposes.

By JC Parmley