10 High-Quality Free Leaf Textures

Jun 5, 2009

In this set, you’ll find 10 free and high-resolution leaf textures which can be utilized in a wide range of ways. They have a very liberal Creative Commons license so you can use them in any manner you choose, whether it’s personal or commercial.

By Jacob Gube

How to Create a Blog from Scratch Using Ruby on Rails

This tutorial shows you how to create a basic blog using Ruby on Rails. By covering the design aspects of a Rails web application, it makes it easier to understand the concepts behind Rails and how they fit together.

By Phil McClure

How to Stay Ahead of the Curve as a Designer

Jun 3, 2009

Five different things we can do to stay ahead of the curve!

By Aaron Irizarry

Create a Dark and Sleek Web Layout Using Photoshop

Jun 2, 2009

In this Photoshop web design tutorial, we are going to create a beautiful, dark, and sleek website mock-up centered on an elegant navigation menu that lends itself easily to CSS background sprites.

By Tyler Denis

How to Design for Your Worst Client: You.

Jun 1, 2009

In this article we’ll examine the barriers that hinder designing for yourself and reveal 10 rules to help you create the best design for yourself. Together we’ll squash that dark side in all of us.

By Francisco Inchauste

30 Inspiring Dark and Sleek Web Designs

May 31, 2009

In this collection, you’ll find some terrific and inspirational examples of dark and sleek web designs.

By Jacob Gube

Grunge Extreme Volume 2: 10 High Quality Free Grunge Textures

May 30, 2009

In this set, you’ll find 10 free and high-resolution grunge textures that you can use for any purpose. They’re extremely large-scale in dimension, each being between 2,000 to 3,000 pixels in width!

By JC Parmley