Annexation: A Free WordPress Theme

Nov 25 2008 by Jacob Gube | 10 Comments

Talented Front-end Web Developer Chris Wallace of Walmedia and Designer&Developer is back again with a free, brand-spanking new, beautiful, professional WordPress theme that he’s kindly decided to release on Six Revisions.

Annexation Screen shot.

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Giveaway: Free User Experience Books from Rosenfeld Media

Nov 24 2008 by Jacob Gube | 308 Comments

* Update: Commenting is now closed and winners will be selected shortly.  *

The success of a site depends on the quality of experience they provide to their users. As the competition for the user’s attention increases, you, as a designer, have a short window of opportunity to get them hooked before they hit the “back” button and search for another alternative. This is where the field of User Experience (UX) evolved from, out of a necessity to keep your existing audience, and to encourage new users to come and stay a while.

Rosenfeld Media - screen shot of website.

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50 Free Photoshop Brush Sets for Modern Design Trends

Nov 23 2008 by Jacob Gube | 75 Comments

Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross were right when they sang, “the best things in life are free”. There are many talented designers out there who choose to help the community by providing free and useful Photoshop brush sets that you can download and use on your artwork.

In this collection, you’ll find over 50 free Photoshop brush sets for current design trends and styles such as vintage, retro, grunge, hand-drawn, swirls, and nature-inspired.

Note: It’s important to read the fine-print – some designers require attribution or have special requirements for commercial use. Even if they don’t require any credit, it’s always highly-appreciated to give them some anyways.

Vintage and Retro


Darger-esque screen shot.
Download (Volume 1) | Download (Volume 2) (downloads no longer working).

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Comment and Win $100 in ThemeForest Credit: Winners Announced

Nov 19 2008 by Jacob Gube | 11 Comments

Last week Six Revisions hosted a contest giving away a total of $1,000 dollars in ThemeForest credit which you can use on the ThemeForest marketplace to purchase website templates such as premium WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! templates, and more.

ThemeForest - screen shot.

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CSS Tip #1: Resetting Your Styles with CSS Reset

Nov 18 2008 by Jacob Gube | 73 Comments

This is the first part of a series of articles that will discuss a particular CSS best practice or tip. I’ll be covering a mixture of topics that deals with CSS best practices, performance optimization, and tips and tricks to improve your workflow.

Today we’ll be covering the topic of resetting your styles.

CSS Tip #1: Resetting Your Styles with CSS Reset

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30 Beautiful Examples of Grunge in Web Design

Nov 15 2008 by Jacob Gube | 80 Comments

Grunge is a stylish design trend that gives web designs a less uniform, less structured, and more organic look-and-feel. It’s characterized by textured/gritty backgrounds, uneven/torn edges, worn, faded and aged graphic elements inspired by urban and industrial architecture and scenery. It gives a way for designers to venture away from the glossy, flashy, and rigid design elements that characterize the "Web 2.0"style – a style that still dominates mainstream web design.

In this collection, you’ll find 30 excellent examples of grunge in web design for your inspiration. From portfolios and fashion websites to online stores and church sites – you’ll find a variety of websites that choose to "dirty up" their web design.


Cogitatur - screen shot.

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12 Excellent Free Text Editors for Coders

Nov 13 2008 by Jacob Gube | 240 Comments

You can make writing code as complicated as you want, but at the end of the day, all you really need is your favorite, trusty text editor. You can use a simple one like Microsoft’s Notepad, but oftentimes it’s helpful to have a text editor that has syntax highlighting/coloring, support for multiple languages, a robust find and replace feature, and other features and options that make writing code just a tad bit easier.

If you’re in search of a good, free text editor – you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find 12 first-class free text editors that are designed with coders’ needs in mind. Whether you use a Windows, Mac, or Linux machine – you’ll find a few options here that will satisfy your code-authoring needs.



NOTEPAD++ - screen shot.

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