12 Excellent Free Text Editors for Coders

Nov 13, 2008

You can make writing code as complicated as you want, but at the end of the day, all you really need is your favorite, trusty text editor. You can use a simple one like Microsoft’s Notepad, but oftentimes it’s helpful to have a text editor that has syntax highlighting/coloring, support for multiple languages, a robust […]

By Jacob Gube

50 Beautiful Free WordPress Themes

Nov 10, 2008

There are many talented designers out there that choose to provide WordPress themes for free. Most of the time, the only small favor they ask you is that you attribute the design to them and link back to their site (a very reasonable request). In this collection, you’ll find 50 excellent, high-quality, free WordPress themes. […]

By Jacob Gube

Best In-browser Development Tool?

Nov 7, 2008

ThemeForest was kind enough to give away cash credits on their site. 10 winners will be randomly selected to win $100 worth of ThemeForest credits. All you have to do is vote for your favorite in-browser web development or web design tool. The contest ends on November 14, 2008 after which the comments section on this post will […]

By Jacob Gube

10 Promising Content Management Systems

Nov 6, 2008

When it comes to content management systems (CMS) and publishing platforms, there are plenty to choose from. They vary in technologies used, organization structure, performance, and license. You’ve probably heard of popular content management systems such as Drupal, WordPress, Movable Type, Joomla!, and Textpattern, but if you want to try a platform that’s a little […]

By Jacob Gube

FreshBooks Giveaway Results

Nov 4, 2008

Last week, I posted a giveaway of a FreshBooks one-year subscription giveaway. The winner is Mattias Gunnerås. Mattias is a developer who works for Poke London, where he does (and I quote) “all sorts of web related goodness.”

By Jacob Gube

40 Beautiful Free Icon Sets

Nov 2, 2008

Some of the best things in life are free. When it comes to icons and icon sets, there are many talented designers and artists that choose to provide beautiful and useful icon sets for commercial and/or personal usage. In this collection, you’ll see 40 beautiful, free icon sets that you can use in a variety […]

By Jacob Gube

15 Free Tools for Web-based Collaboration

Oct 31, 2008

No man (or woman) is an island – and this statement can’t be any truer if you’re a designer or developer. Though paid/subscription services like Basecamp and Zimbra are great, individuals strapped for cash have a ton of alternatives that provide similar (if not better) features. In this article, you’ll find 15 free tools to […]

By Jacob Gube

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