Cheatsheet: Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Sep 28, 2015

A cheatsheet showing keyboard shortcuts for important Adobe Photoshop CS6 commands.

By Jacob Gube

An Easy Way to Create a Freelance Contract for Your Projects

Sep 23, 2015

Bonsai had a Stanford-educated lawyer write a contract template that’s easy to understand, and have decided to share it for free.

By Jacob Gube

50 Design Agency Websites for Inspiration

Sep 21, 2015

These are some of the most beautiful design agency/studio websites you can find. Check them out for inspiration!

By Jacob Gube

Why Great UX Starts Between Your Ears (Not on the Screen)

Sep 17, 2015

Great UX isn’t a product of the tools you use, and it isn’t what you build or design on screen. It’s how you think about those things.

By Joe Natoli

10 Awesome UX Podcasts

Sep 11, 2015

UX consultant/engineer Vinay Raghu talks about his favorite user experience (UX) design podcasts, as well his own podcast called IncrementalUX.

By Vinay Raghu

50 Restaurant Websites for Inspiration

Aug 31, 2015

Check out these beautiful restaurant website designs for ideas and inspiration!

By Jacob Gube

Zero UI — The Future of Interfaces

Aug 28, 2015

Zero UI is the concept of having a more seamless interaction with technology.

By Jenna Palermo

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