How to Make Sure You’re Not Using a Shady WordPress Theme

Aug 1 2014 by Karol K | 12 Comments

I can still remember how excited I was back in 2008 when I first discovered WordPress (late-adopter, I know).

What was particularly impressive for me was that I could change the designs of my WordPress sites with minimal effort.

And so the hunt for the perfect theme began!

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Free Programming Fonts

Jul 28 2014 by Jacob Gube | 15 Comments

When your profession involves writing code for significantly long periods of time, even deceptively trivial things such the font you’re using can make a huge difference.

This is a list of fonts for people who love code.

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6 Myths Preventing Developers from Using Git

Jul 23 2014 by Tobias Günther | 10 Comments

Nowadays, you’ll have a hard time finding a professional developer who doesn’t use a version control system (VCS) such as Git.

But, there are still a few among us who choose not to use a VCS due to preconceived notions they might have about version control.

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How Fonts Affect the User Experience

Jul 21 2014 by Marcus Taylor | 14 Comments

Several years ago, researchers at MIT confirmed through a study that fonts can impact how we feel: A bad font can make us frown unconsciously, while a good font can make us feel happy.

If fonts can influence our emotions, then they can certainly impact the user experience.

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Working with JavaScript Dates Using Moment.js

Jul 18 2014 by Bradley Holbrook | No Comments

Date manipulation is one of those development hurdles that we all must jump at one point in our career, and great tools go a long way in taming the beast.

The Moment.js library is that tool for JavaScript developers.

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Getting Started with Meteor

Jul 16 2014 by David Turnbull | 5 Comments

Meteor is a full-stack development platform that makes it easier than ever before to build real-time web applications. This tutorial will get you up and running with Meteor in no time.

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RSS Zero

Jul 14 2014 by Jacob Gube | 8 Comments

Yesterday morning, I did the unimaginable. Something I didn’t think I was ever capable of doing.

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